End Citizens United Has Managed To Access Its Supporters

Posted in Political Solutions on May 16, 2017

End Citizens United is coming out with innovative ways to reach its supporters. One of these is through online ads. This is the reason why End Citizens United is among the highest spending groups during the Elections in 2016. End Citizens United was among the top ones during the Senate races in Hampshire, Nevada, as well as Missouri besides North Carolina. This is because it needs to reach its persuadable voters. Hence End Citizens United required an advertising strategy which had the potential to grab attention. Mothership Strategies had to step in to create an advertising plan that was data driven. This way End Citizens United has been able to play an effective role in this highly competitive race in America.



Before the Election Day, over 26 million of voters had watched the online ad of End Citizens United. These voters were all across 6 states. Hence the strategy worked as it was able to reach the targeted voting audiences. This was across screens and other similar devices. End Citizens United was able to make history this way. In fact, this led to Catherine Cortez Masto becoming the first Latina who got elected to U.S. Senate. She has won from Nevada.



Even Maggie Hassan was able to win against Kelly Ayotte in New Hampshire with the help of End Citizens United. Basically, the guesswork was removed, and voters were engaged in all these states by End Citizens United. All this required better targeting along with innovative placements. Content has been created here while keeping the digital media in focus. Hence it is moving beyond the television model and grabbing the attention of the voter. This means delivering messages that are impactful.



In fact, Mothership Strategies has been so successful that End Citizens United has raised over $600,000 for its candidates. When candidates are totally committed, they work towards finance reform that is meaningful.



Mothership Strategies has also helped End Citizens United launch the Fight For Reforms. This is a state-level kind of project that is working towards meaningful finance reform which has to be done at a local level. This kind of support of End Citizens United has ensured that 2 States passed ballot initiatives regarding finance.



In 16 months, End Citizens United created an impact at the local level and at the federal level too. This way a deeper and wider coalition of its activists was brought together to work towards a meaningful finance reform. Mothership Strategies has helped out as the digital partner.



This indicates that End Citizens United has used technology in a big way in order to reach their target audience as it was impossible to manage this kind of reach and create an impact in any other way.

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