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Technology is Impacting the Fashion Industry03.28.17

Technology has improved the condition of the world. Today, all sectors have made use of the modern technology to improve their services that they offer to their customers from real estate to the transport sectors. However, the fashion industry seems to have received the best of the bargain. According to Chris Burch, technology and fashion have both become fashionable.



The past and present



Technology has grown at a pace that most consider fashionable, and has made an impact in the world. Take for example music: Back in the day, there were music cassette decks that you could to play your cassette and record at the same time. Soon after, the Walkman was introduced, and it revolutionized the industry. Today, Generation Y are accustomed to the iPods that are both classy and elegant at the same time.



The future



The technology has advanced past the devices into the clothing and shoe departments. Anna Haupt and Teresa Alstin are pioneers who came up with the airbags for the cyclists. When you wear it, it will pop up and protect your head from impact.



Interestingly, there has also been the introduction of the frontline which are gloves designed for the firefighters. These gloves will allow the firefighters to communicate with their colleagues through simple hand gestures.



Have you ever imagined that the inner tubes of the bicycles would create clothes? Well, they can. Designers Ashwin Rajan and Kevin Cannon are recycling the tubes to create T-shirts and jackets. Soledad Martin has a prototype for running shoes. These shoes are designed with Kinetic energy that will allow you to charge your phone while running.



Today, wearing glasses has been made classy. Google launched the Google Glasses which have been widely accepted by people from all generations.



With the great inventions that are being introduced in fashion and technology, fashion is becoming technologically fashionable.



About Chris Burch



Chris Burch is the founder of the Burch Creative Capital and the acting Chief Executive Officer. The Company is working with different lifestyle and consumer products including organic food, apparel, home furnishing, and technology-based industries among others.



Chris has over 40 years as an entrepreneur and an investor. He has managed various companies and led them to achieve success. Chris has combined creativity, imagination, and vision for a new market. It is his understanding of the consumer needs that has enabled him to build a strong Company.

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