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Getting to know Doe Deere09.27.17

In a sea of beige cosmetics, the beauty industry would be brought to life through the colorful brand Lime Crime, and it’s founder Doe Deere. Also known as the ‘Queen of Unicorns’ by her cult following, Doe’s career began at an early age in her home country of Russia. In an interview with Samantha Guarnieri, Doe recalled back to being thirteen years old and selling temporary tattoos to her classmates. Later at the age of seventeen, with gained entrepreneurial skills and a heightened motivation, she travelled to the United States with dreams of becoming a musician.


She would go on to live for many years in New York City with her husband, who she met while playing together in a band. Their collaborative relationship came in handy as Doe made a drastic career switch when she developed one of the first digitally-native beauty brands, Lime Crime. When asked by Galore’s Stephanie Janetos about her inspiration and upbringing, Doe explains that since she was little she always loved vibrant colors, and used them as much as she could whether she was painting or working pops of color into her wardrobe. As an adult she would later be inspired to create her brand from numerous unsuccessful searches for colorful makeup, amongst all of the beiges and neutral tones being sold. This desire in combination with her business experience produced her successful name and cosmetic line that many enjoy today.


Lime Crime stands for the idea that bright green makeup should be considered anything, but a crime. While being bold the company is also conscious, as they’re certified vegan & cruelty-free. The company packs a punch with bold lipsticks, eyeshadows, facial products, nail lacquers, and even hair dyes! A unique feature of the brand is their fun packaging, seen in items such as their new eyeshadow palette’s designed after the nostalgic Polly Pocket toys from the 90’s. Another trend setter is their majestic line of top-selling unicorn makeup brushes. Lime Crime can be found on multiple social platforms as well, check out their Instagram limecrimemakeup for daily updates on new products and styles.


Living in Los Angeles now, she continues to grow her empire and follow her heart. She can usually be found on the sets of decadent photoshoots and trying out her newest products. From Russia, to New York City, and finally the west coast Doe Deere has pushed the boundaries in life and never said no to a challenge. When asked by Guarnieri what advice she would give to young ambitious women, she beautifully put “go where you love.” She urges her fans to seek out their passions and embrace weirdness. This ideology is carried throughout her brand Lime Crime, by providing products that promote everyone to have the freedom to express themselves in life and their look. Learn more:

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