Omar Yunes’ Secret to being the Best in Franchising

Posted in Uncategorized on Jun 28, 2017

Omar Yunes has grown to be one of the best entrepreneurs in the food industry. His franchise business, Sushi Itto, which is based in Mexico, has won him critical acclaim as a businessman to be emulated. The industry players in his category have also noted his success, and thus, in 2015, Omar was named Best Franchisee of the World. An article that ran on the Entrepreneur detailed his success noting that Omar triumphed over contestants from 34 countries that included France and Italy.
Yunes was born in 1978, and he began his business career when he was just 21 years old. Being the youngest in his family did not hinder him from consistently putting in hard work and aiming for success. Currently, Omar Yunes holds 10 percent of the Sushi Itto brand through the 13 branches that he operates in different cities in Mexico. Yunes has also expanded his business to include real estate.
Being named the Best Franchisee in the World was an honorable fete for Omar. However, he attributes his success to the more than 400 workers who run the Sushi Itto franchises in Mexico. Omar noted in his acceptance speech that if it were not for the dedication and hard work that employees put in, he would not have won the award.
Omar’s relationship with his employees is one of the main factors that led the jury to crown him the winner. His strive to motivate his workers has been described as unmatched by many. Omar has also been known to go out of his way to help his employees achieve their goals.
Omar’s victory also brought glory to his home country, Mexico. The achievement proves that Mexican brands and franchises are well managed and offer high-quality service such that they can compete with other international brands. Furthermore, his victory speaks of the larger establishment that is Sushi Itto. The group’s CEO, Benjamin Cancelmo noted that Omar’s dedication to improving the brand is a microcosm example of the whole brand’s commitment to providing quality service to its clients.

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