What You Need to Know About NuoDB Cloud Technology

Posted in Uncategorized on Aug 03, 2017

NuoDB is a database company which was founded in 2008 by Barry S. Morris and Jim Starkey. The company which is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts was initially known as NimbusDB changed its name to its latter in 2011. NuoDB offers elastic SQL database services for data applications. NuoDB patented the elastic, scalable database as on March 8, 2011, but got approval on July 17, 2012. NuoDB  has managed to be SQL database compliant hence earning the name NewSQL. Its distributed object architecture works from the cloud, a feature that adds speed to the database once a new server is added to scale out the database.
NuoDB cloud technology enjoys scaling out without sharding. To avoid the bottleneck of data, the database assigns tasks to a number of processors. The database which is ACID compliant utilizes peer-to-peer messaging in the role of route tasking to nodes. NuoDB uses a tiered approach which comprises of reductant tier of transaction engines, multiple and storage managers.
NuoDB was listed by Gartner as a key player in its Magical Quadrant for the role of Operational Database Management Systems in 2013. Mass High Tech and Boston Business Journal also recognized the company among the 2014 Innovation All stars. The company has thus managed to provide efficient services to its clients since its foundation.

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