Karl Heideck Comes Across Some Unusual Laws

Posted in Lawyers on Sep 07, 2017

One lawyer who has worked in and around Philadelphia has imparted some of Pennsylvania’s strange and peculiar laws that span from paintball fights to marriage.

With regard to marriage laws, Karl Heideck discloses one law makes it illegal for the public to discharge cannons, guns or similar weapons during weddings. Another ruling relates to ministers and excludes them from assisting intoxicated people to get married.

With reference to paintballs, Pennsylvania law forbids a person from shooting at anyone who is not taking on the sport themselves. Another law looks to penalize any paintball follower who causes harm to someone else’s property while a further rule recommends appropriate ways to carry a paintball gun in a vehicle.

On the subject of beverages, state law only allows for a government run store to sell hard liquor. An update to the law last year, now allows private restaurants and supermarkets to put wine up for sale and convenience stores to sell beer.

Hunters and fishermen also must deal with a few uncommon rules. For example, the state government does not tolerate people hunting animals in cemeteries while another law forbids hunters from pursuing large beasts while they swim.

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When anglers run out of bait, Pennsylvania’s Fish and Boat Code specifies no one can make use of goldfish, comets, koi or common carp to entice fish or other animals.

Karl Heideck also pointed out laws that target parenting. One law requires children living in Pennsylvania must have bathrooms situated within 200 feet of their bedroom as well as contact to nearby showers or bathtubs.

According to Karl Heideck, there are also several eerie local laws. He gave the examples of Pittsburgh banning trolley users from hauling mules or donkeys and women in Morrisville being required to gain permits before using cosmetics.

Before becoming an experienced attorney, Karl Heideck graduated from Swarthmore College with his Bachelor of Arts degree. He went on to earn his law degree from Temple University’s James E. Beasley School of Law.

He is currently employed at Hire Counsel where his expertise takes in corporate litigation, employment law, risk management and strong research skills.

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