Highland Capital Co Founder Reveals Tips for Success

Posted in Philantropist on May 16, 2017

The co founder and President of the investment firm Highland Capital Management recently talked about his keys to success. James Dondero told various financial experts about the things he has done in order to succeed in the industry. He uses a certain approach to making profitable deals in the financial sector. One of the main things that James does in order to attain success is to invest in debt and credit backed securities. His firm Highland Capital Management specializes in using this particular strategy. Another thing that James does in order to succeed is to look for investment opportunities that will result in a turnaround. This usually entails acquiring securities that are at a low value which will go up in value in the near future. Lastly, Dondero stays up to date on all of the recent trends in the financial markets.


James Dondero is the longtime co founder of the investment firm known as Highland Capital Management. He is also the current President who provides the daily management of the company. When he first started the company, James established it as a life insurance firm. Within a few years, it emerged as a reputable life insurance company. However, James looked to expand on the firm’s products and services. Since a number of people were in need of more comprehensive financial services, he began to offer more things to consumers. During the next several years, Dondero would expand the products to things such as hedge funds and private equity securities. He would also expand the services to include financial advisory and asset management.


Dondero first got an education before beginning his finance career. He attended the University of Virginia and majored in both accounting and finance. James would graduate with bachelor’s degrees in both fields along with receiving high honors. After completing college, he would begin his finance career as a credit analyst. Within the next several years, Dondero would advance and eventually reach top level managerial positions. His work experience peaked when he attained the position as chief investment officer where he managed over $2 billion in assets for large corporations.



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