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The Drumming Life and Musical Times of Cassio Audi.06.21.17

Before going to campus and vanishing into a self-imposed oblivion, Cassio Audio was an up and coming drummer in the world. Certainly, he was indispensable in his band and certainly, it was the greatest band in the world at its age. Even to date, no band with an average age of 14 years has ever been half as good as the Viper Band.
Who is Cassio Audio?
Cassio Audio used to be a celebrated person, an excellent musician with an uncanny and distinctive style of drumming. He is the man who took the music world by storm at a tender age of 13 years old, dominated it for all the while he was still interested and left when he had conquered all there was to conquer. Cassio Audio left the music industry to join the Sao Paulo University to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration before going into his master’s studies at Pontifical Catholic University. Cassio Audio is the musical phenom who never got to be a legend despite achieving legendary hallmarks. Cassio Audio is simply just another prominent Brazilian banker.
The Viper Band
The original members of the Viper band were
• Yves Passarel,
• Pit Passarel,
• Andre Machado and
• the maestro, Cassio Audio
The illustrious group began its journey in 1985. They were amply talented and avidly motivated to satisfy their musical curiosity. The kids, all between 13 and 14 years of age, explored different genres of music simply to put their curiosity to rest. Immediately they surpassed the mark of excellence in a particular genre; they moved move on to the next one. They were endowed with rich vocals and were excellent at their other musical instruments of choice.
They group got overrun by the then trending and newly-coined British metal rock popularly referred to like Iron Maiden. They quickly learned the style and released their first album, the Soldiers of the Rising Sun. The album was endowed with single hits that were embedded in its success. The single hits included;
• Killera
• the Princes from Hell
• and Signs of the Night and Nightmares
The album made Cassio and the other Viper Band members sensationally acclaimed. They released a second album, the Theater of Fate, which was released in 1989. It was released spontaneously across Europe, Asia, and the United States. The singles from the new album topped world charts and outdid even mature bands like the Van Halen and Nirvana. The album is said to have gained the traction it did since it was a classical mix of different genres including metal rock. Soon after, the same year, Cassio Went to University like other teenagers and settled down away from the music scene.

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