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Developmental Constructions with Roberto Santiago and Manaira Shopping Mall08.31.17

Developmental innovations are never easy, particularly in a section of the globe which still lags behind in developments. Nevertheless, there is always that person who sees opportunities and challenges and tries to turn things around. Roberto Santiago is one such individual who saw an opportunity in Brazil, a country that was once in the third world countries’ league. In about twenty years ago, Roberto Santiago looked forward to a brighter future for the people of Brazil and made substantial investments in the country’s realty sector that the country has ever seen. Fast forward, twenty years later, Roberto’s shopping mall, the Manaira Shopping Mall is considered as among the major shopping complexes in Brazil, out sizing two joined football fields.


Although as days pass things are changing, the shopping complex remains an extraordinary experience to the majority of the Brazilians. The Manaira Shopping mall has been a center of attraction for many visitors from within the country as well as outside the country due to its nouveau, state of the art facilities, which remain unprecedented and unmatched across Brazil. The shopping mall is situated in Joao Pessoa, which acts as a strategic place along a major highway making it easily accessible to people from major directions to the town. The Manaira Shopping Mall features stalls, a modernized college in addition to numerous entertainment joints.


Roberto Santiago is among the renowned alumni of the reputed Marist College Pius X in addition to the University Center of Joao Pessoa (UNIPÊ). Roberto Santiago, in his successful studies, majored in business management, which evidently had many benefits in his life and career. With a vast and extensive background in academics, Mr. Santiago has been of vital help in honing and straightening his acumen for business from his early years. In addition, Santiago possesses a profoundly inherent zeal for unprecedented success. As such, this has served as something that has propagated forward his passion to date. Roberto Santiago boasts of a strong resilience, which was instrumental in fostering his successes since his initial stages in the unforgiving business universe. This is intrinsically evidenced by the fact and reason that his mall, Manaira Shopping Mall was incepted and started running when he was just 30 years.


In addition, Roberto Santiago is a passionate and active sportsman. He has been participating in numerous motocross as well as art Championships throughout South America, and he has had the pleasure of winning some of them. Moreover, Roberto Santiago has continued to diversify his real estate portfolio, yet creating another dazzling piece of innovative development, the Mangeira Shopping Mall, which is of spectacular, epic proportions and size. Mr. Roberto Santiago is portrayed as a futuristic and forward thinking business person who has been impactful in helping shape the developmental face of Brazil. His business management and administration qualifications from his college studies combined with an extensive experience and expertise have placed him in a better position to execute business ideas.


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Protect Your Family With Lifeline Screening08.27.17

If you really want to make sure your family is protected, you might want to look into lifeline screening. It may save your life in ways you didn’t expect.

What They Test For

There are a lot of things they test for. These are normally simple tests like your blood sugar as well as anything going on with your blood and heart. The sugar levels are important for healthcare treatment because if they are higher, you will need to take care of it so you don’t have to worry about having any problems in the future with it. They also check for issues with the heart. This can save your life if you have high cholesterol or other issues with your heart. The test is very simple and will be done in no time at all. For more info about us:,-OH-jobs.html click here.

Why Get it?

There are several reasons you might want to have this screening. Of course the biggest is that you want to make sure lifeline Screening you are looking at your future for your family and yourself. These tests can alert you to problems before you have any real issues and can save you from getting hurt later on.

How it Works

The way it works is they take a small amount of blood or they do an ultrasound to see if there is anything going on in your body. They may not know if there are any issues just then, but they can see what is going on in your body. Lifeline screening provides complete screening of cholesterol count. This can help you to prepare for anything that might be happening within your body.

There are a lot of ways you can get this screening. The biggest is through a health fair in your hometown. They are normally there every year or even twice a year. Health in more positive manner This can be a part of the hospital events or one on it’s own. You should take advantage from this in order to know what is happening in your body and how you can help keep yourself healthy.

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Neogama, Rio de Janeiro in 1958, and Everything in Between08.25.17

     On June 1, 1958, Mr. Alexandre Gama was born to a working-class family. When he came of age, Gama attended the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation, usually shortened to FAAP by the residents of Brazil, subsequently awarded a degree in the fields of Communication and Advertising. In 1982, at 24 years of age, Alexandre accepted an offer for copywriter and creator of content at Ogilvy & Mather, the largest advertising group in New York City, New York.

Mr. Gama remained at the firm for eight consecutive years, unable to refuse an offer from DM9 for creative director and lead copywriter. In his first four years at DM9, Mr. Gama earned more awards in the field of advertising than anybody else in his home country of Brazil. He held several positions after leaving DM9, including those Y&R, Global Board, and Almap BBDO.

After working his tail off for seventeen years in a row in various capacities, Alexandre founded Neogama, roughly translating to English as “New Gama,” a spin off of the advertising expert’s last name. He’s won a number of awards in his time, most notably three Lions from the world-renowned Cannes Festival, two of which were top-class Golden Lions. Neogama joined BBH in 2002, was acquired by Publicis Groupe in 2012, then reorganized in 2016 within the confines of Brazil.

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White Shark Media- A Review Worthy of a Shark08.22.17

White Shark Media is a company focused on delivering online marketing services to small and medium-sized businesses. The company, which has a strong online presence, is centered around search engine optimization as well as helping companies focus on increasing revenue for their online communities.

Founded in 2011, White Shark Media has an ever-growing customer base and a staff of 150 employees. The services provided to the growing number of clients has led the company to receive positive ratings. They are also a partner with Google AdWords Management.

“They are great, responsive, and up to date in terms of knowledge. We are sure to use their skills in the future for further business development.” -Catalin S.

“We recommend White Shark Media to anyone looking to advertise.” -Rafael J.

“We have had a very positive experience working with White Shark Media.” -Melissa F.

From these reviews, it is easy to see why White Shark Media comes highly recommended for use in online marketing operations.

Another great advantage of using White Shark Media is that they have a referral program in which you can earn $250 for referring a friend. You simply have to fill out the referral form. Once the referral joins the company you will get a $250 gift card.

Overall, White Shark Media is a company that works for your benefit in helping you to develop your online marketing programs and towards increasing revenue for your company. You can contact them today by calling (305)-728-4828 and getting a free evaluation for service!

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Achievements of Bruno Fagali08.20.17

     Bruno Fagali is a prolific lawyer and operates at Sao Paulo in Brazil. He owns his private advertising firm which he manages and focuses on listening to people’s views concerning particular issues, especially those dealing with the law. Fagali has an extensive educational background, and before perusing his masters at a Brazilian Law firm, he undertook his bachelor`s degree in Law at a University in Brazil. Bruno has achieved great success in his career and carried a vast number of activities in the anti-corruption agencies. He has a determination towards offering justice to every individual that he considers innocent beside taking legal action to law offenders, especially those involved in cases of corruption, domestic violence among others.

Bruno encourages people always to be prepared to take risks as it is the basis of a successful venture. He believes that every individual with a passion for being successful must ignore all the negative factors of carrying out a particular activity and consider doing it regardless of its possible outcomes. Through this, one may then achieve success or failure depending on the strategies used in conducting the business hence learn from their failures.

Due to his success, Bruno was recently elected in the corporate alliance and is part of the society of ethics in Brazil, which focuses on conducting conferences and seminars to address health and law procurement issues. Besides, the organization also plays a significant role in coming up with the best solutions to help people in the country deal with such matters. Bruno is committed to his work and puts a lot of effort to accomplish all his set goals. As a result of his determination, Fagali has been amended by many individuals in Brazil as one of the most prolific attorneys, and through his recognition, many people in the country strive to benefit from his services.

For more, please go to

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Classdojo – Transforming Classroom Experience for Teachers, Students, and Parents08.16.17

Technology plays a significant role in many different sectors, and education is no different. In the last few years, we have seen smart devices make its way into transforming how the teachers teach and how the lectures are conducted, and more. Students can communicate with their peers and professors through the internet from their laptop, PC, or mobile phones, which have made it much easier for the students as well as teachers to stay, connected.

However, one of the recently launched and developed applications named Classdojo has taken the above accomplishments one step ahead. It has the potential to completely transform the classroom experience for the teachers as well as the students by creating a virtual classroom, where teachers, students, and even parents can communicate with each other. It would make the exchange of ideas and share feedback and suggestions much easier. The teachers would be able to connect with the parents much faster, and the overall progress of the students can be tracked with ease without any delay. It can make a positive influence on how the students progress with their studies and conduct themselves in the classroom.

Classdojo is primarily a communication application, but its implications are far more than communication as it helps in making it possible for students, teachers, and parents to get to know each other in a more refined manner. The communication gap between parents and educators can be removed with ease through Classdojo. It would help in making the classroom experience much more fun for the students as they would be able to share with their parents, even in real time, what they have been doing in the classroom. The teachers can also frequently update the parents about what is going on in the class. It is something that parents have always been curious about, but due to lack of a proper system, they could never peep into the happenings of the classroom for real.

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Marc Sparks, Does Business, again and again08.15.17

Marc Sparks is the entrepreneur for decades to come! His in depth experience as a serial entrepemuer of several startups allowed him the steadfast foundation to write his book. “They Can’t Eat You“, ( you a close up look of Marc from the bottom, and his many pursuits and failures to finally make it with no college degree. When you read his story, you can really see how he has such a strong influence amongst multiple generations. Rather than him talking ‘at you’ like most success books do, you feel like you are right alongside him, going through the waves of the business world, one triumph and loss at a time. The book covers topics such as dealing with tragedies and what they teach us, keeping a written to do list, and raising successful kids. He mentions confidence being the key component to a successful person. Besides his book, is a known as a mentor, and multi generational influencer with a long list of businesses he owns. Timber Creek Capital, LP ( and GlobalTec Solutions are just a few of the companies Marc owns ranging from, Capital Investment firms to Telecommunications. His colleagues have an overwhelmingly positive opinion of Sparks. They see him as approachable, considering he has a “my door is always open, we meet in realtime” policy! As he makes it big and continues to, he is so strongly rooted, to the foundation of his companies; the people who help run them. Learn more:


Marc has reached to bounds almost insurmountable in his 34 years in the industry, or at least we all thought they were insurmountable. With this Texans charitable contributions, and multi generational influence to tag along on his many business successes, there really is no telling what is next for Marc. We all expect nothing less than stellar. Learn more:


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CEO Lori Senecal and Her Admirable Career08.11.17

Lori’s Impact in CP&B

In May 2017, Lori announced to plan to leave the advertisement industry by the end of the year and allow another person to take up her position. The CP&B global CEO stated that her time is at hand as the organization has allowed her to attain more than she would have dreamt or thought. The CEO born in Canada suggested that she had not imagined she would work and succeed in the US, something that she did. Check out Crunchbase to know more.

Chuck Potter, the chairman of the CP&B, stated that the company needed her organizational strength and management genius. Further, he added that since the inception of Lori, she has never lost a single client, something in these dynamic business times is mind-boggling. The chairman also praised Lori for increasing the company’s global presence with successful wins of American Airlines for example. Finally, Lori’s ability to create a communication structure that has worked so well is something that has made her an asset to the organization. The challenge now for the company would be to find a competent and appropriate successor who will ensure the company soars high. Visit GC Report for more details.

Who is Lori Senecal, Anyway?

Well, you may be hearing about Lori Senecal in the advertisement industry and her quitting the CB&P Company without much knowledge that relates to her as a person. I believe knowing more about her is important.

Lori was born in Canada and is a married woman who is committed to excellence. She is a focused, goal oriented and ambitious woman whose pursuit of success has seen her weather various challenges and setbacks in her career.

According to Adage, she is an excellent leader who believes that an organization falls or rises on account of leadership. Consistent with this belief, she is training a group that she will leave in the CB&P once she retires as a way to prepare the company for a successful transition. This clearly leaves and indelible mark, especially considering the inspiration that women and everyone else draws from these incredible accomplishments of Lori Senecal. It shows that everyone can excel at any field if they remain committed.



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Viper’s Cassio Audi: A Quick Glance08.10.17

Up until 1989, the world of heavy-metal lovers got to know a rising star in the form of Cassio Audi and his band members in the Brazilian heavy metal band known as Viper. Cassio Audi was Viper’s first drummer who not only made a name in Brazil’s heavy metal music rock history, but also assisted in the spread of heavy metal through out Latin America in a time when rock music was a rare thing to hear for the young who were in want of it. After the international release of their first demo album The Killera Sword in 1985 the whole world got a taste of Cassio Audi’s flourishing talent on the drum sets. As one of the founding member of Viper he took his drumming very seriously becoming quite proficient in the instrument and a well respected member of Viper. Not only was he a drummer, but he helped composed music along with promoting the band earning them even more recognition and fame. For his diligence in all his endeavors with the band along with gaining inspiration from British heavy metal bands including the bands most influential source, Iron Maiden, came their 1987 debut album Soldiers of Sunrise which proved Cassio Audi’s mastery as well as sheer genius of the drum sets. Critics were quick to point out flaws in the bands abilities, but given their young age and the fact that English was their second language they were wholly recognized with the possibility that they would surely rise to the top in their musical careers. Viper would continue to release album after album with some help from Cassio Audi, but he felt like his time with the band was coming to an end and chose to pursue another interest which was as successful as his promising musical career in 1989.

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America: Modern Day Heros08.08.17

In major cities located nationwide, there are special clinics that revolve around the patients suffering from the serious disease known as cancer.These centers are located in Atlanta, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Tulsa and Chicago. These locations provide important treatments for various forms of cancer, including:

* Brain

* Lung

* Bone

* Liver

* Cervical

* Kidney

* Prostate

* Pancreatic

* Colorectal

* Oral

* Kidney

* Liver

* More….

For those with the horrible misfortune of being diagnosed with cancer, this is a patient-centered establishment that cares both the medical treatment/procedures. This, for many, is something that they find hard to find anywhere else.

History of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Founded by Richard j. Stephenson in 1988, it was the way he felt he could honor his late mother, Mary Brown Stephenson. She, too, was a victim to this illness. It affects many people of all walks of life and has no exceptions.

Established due to the grave diagnosis of Richard’s mother, the family frantically looked for any kind of treatment threat was available to help heal and ure her case of cancer. To their horror, there was little to no advanced medical treatment available. No one around the entire world could help them. Nothing was effective for her and she died, due to her cancer.

Spurned by her death, he was determined to create a medical setting that he envisioned one day would revolutionize the care and treatments, providing both hope and more,
options for this mostly fatal disease called cancer. In his achievement of creating the Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

These centers are worldly known for their extremely compassionate handling of patients with cancer. With both the the medical treatments and the special settings, it are entirely centered around the process of making their clients as comfortable as possible while proving the best medical treatment for their particular forms of cancer.

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