ClassDojo is Transforming the Education System in America

Posted in Communication App on Jun 09, 2017

Sam Chaudhary and Liam Dom have literally made changes to the modern education system. Their app ClassDojo is being used by a whopping 90% of all U.S. school districts. Not only are these two individuals impacting teachers, students and parents at home; their app is even being utilized in another 180 countries across the world. Class Dojo has become an unofficial part of the modern education movement.


Hundreds of thousands of teachers across the United States have taken to ClassDojo. They find this app to be very resourceful in terms of classroom management and for communicating with parents. The app can be downloaded from Google Play or the iStore. Users can install it on their mobile device or computer.


Once it is set up, a teacher can then start to add in their students and link the app to their student’s parents. This way, teachers can instantly contact a parent to let them know what is happening within the classroom at a moment’s notice.


ClassDojo is extremely useful for children who have a difficult time in school. Bad behavior and classroom disruption has become the norm for many U.S. schools. Teachers are fed up with the lack of parental involvement. ClassDojo allows teachers to instantly contact a parent when a student is not performing like they should.


Teachers can send videos, pictures, texts or even call a parent right on the spot to let them know that their child is not doing well at that moment. Believe it or not this instant communication process has helped to keep student behavior from getting out of hand.


Keep in mind that ClassDojo is about being positive. The app’s creators wanted the instant communication features to be used in a positive manner for teachers. They wanted them to be able to send photos, texts and videos whenever children completes an assignment, is doing art work or is displaying good behavior. Chaudhary and Dom believe that positivity is the best way to run a classroom. Teachers and parents with students should definitely use this app to make the education process easier for everyone involved.

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