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Technology is Impacting the Fashion Industry03.28.17

Technology has improved the condition of the world. Today, all sectors have made use of the modern technology to improve their services that they offer to their customers from real estate to the transport sectors. However, the fashion industry seems to have received the best of the bargain. According to Chris Burch, technology and fashion have both become fashionable.



The past and present



Technology has grown at a pace that most consider fashionable, and has made an impact in the world. Take for example music: Back in the day, there were music cassette decks that you could to play your cassette and record at the same time. Soon after, the Walkman was introduced, and it revolutionized the industry. Today, Generation Y are accustomed to the iPods that are both classy and elegant at the same time.



The future



The technology has advanced past the devices into the clothing and shoe departments. Anna Haupt and Teresa Alstin are pioneers who came up with the airbags for the cyclists. When you wear it, it will pop up and protect your head from impact.



Interestingly, there has also been the introduction of the frontline which are gloves designed for the firefighters. These gloves will allow the firefighters to communicate with their colleagues through simple hand gestures.



Have you ever imagined that the inner tubes of the bicycles would create clothes? Well, they can. Designers Ashwin Rajan and Kevin Cannon are recycling the tubes to create T-shirts and jackets. Soledad Martin has a prototype for running shoes. These shoes are designed with Kinetic energy that will allow you to charge your phone while running.



Today, wearing glasses has been made classy. Google launched the Google Glasses which have been widely accepted by people from all generations.



With the great inventions that are being introduced in fashion and technology, fashion is becoming technologically fashionable.



About Chris Burch



Chris Burch is the founder of the Burch Creative Capital and the acting Chief Executive Officer. The Company is working with different lifestyle and consumer products including organic food, apparel, home furnishing, and technology-based industries among others.



Chris has over 40 years as an entrepreneur and an investor. He has managed various companies and led them to achieve success. Chris has combined creativity, imagination, and vision for a new market. It is his understanding of the consumer needs that has enabled him to build a strong Company.

Read more about Chris Burch:

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The Revolution For The Evolution of Smooth Oral Care Products03.27.17

The lip balm industry is thriving as of late thanks to the many brands whom deliver high quality products. Just about any retailer carries lip balms and some areas in these stores have a whole section roped off just for oral care items. Have you ever hear of “Evolution of Smooth?” If you haven’t heard then you must have been living under a rock over the past few years. Evolution of Smooth id dominating the competition now days thanks to it’s extraordinary oral care products. The brand specializes in lip balms, but these lip balms have something special within their DNA.

Evolution of Smooth gives you flavors, flavors, and more flavors. Unlike other brands that tend to only give the consumer a few flavors, EOS lip balm offers some of the very best infused flavors on the market. Sweet Mint gives the user a sweetness that is refreshing and minty. This flavor personifies the essence of sweetness as it will provide the mouth with the moisture it craves. You can use these products consistently since they come from a natural source. By pertaining no artificial parabens and sulfates, users won’t have to worry about any frustrating side effects. These wonderful lip balms are far superior to the competitors who tend to use harmful chemicals in their formulas. EOS lip balm offer consumers medicated tangerine, strawberry sorbet, blueberry acai, lemon drop, vanilla mint, vanilla bean, honeysuckle honeydew, pomegranate raspberry, and watermelon wonderland. Also see,

The brand has a huge social media presence as well, which translates into more sales. It has over 700,000 followers on Instagram and another 161,000+ followers on Twitter. One Facebook photo of it’s pink lip balm product and it generated 44,000 likes. Evolution of Smooth is breaking all barriers and it’s leading by example.


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Securus Technology Solutions Help Make Inmates Safer In Prisons03.24.17

With Securus Technology’s solutions for corrections facilities, crimes are stopped before they occur, which makes inmates, corrections officers and the public safer. After recently reading a press release where Securus shared a few of the thousands of emails and letters that they receive from their jail and prison customers, I realize that corrections customers count on Securus to make the incarceration environment safer for everyone.


In one facility, monitored calls revealed alcohol and drug use inside the prison, which the guards must have missed, but now they are aware of it and can take steps to stop crime in their facility. Other calls that were monitored revealed other suspicious activity, including an unusual money transfer. Whenever there is drug and alcohol use in prisons, inmates who were addicted to these substances before entering the prison have no incentive to stop using either alcohol or drugs.


In another case, a corrupt staff member was caught bringing contraband into the facility. Thanks to information obtained from a phone call with Securus’ technology, a search warrant was issued. The facility was so glad to have found the source of the contraband that they wrote to Securus, thanking them.


Effective communications management in prisons and jails has a direct impact on inmates and guards, as Securus Technologies solutions offer crime-fighting abilities. While inmates were convicted of a crime, they deserve a safe facility, free of alcohol and drugs, to serve their sentences.



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Success in Life and Business with Josh Verne03.21.17

Josh Verne, an entrepreneur who always puts passion in whatever he does. For over two decades, he has earned a vast range of experience, which has taught him that passion is the only reliable way to succeed in life and business. Josh Verne is a successful businessman and the CEO of who believes in vision as the art of finding what may be invisible to others. This helps to understand what makes the difference that sets you apart.


Josh Verne has devoted his life to the creation, growth, and trade of businesses. This helps to recognize that there are certain key points in business management that ensure optimal functioning of human talents and resources. As an expert in the industry, Verne shares lessons he has learned, and if they are applied, they can assure productive business ventures and a successful life.


Josh Verne advocates that one must become more of a leader than a boss . As a leader, one emphasizes on putting the workers needs first, helping them work as a team, winning their respect and seeking on achieving the common objectives together. Being a boss is sometimes considered as a title of one’s personal achievements within the labor chain and is often abused to coerce the workers for his best interests.


In addition, Verne has the belief that business success is dependent on having the greatest possible wins. The best outcome would favor and bring wins to everyone participating and the society in general. One ought to avoid considering one-sided agreements that have possibilities of bringing losses. Verne suggests that one should make efforts to get the best solutions when faced with new clients or unexpected problems.

Find out more about Josh Verne:


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What are the Missions and Teachings of Kabbalah Centre?03.21.17

It is important to take your time and read widely about different organizations and religions in the world. If you are a writer, it will help you to write things that are authentic and based on truth. Much has been said about a Centre called Kabbalah Centre that has gained popularity in this century. Many people are now joining Kabbalah Centre so that they can gain the knowledge that human beings have searched throughout their lifetime.

What is the truth about Kabbalah?

Those without the knowledge of Kabbalah have written a lot of material on the internet that is not based on any reality. Many may not know what they are writing. The fact is that Kabbalah started many years ago by teachers who had the knowledge and wisdom. In the year 1922, is when Rav Yehuda became the first teacher of Kabbalah and decided to spread the knowledge throughout the world. It is notable that before Yehuda started a journey to spread the knowledge of Kabbalah, it had been a secret and not many people knew about the wisdom. Kabbalah Centre on Facebook .

Modernizing Kabbalah

Rav Yehuda wanted many people across the world to have this knowledge so that they can be free from oppression and can achieve what they wanted in life. That is the main reason why he decided to modernize Kabbalah and teach the wisdom to as many people as possible. He decided to pass the knowledge to others so that they can teach others. He taught Rav Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein so that he can teach and spread the knowledge and understanding to others who were willing to learn. Watch Kabbalah Centre Video .

Kabbalah’s Teachings

Kabbalah’s teachings are not complicated, and they are in such a way that anyone can comprehend and practice it. However, it is important to learn the lessons from teachers who have the experience so that it can help to you and others. The teachings are in a way so that one can see the relevance of living this life which has many challenges.

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Sujit Choudhry – Comparative Law03.16.17

Comparative law is considered the study of how legal systems relate to one another. Through the methodology of comparative law, it becomes easier to understand the differences and similarities of the legal practices from one location to another. As economies expand, conflict arises, and violence is inflicted upon the poorest inhabitants of various nations, it is vital to understand how the legal systems affect its citizens on a physical level.

By utilizing the field of Comparative Law effectively, it is possible to establish governmental practices that makes the lives of the people it is meant to govern easier. One of the most prominent areas of work within Comparative Law are the documents within a governmental or legal system that will ensure a fair political activity.  Based on

Sujit Choudhry is easily one of the most seasoned and recognizable figures within the field of Comparative Law. As the Founding Director for the Center of Constitutional Transitions, his expertise has been utilized extensively in numerous political situations. His vast array of published work attempts to understand and enable cohesive transitions from violent political situations to democratic systems of government.

Special info here

According to the Center of Constitutional Transition’s website, he has helped with transitions in Egypt, Jordan, Libya and Tunisia. While working in Canada on the Governing Toronto Advisory Panel, he offered major structural suggestions as to how the Toronto municipal government should operate. He was also a professor at New York University and was awarded the Trudeau Fellowship.

With international conflict in an alarmingly new place and the power struggle between various political organizations becoming more relevant, it is important the we have figures, such as Sujit Choudhry, in the field of Comparative Law. With a keen understanding of how constitutions adversely shape the political future of a country or nation, we can begin to ensure that nations have a common respect for each other’s legal systems on a foundational level and communicate diplomatically.

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Picking White Shark Media For AdWords Campaigns03.15.17


Are you looking for a reliable business in order to help you with your Adwords or PPC campaigns? Wondering why a lot of people pick White Shark Media for their search engine advertising and marketing projects?


Pay-per-click marketing have a relatively reduced barrier to access, yet campaigns can be hard to maintain in time. There are a great deal of factors that impact the general expense of pay-per-click (PPC) marketing and lead generation, including the real PPC ad, a site’s layout and also company, the Pay Per Click advertisement landing page, and also its search engine positioning and performance.


Running a search engine advertising and marketing or pay per click project is a crucial aspect of your organization, and it’s not something to be appointed to an amateur or inefficient specialist. You wish to make sure you are taking care of a reputable firm with a team of extremely seasoned specialists. That’s where White Shark Media comes in.


White Shark Media helps firms enhance marketing results, and prosper. They do this with ROI driven techniques that supply a customized activity strategy. If you wish to significantly enhance your ROI, and also achieve measurable outcomes, predictable profits as well as, sustainable growth, you have to connect with White Shark Media.


You can regulate the ad spend or cost of PPC advertising campaign, but it does not need to be as straightforward as simply adjusting spending plans and also bids. A team of advertising specialists are available to help you step by step through the entire process of setting up your campaign, monitoring it and ensuring that you obtain a successful result.


Visit their website, browse around and get in touch with them for further assistance with your PPC advertising project. You’ll be glad you did.


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Dr. Scott Rocklage: His World of Accomplishments That Makes A Difference03.10.17

Scott M. Rocklage, PhD, is the managing partner of 5AM Venture Partners. He joined this organization in 2003, and he has been the managing partner since 2004. He is also the Chairman of the Board for Kinestral, Rennovia, and Cidara, and he serves on the Board of Pulmatrix and Epirus.


His Previous Experience


He has been in healthcare management for more than three decades. Due to this expansive experience, he was able to utilize his strategic leadership skills to gain the approval from the FDA for three new U.S. Drug applications. The FDA approved applications include Teslascan, Omniscan, and Cubicin.


His other previous experiences are very impressive as well, and they include the following:



  • CEO and Chairman of Cubist Pharmaceuticals
  • CEO and President of Nycomed Salutar
  • Served as the chairman board for Novira and Relypsa
  • R&D positions at Catalytica and Salutar
  • Served as executive chairmanf for Miikana, Ilypsa, and Semprus
  • Invented and co-invented of more than 30 US patents
  • Published over 100 peer-reviewed publications



Dr. Rocklage and his wife, Patty, is based in the Boston, MA office.


Recent Celebration & Recognition of Dr. & Mrs. Rocklage


Last summer, Scott Rocklage were recognized and celebrated for their major gift in assisting with funding the renovation of Moungi Bawendi’s nanochemistry, Lester Wolfe Professor of Chemistry, and nanotechnology lab space located in building two. One thing that we praised for was his immediate acceptance in helping with the renovation process from one of the staff member’s request. Through his recognition, he contributed his distinguishable success with MIT. He stated that MIT gave him the basis for his gratitude toward the chemistry department and the basis for his career and professional life. He earned his PhD from the Department of Chemistry under Professor Richard R. Schrock, a Nobel Prize Winner of Chemistry.


On that day of recognition and celebration, a tour was provided by two graduate students, He Wei and Whitney Hess, their professor, and Professor Bawendi in July 2016. Then the faculty and group members of Bawendi gathered in the vestibule of the lab where the Rocklages were honored with a plague. The tributes offered to this couple were paid by Timothy Jamison, the current department head, and Sylvia Ceyer, the former department head.




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Susan Galla: Succeeding in Business as a Woman03.07.17

Susan McGalla, founder of P3 Executive Consulting Inc, has helped women get ahead in business through her advice on how to branding, marketing, talent management, and operational efficiencies. She frequently showcases her experience and advice at events, such as Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh and at the Carnegie Mellon University Speaker Series for CEOs. She helps those who want to do more than just subscribe to the trends and want real advice for professional women. She credits her parents for bringing her up in an environment where success was not tied to gender. They believed in their children and wanted them to know that they could succeed in whatever they chose to do.  Click on


Her career in business retail started early. Susan McGalla  started her early career at American Eagle where the majority were male professionals in 1994. Galla credits her time at American Eagle as the reason why she learned how hard it was to be successful in a male dominated field. She held many management positions, including president and chief merchandising officer where she raked in 3 billion in revenue, four brands, and an e-commerce site.  Susan McGalla was also the CEO of Wet Seal. Now she takes her experience in retail management for much of her success. Her approach is not to make women go into their careers as wanting to success just because they are “trying to break a glass ceiling.” Galla tries to inspire women to advance their careers in a way that will help them grow as professionals.


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Andrea McWilliams is involved in community developments and plays a major role in ensuring that women and young girls are empowered. She is also a philanthropist who has been a member of the town committee, the long center notable women and the chair of the mamma jamma ride. Her residence is in Enfield she is a wife, mother and an entrepreneur. Andrea is the founder of a company involved in consultation of government affairs. Prior to that she has been involved in non- profit organizations such as the Austin children and the Texas asylum where she provided financial assistance to them. McWilliams also took part in the cancer foundation where they were raising money for those affected and educating people on measures to take in order to prevent the disease. Moreover, she was a celebrity dancer in a fundraising event in Austin’s inaugural. Additionally, McWilliams was the chair of charitable events and member of a scouting team. She has taken part in politics where she ensured all persons in any particular political party was well represented politically.

Due her hard work she has been awarded different awards which include the Texas businesswoman of the year award, woman of distinction award and the style setter award which came about after being recognized for her dedication and hard work in the different organizations in which she participated. The recognition came about because of strategic skills she possess, patience, persuasive power and her unique expertise. Andrea’s company is dedicated to providing meaningful outcome for organizations and businesses in the country. She is passionate about the work she does that is helping the community with provision of funds. Her involvement in different fields and the passion she has for her work has made her one of the outstanding women in the country who are doing extra ordinary things.



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