The Amazing and Efficient NuoDB SQL database

Posted in Uncategorized on Sep 15, 2017

NuoDB is a company that deals with databases, and their SQL database technology is a new SQL, but it still has characteristics of the already established SQL. SQL in full means Structured Query Language, and it is the means used to communicate with a set of accessible data that is termed as the database. The SQL database has integrated new features that support the cloud computing environments processing. The new SQL database has the advantage to function without pairing an application and its data closely on a disk drive. The close pairing stands as a hindrance in some cloud application.

NuoDB has partitioned components of data into software objects referred to as atoms. The SQL database is an upgraded version that is more efficient and effective. NuoDB is known as the flexible and resilient SQL database for the cloud applications. Another advantage of the NuoDB SQL database is that it functions at a faster rate, it can run anywhere and it is ACID compliant. NuoDB Company is located in Cambridge in Massachusetts and was started in 2008 to provide technology which has been used so far in many systems. The original name was NimbusDB but changed to NuoDB. The company has consistently been providing incredible technology and systems.

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