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Getting to know Doe Deere09.27.17

In a sea of beige cosmetics, the beauty industry would be brought to life through the colorful brand Lime Crime, and it’s founder Doe Deere. Also known as the ‘Queen of Unicorns’ by her cult following, Doe’s career began at an early age in her home country of Russia. In an interview with Samantha Guarnieri, Doe recalled back to being thirteen years old and selling temporary tattoos to her classmates. Later at the age of seventeen, with gained entrepreneurial skills and a heightened motivation, she travelled to the United States with dreams of becoming a musician.


She would go on to live for many years in New York City with her husband, who she met while playing together in a band. Their collaborative relationship came in handy as Doe made a drastic career switch when she developed one of the first digitally-native beauty brands, Lime Crime. When asked by Galore’s Stephanie Janetos about her inspiration and upbringing, Doe explains that since she was little she always loved vibrant colors, and used them as much as she could whether she was painting or working pops of color into her wardrobe. As an adult she would later be inspired to create her brand from numerous unsuccessful searches for colorful makeup, amongst all of the beiges and neutral tones being sold. This desire in combination with her business experience produced her successful name and cosmetic line that many enjoy today.


Lime Crime stands for the idea that bright green makeup should be considered anything, but a crime. While being bold the company is also conscious, as they’re certified vegan & cruelty-free. The company packs a punch with bold lipsticks, eyeshadows, facial products, nail lacquers, and even hair dyes! A unique feature of the brand is their fun packaging, seen in items such as their new eyeshadow palette’s designed after the nostalgic Polly Pocket toys from the 90’s. Another trend setter is their majestic line of top-selling unicorn makeup brushes. Lime Crime can be found on multiple social platforms as well, check out their Instagram limecrimemakeup for daily updates on new products and styles.


Living in Los Angeles now, she continues to grow her empire and follow her heart. She can usually be found on the sets of decadent photoshoots and trying out her newest products. From Russia, to New York City, and finally the west coast Doe Deere has pushed the boundaries in life and never said no to a challenge. When asked by Guarnieri what advice she would give to young ambitious women, she beautifully put “go where you love.” She urges her fans to seek out their passions and embrace weirdness. This ideology is carried throughout her brand Lime Crime, by providing products that promote everyone to have the freedom to express themselves in life and their look. Learn more:

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Meat President-Sheldon Lavin09.26.17

He can be described as a meat profession an industry he has been serving for more than 43 years. Sheldon Lavin is experienced in the meat processing sector with him working at OSI Group. Before the start of his career in the meat industry; Lavin worked in the financial sector where he also very successful. Sheldon Lavin had his own financial consulting association. As time went by, Sheldon climbed the career ladder and he became the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group. Mr. Sheldon is devoted to whatever task he undertakes, and him being the Chief Executive Officer of OSI he has been working effortlessly to see the expansion of the organization. OSI Group has been growing tremendously becoming an international supplier of food of various retail food brands.

The meat processing company has been delivering its services as well as products through different subsidiaries which include; OSI Industries, and OSI International Inc. Mr. Lavin began his journey working at the meat industries many years ago; 1970 when he was responsible for coordinating Otto & Sons which is a pioneer Association for OSI Industries. The Otto &Sons had an opportunity to establish a meat handling office and Sheldon got a chance to be a McDonald Corporation hamburger supplier. His experience in the financial sector made one of the banks to recommend Lavin to become a possessor at Otto &Sons a position he declined. Instead, Mr. Sheldon Lavin opted to be a consultant and he went ahead to set a requirement with the Otto family.

Sheldon Lavin is not the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of the meat group, but he is also the President of OSI International Foods Ltd. The Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the meat processing firm became involved in the business in 1975, when the McDonald was in high demand; Lavin decided to fully engage in the business. He also has other leadership responsibilities in other facilities among them; Rush University Medical Center where he is the General Trustee and the Director for National Fish & Wildlife Foundation. Lavin has been responsible for managing the over 20000 staffs all over the world, and he is proud of what he does to make the OSI Group a family.

Sheldon Lavin has also received various Awards among them; Life Achievement Award from RSM US LLP which he received in 2015. Sheldon’s dreams and goal is to see OSI Group expand as it delivers their services and products to the world. Mr. Lavin believes that OSI has the talent and ability to take the organization to the next level even after his retirement.

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Nashville Charter School Parents Demand Respect09.26.17

The parents whose children are studying at the Nashville Charter School are demanding respect for the school to deliver their promises in educating their children. They also want the people who are working for the school to stop it with an immediate effect as the school needs to embark on their studies to develop fast communication schedules. According to Shawn Joseph of the Nashville Charter School, he is pleased to commend the parents for their positive response to the school haters who are spreading false information on social media regarding the poor performance of the school to deliver the most sophisticated form of education that prepares students for a future in the world of business.

Dr. Shawn Joseph is the Director of the Nashville Charter School based in Nashville. According to him, he is supporting the parents to help their children develop a new sense of belonging that works towards achieving better business in a manner that depicts their true leadership in the industry. According to the parents, they are happy that their children are among the thousands of children who are selected to study at the Nashville Charter School. The 350 of the parents also said that they would not sit down to tolerate the poor behavior exhibited by the head of officials in the Senate. They also signed down to testify that they are not willing to eradicate poor performance in a manner that is not capacitated in the industry. If education is delayed for our students, we will lose future leaders in the country.

The parents also united in one voice to say that the attacks launched against the school must be stopped. Most of the parents in the state exercise the school of choice to select Nashville Charter School as the best school for their children, while they always make a good selection on the internet, they have never lived to regret this moment when others are worming up with cooked allegations that are unacceptable. Most of these parents entered the lottery in line to wait for a chance to study at the school. This means that no one should deprive them of their choice for their children.

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Why Dr. Jennifer Walden Is Known as a Rarity09.22.17

Dr. Jennifer Walden is the founder of Jennifer L. Walden MD, PLLC and the Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center, PLLC. It is her own fully accredited plastic surgery center in Texas. She is often called upon to be a commentator on Fox News, ABC News, and many other media outlets. She was named as one of the twenty four best beauty surgeons in the United States.

She was born and raised in Austin Texas. She was raised by two parents who were both medical professionals. She later went to New York, where she worked at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. She did her fellowship there, and then she went on to become the program director of aesthetic surgery at the hospital. She gave birth to two twins and relocated to Texas so that her boys could be closer to her family.

She is known as a rarity, because the cosmetic surgery industry is rarely populated by women. In fact, only around ten percent of cosmetic surgeons are women. Dr. Jennifer Walden is known to have a special empathy for her patients because she went through what many of them went through. After all, most people who are looking for cosmetic surgery are women.

Dr. Jennifer Walden studied at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston. She got her MD there and did her integrated internship there. She got her BA from the University of Texas at Austin. She focuses exclusively on cosmetic surgery, including breast augmentation and face lifts.

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Vincent Parascandola is a Financial Expert who works at AXA Advisors, LLC. He is a professional advisor in the Sr. VP Executive capacity. He is in charge of the sales department, retention, recruiting, sales and development of the new and experienced experts in finance. AXA Advisors, LLC.He only works with High Net Individuals with the aim of offering the best methods of how to manage their wealth. Vincent served as the president of The Advantage Group; a unit of AXA Equitable that is responsible for attracting seasoned professionals in the state area.

Vincent has up to twenty-five years of experience in the finance industry. He started his career at Prudential in the year 1987 where he served as an agent. His professional work made him be recognized as the Rookie of the Year, see Parascondola was accepted at MONY Life Insurance Company in 1990 where he got promoted to local and regional field management positions then he moved to AXA Advisors in 2004.

He has won numerous management awards such as the Development and Master Agency Award in GAMA throughout his entire career. His presence at industry conference’s like LIMRA’s distributions conferences is highly sought due to his insights in the financial industry. Vincent is a member of GAMA, and he is also the former president of Florida chapter. He has also served once at the LIMRA’s Field Officers Committee as a chair. Follow Vincent Parascandola on Facebook.

Educational Background Of Vincent Parascandola

Vincent Parascandola has a bachelor of science which he obtained from Pace University in New York. He has given a commencement speech particularly to the class that was graduating in 2014 as a way of giving back to the University.

Information About AXA Advisors

This is an International insurance firm that is based in Paris. The company had undergone several name changes during the past years before it finally decided to settle for AXA Advisors officially in the year 1999.The company has several offices in Europe, Canada, Africa, US and in Australia. It specializes in offering several insurance services in categories such as Life, health, and income insurance. The company has funded more than two hundred and fifty-six projects within a total of three years.

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The Amazing and Efficient NuoDB SQL database09.15.17

NuoDB is a company that deals with databases, and their SQL database technology is a new SQL, but it still has characteristics of the already established SQL. SQL in full means Structured Query Language, and it is the means used to communicate with a set of accessible data that is termed as the database. The SQL database has integrated new features that support the cloud computing environments processing. The new SQL database has the advantage to function without pairing an application and its data closely on a disk drive. The close pairing stands as a hindrance in some cloud application.

NuoDB has partitioned components of data into software objects referred to as atoms. The SQL database is an upgraded version that is more efficient and effective. NuoDB is known as the flexible and resilient SQL database for the cloud applications. Another advantage of the NuoDB SQL database is that it functions at a faster rate, it can run anywhere and it is ACID compliant. NuoDB Company is located in Cambridge in Massachusetts and was started in 2008 to provide technology which has been used so far in many systems. The original name was NimbusDB but changed to NuoDB. The company has consistently been providing incredible technology and systems.

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Samuel Strauch Invests In Real Estate Development To Assist Clients With Property Acquisition09.11.17

Samuel Strauch is a real estate mogul. Having acquired a strong, impressive background, he has developed strong clientele relationships. The alumnus of Hofstra University holds a bachelor’s degree having majored in business administration. He capitalized on international studies. Samuel also attained certification from the University of Erasmus in Rotterdam. He also advanced his education by attending the Harvard School of Business. Initially, his passion drove him to banking. Currently, he has delved into the real estate industry.


In the past fifteen years, Samuel Strauch has capitalized in Metrik Real Estate. This is a Miami-based real estate company that has gained a high profile due to Samuel’s leadership skills. Throughout his career, Samuel Strauch has strived to develop a huge client base through his expertise. According to Homelight, he is a top real estate agent with the right expertise for selling, buying and renovating the property. He handles all the management departments in the company and is in charge of assisting clients when it comes to selling a property.


Samuel Strauch is passionate about helping people in various backgrounds. He is committed to assisting American immigrants with property acquisition and development. He realizes that most people are willing to put their future in useful resources by investing in property. He has therefore taken the initiative to assist such people. In his interview with IdeaMensch, Samuel Strauch explains that he took advantage of the real estate market niche in Miami to develop his business.


Samuel Strauch delved into real estate in 2002 where he established his firm. He has continued to develop his career through the company. Presently, he uses an integrating platform for complementary enterprises to arrive at equity sourcing, development, management and acquisitions. He uses his business to help customers with the purchase, selling and inheritance of property.

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What Many People Do Not Know about Tony Petrello09.11.17

Antony Petrello is a household name in the country. He does not fill the airwaves in a negative way like some experts do when they have information to sell. He is also not like the politicians who fill our screens with the endless rhetoric. What he does is to represent a percentage of the country’s population that never gets appreciated despite the amount of work they have been doing to shape the destiny of our nation. Antony Petrello has had a long and illustrious career as a business leader. He was once the CEO of Nabors Industries, a leading petroleum firm. The position earned him more than $60million in salary.

The one thing that taxpayers have always complained about is the manner in which wall street greedily takes everything they can from the economy while the main street is ignored and left to suffer. Petrello completely agrees with these sentiments and believes it is possible to achieve justice and fairness. In addition to being a brilliant businessman and a competent manager, Petrello is cautious about the way he treats his fellow humans. The combination of qualities has led to his success as business leader.

The beginning was tough for Petrello. He grew up in Newark New Jersey, in a neighborhood that was occupied by a predominantly Italian working class. Newark is one place where everyone has a strong work ethic, and they believe that there are no shortcuts to success. So, even though Petrello did not have wealthy parents, great schools, and tutors, he still managed to make it. His first step was to master the language. When he could competently read, he looked for academic books and was soon a master of differential calculus.

Petrello earned himself a place at the University where he was to study mathematics. However, somewhere along the way, he lost his interest in calculations and switched his career path. He decided to pursue degree in Law from the Harvard Law School. His passion for the human sciences increased with time. After graduating from college, he pursued graduate studies and even acquired a Ph.D. Petrello then got married and started his long career climb at Nabors. It took Antony 30 years to get to the CEO position, and when he did, he made many positive changes to the company. For more info about us: click here.

The contract that he has with Nabors states that 80 percent of his salary should depend on how much revenue the company makes. He says this is what motivates him to work for the success of the enterprise. He feels that more people in the corporate world should agree to their payment being attached to their level of success in the business setup where they are employed.

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Karl Heideck Comes Across Some Unusual Laws09.07.17

One lawyer who has worked in and around Philadelphia has imparted some of Pennsylvania’s strange and peculiar laws that span from paintball fights to marriage.

With regard to marriage laws, Karl Heideck discloses one law makes it illegal for the public to discharge cannons, guns or similar weapons during weddings. Another ruling relates to ministers and excludes them from assisting intoxicated people to get married.

With reference to paintballs, Pennsylvania law forbids a person from shooting at anyone who is not taking on the sport themselves. Another law looks to penalize any paintball follower who causes harm to someone else’s property while a further rule recommends appropriate ways to carry a paintball gun in a vehicle.

On the subject of beverages, state law only allows for a government run store to sell hard liquor. An update to the law last year, now allows private restaurants and supermarkets to put wine up for sale and convenience stores to sell beer.

Hunters and fishermen also must deal with a few uncommon rules. For example, the state government does not tolerate people hunting animals in cemeteries while another law forbids hunters from pursuing large beasts while they swim.


When anglers run out of bait, Pennsylvania’s Fish and Boat Code specifies no one can make use of goldfish, comets, koi or common carp to entice fish or other animals.

Karl Heideck also pointed out laws that target parenting. One law requires children living in Pennsylvania must have bathrooms situated within 200 feet of their bedroom as well as contact to nearby showers or bathtubs.

According to Karl Heideck, there are also several eerie local laws. He gave the examples of Pittsburgh banning trolley users from hauling mules or donkeys and women in Morrisville being required to gain permits before using cosmetics.

Before becoming an experienced attorney, Karl Heideck graduated from Swarthmore College with his Bachelor of Arts degree. He went on to earn his law degree from Temple University’s James E. Beasley School of Law.

He is currently employed at Hire Counsel where his expertise takes in corporate litigation, employment law, risk management and strong research skills.

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Equities First Holdings and What it Does09.04.17

Equities First Holdings has been quite prosperous in its first five years of existence. The London based company has formed partnerships with some of the most well-known banks and law firms, allowing both itself and its partners to thrive. Founded in 2012, the company has grown by leaps and bounds since it first opened its doors to become one of the biggest companies of its kind in the United Kingdom. It has recently agreed to return stocks to Paysafe Group PLC that it had taken as collateral for their loan with Equities First. This is just one of the many transactions the company is involved with. IN fact, one of its business partners in the US has just announced its 15th anniversary and is looking forward to many more years of successful business partnership.

Equities First Holdings is a company specializing in financial advisement, margin loans, and shareholder financing to allow its business partners to make the most of their investments and business transactions. The company caters to clients with a high net worth, such as heads of corporations. Those that handle a great deal of money on a regular basis, such as bank presidents, would likely benefit greatly from forming a partnership with Equities First. Equities First would allow for that extra security to the investments the bank might make, allowing said bank to invest their capital with confidence that they get a healthy return on the money they spend. for more.

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