The Outstanding Achievements Of Tammy Mazzocco In Real Estate Sector

Posted in Real Estate Agent on Jun 23, 2017

Tammy Mazzocco is a classic example of an entrepreneur who rose from humble beginnings to become a globally recognized giant in the ever-competitive real estate sector. Today, Tammy is a motivator and a leading real estate investor in Ohio. Those close to Mazzocco describe her as a gritty person who goes out to pursue her dreams regardless of distractions and obstacles. If you look at her social media presence, you will note that she exhibits an extreme passion for her clients. Her creativity and marketing ideas are unmatched. Tammy asserts that she attributes her success to meeting her client’s needs. She dedicates enough time, resources, and ambitions to serve her clients.

Before her breakthrough, Tammy worked as a secretary at Edwards Realty Company, a leading commercial real estate firm. While working at Edwards, Tammy was a member of a team of nine commercial agents led by Mike Zelnik. Mike was energetic and well informed and played a significant role in molding Tammy into the outstanding realtor she is today. Mazzocco went on to work for Scotland Yard Condominiums. She spent seven years working at Scotland Yard during which she became a licensed real estate agent in 1995 with the help of Ken Cook. According to Tammy, Ken Cook was an instrumental pillar during her early days as a real estate agent. Ken, the owner of Cook Realty, encouraged and transformed Tammy from a scrawny amateur to a professional realtor. More details can be found on Ideamensch.

After Scotland Yard Condominiums, Mazzocco joined T&R Properties. Here, she served as a Property Manager for two apartment complexes. Due to her relentless efforts, Tammy became an assistant to the leading RE/MAX producer, Joe Armeni, in 1998. Working for Joe gave Tammy a platform to learn on how to be successful in real estate management and property development. The tips she got while working for Joe inspired her to pursue real estate dealings as a full-time business. In 2000, Tammy Mazzocco went to Pickerington, Ohio, where she joined the team at Judy Gang & Associates. Ever since, Judy Gang has been a guide, a close friend, and a source of inspiration to Tammy Mazzocco.

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