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How the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall stands out in Joao Pessoa.02.06.17

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping is a state-of-the-art property that is based in the Joao Pessoa city. It is the biggest shopping mall in the area, and its owner is Roberto Santiago. He is one of the renowned businesspersons in the area and has been striving to ensure that the mall offers excellent services to all the customers on Terra. Manaira Shopping has several amenities that give comfort, fun, and relaxation. The place has unmatched sunset views, stunning beaches, and the best cuisine that attracts many clients.

The main feature that has made the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping to be exceptional is the nature of fun and entertainment that it offers. It provides a variety of facilities that can be used by families and friends who desire to find a place to have fun, a tranquil environment, comfort when they visit the city. The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping offers various infrastructures that are used for entertainment, and they include ballrooms, electronic amusement parks, bowling, and movie theaters. The building also has a cinema hall that has about 11 rooms, and they have all been fitted with modern technology. The film on Odiario place also has a hall that has a stadium design, 3D screens, and space for VIPs. They offer soft drinks, snacks, popcorns, candy, and bar services. The size of the electronic amusement park is approximately 1800 square meters, and it consists of over 200 working machines. The mall also offers gym equipment.

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping has also been constructed to offer a gourmet space. Its environment is filled with tranquility and allows clients to have memorable times. Its facilities include a steakhouse that cooks delicious meat. Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping’s food court makes the best meals and can satisfy the appetite of any individual. The shopping mall has a concert space at its rooftop. It is known as the Domus Hall, and it held its seventh anniversary in November last year. The hall is one of the city’s largest, and it has been fitted with state-of-the-art air conditioners, sound proof, and the best sound equipment. Its space can hold more than ten thousand and four thousand people when they are standing and sited respectively.

Roberto Santiago is a prosperous entrepreneur and investor who currently lives in Brazil. He also owns another modern shopping place that is called the Mangeira Shopping Mall. Mr. Santiago started being an active businessperson when he was in Café Santa Rosa. He then founded a cartonnage venture that mainly offered utilitarian and decorative stuff. Roberto is also a top sportsperson and has been a kart and motocross champion. He is acquired his bachelor’s degree in business management from the University Center of Joao Pessoa.

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