Developmental Constructions with Roberto Santiago and Manaira Shopping Mall

Posted in Shopping Centre on Aug 31, 2017

Developmental innovations are never easy, particularly in a section of the globe which still lags behind in developments. Nevertheless, there is always that person who sees opportunities and challenges and tries to turn things around. Roberto Santiago is one such individual who saw an opportunity in Brazil, a country that was once in the third world countries’ league. In about twenty years ago, Roberto Santiago looked forward to a brighter future for the people of Brazil and made substantial investments in the country’s realty sector that the country has ever seen. Fast forward, twenty years later, Roberto’s shopping mall, the Manaira Shopping Mall is considered as among the major shopping complexes in Brazil, out sizing two joined football fields.


Although as days pass things are changing, the shopping complex remains an extraordinary experience to the majority of the Brazilians. The Manaira Shopping mall has been a center of attraction for many visitors from within the country as well as outside the country due to its nouveau, state of the art facilities, which remain unprecedented and unmatched across Brazil. The shopping mall is situated in Joao Pessoa, which acts as a strategic place along a major highway making it easily accessible to people from major directions to the town. The Manaira Shopping Mall features stalls, a modernized college in addition to numerous entertainment joints.


Roberto Santiago is among the renowned alumni of the reputed Marist College Pius X in addition to the University Center of Joao Pessoa (UNIPÊ). Roberto Santiago, in his successful studies, majored in business management, which evidently had many benefits in his life and career. With a vast and extensive background in academics, Mr. Santiago has been of vital help in honing and straightening his acumen for business from his early years. In addition, Santiago possesses a profoundly inherent zeal for unprecedented success. As such, this has served as something that has propagated forward his passion to date. Roberto Santiago boasts of a strong resilience, which was instrumental in fostering his successes since his initial stages in the unforgiving business universe. This is intrinsically evidenced by the fact and reason that his mall, Manaira Shopping Mall was incepted and started running when he was just 30 years.


In addition, Roberto Santiago is a passionate and active sportsman. He has been participating in numerous motocross as well as art Championships throughout South America, and he has had the pleasure of winning some of them. Moreover, Roberto Santiago has continued to diversify his real estate portfolio, yet creating another dazzling piece of innovative development, the Mangeira Shopping Mall, which is of spectacular, epic proportions and size. Mr. Roberto Santiago is portrayed as a futuristic and forward thinking business person who has been impactful in helping shape the developmental face of Brazil. His business management and administration qualifications from his college studies combined with an extensive experience and expertise have placed him in a better position to execute business ideas.


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