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Omar Yunes Sets Business Standards07.25.17

Popularity of Sushi Itto in Mexico is as a result of hard work from Omar Yunes. Since he started his career when he was 21 years he has been committed and is doing his best in all daily operations to make his business better and make sure it expands. His business in Mexico generates attention from the entire globe on the franchising industry, brands as well as all products. Omar Yunes ensures that all undertakings under his leadership are successful by all means. The company not only concentrates on the local but also the international level. Omar Yunes has come so far in his business and is willing to work harder to have it expanded and known across the globe. So far it is doing well and having gained fame in some nations, he ensures that his entrepreneurship is known even more.
Omar Yunes has competed with many nations in his business but he has a solid strategy to deal with the competition. Competition is the greatest challenge he faced since he ventured in business and is still facing to date. However, competition has not pulled him down because he is still working hard to have his business expanded and well-known internationally. The countries he has competed with include Hungary, France, Italy, Brazil, Portugal, Argentina as well as Mexico. The award for Best Franchisee in the world was won by Yunes Omar after competing with the various nations mentioned. The award is meant to recognize entrepreneurs who demonstrate excellence by focusing on both franchisor and franchisee. Receiving this award and being recognized among many nations shows that he is excellent in his business deals.
The award received by Omar Yunes served as a motivational as well as an inspirational guide. Omar saw that he has the potential to work and defeat other business people, making him have faith in himself. He continued and still continues to work hard to compete with some of the best entrepreneurs in the world. To know that he can actually win such a great award made him see that he is in a position to win even more great awards and expand his business to many more nations across the globe.

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