Talk Fusion’s Prowess Witnessed Yet Again When it rolled out its Free 30 Day Trials

Posted in Video Chat on May 03, 2017

Video marketing has been taking shape and evolving year after year. As the pioneers and leaders in the video marketing industry in the U.S. and the world as a whole, Talk Fusion has been engineering most of the transformations in the industry. Starting from April and stretching into May last year, the company gave its prospective clients in more than 140 countries across the world a 30-day free trial video marketing experience.


The trial that was available in nine different languages was aimed at familiarizing video marketing to all sort of clients, including individuals, charity organizations, and businesses. It took experts at Talk Fusion a whole year to prepare for the trials to ensure maximum efficiency.


How Clients Enrolled


To be part of the trial, all customers were required to do was to sign up via Talk Fusion’s revamped website, and submit their names and email address. Upon signing up, the users in the trial program were given access to all the Talk Fusion’s marketing tools including Video Chats, Video Emailing, Live Meetings, and Video Newsletters for the entire 30 days.


Nothing Left to Chance


Talk Fusion was not leaving anything to chance in the trials. Despite having one of the easiest to use websites in the world, the company went on to provide a virtual library to the Free Trial Users for guidance. The library was comprehensive and had enough resources that ensured that the users did not lack anything. Among the main components of the library were well-explained product tutorials and a detailed clients’ guide.


Word from the CEO


Speaking after launching the free trials, the entrepreneur behind Talk Fusion’s success CEO Bob Reina took pride in the many transformations his company had brought in the global marketing industry. Bob, who is also the agency’s founder, also noted that the free trial program was part of Talk Fusion’s marketing strategy. He exuded confidence that the more trial users they got, the more the buyers there would be for their products.


About Talk Fusion


Talk Fusion has been in the video marketing business for the last decade. Through its innovative video technology products, the company has helped many businesses to prosper. Outside of marketing business, Talk Fusion is involved in many philanthropic organizations.

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