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Securus Technology Solutions Help Make Inmates Safer In Prisons03.24.17

With Securus Technology’s solutions for corrections facilities, crimes are stopped before they occur, which makes inmates, corrections officers and the public safer. After recently reading a press release where Securus shared a few of the thousands of emails and letters that they receive from their jail and prison customers, I realize that corrections customers count on Securus to make the incarceration environment safer for everyone.


In one facility, monitored calls revealed alcohol and drug use inside the prison, which the guards must have missed, but now they are aware of it and can take steps to stop crime in their facility. Other calls that were monitored revealed other suspicious activity, including an unusual money transfer. Whenever there is drug and alcohol use in prisons, inmates who were addicted to these substances before entering the prison have no incentive to stop using either alcohol or drugs.


In another case, a corrupt staff member was caught bringing contraband into the facility. Thanks to information obtained from a phone call with Securus’ technology, a search warrant was issued. The facility was so glad to have found the source of the contraband that they wrote to Securus, thanking them.


Effective communications management in prisons and jails has a direct impact on inmates and guards, as Securus Technologies solutions offer crime-fighting abilities. While inmates were convicted of a crime, they deserve a safe facility, free of alcohol and drugs, to serve their sentences.



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