CEO Lori Senecal and Her Admirable Career

Posted in Advertising Agencies on Aug 11, 2017

Lori’s Impact in CP&B

In May 2017, Lori announced to plan to leave the advertisement industry by the end of the year and allow another person to take up her position. The CP&B global CEO stated that her time is at hand as the organization has allowed her to attain more than she would have dreamt or thought. The CEO born in Canada suggested that she had not imagined she would work and succeed in the US, something that she did. Check out Crunchbase to know more.

Chuck Potter, the chairman of the CP&B, stated that the company needed her organizational strength and management genius. Further, he added that since the inception of Lori, she has never lost a single client, something in these dynamic business times is mind-boggling. The chairman also praised Lori for increasing the company’s global presence with successful wins of American Airlines for example. Finally, Lori’s ability to create a communication structure that has worked so well is something that has made her an asset to the organization. The challenge now for the company would be to find a competent and appropriate successor who will ensure the company soars high. Visit GC Report for more details.

Who is Lori Senecal, Anyway?

Well, you may be hearing about Lori Senecal in the advertisement industry and her quitting the CB&P Company without much knowledge that relates to her as a person. I believe knowing more about her is important.

Lori was born in Canada and is a married woman who is committed to excellence. She is a focused, goal oriented and ambitious woman whose pursuit of success has seen her weather various challenges and setbacks in her career.

According to Adage, she is an excellent leader who believes that an organization falls or rises on account of leadership. Consistent with this belief, she is training a group that she will leave in the CB&P once she retires as a way to prepare the company for a successful transition. This clearly leaves and indelible mark, especially considering the inspiration that women and everyone else draws from these incredible accomplishments of Lori Senecal. It shows that everyone can excel at any field if they remain committed.



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