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Jose Borghi Highlights Online Advertising As An Area Of Future Growth02.04.17

Mullen Lowe Brasil principal Jose Borghi has recently attempted to examine the areas of growth he hopes will improve the Brazilian advertising industry and continue the rise of the country as a major force on the international marketing stage. In terms of the future, Jose Borghi believes the best option for a continued period of growth for Mullen Lowe and other members of the industry is to explore the opportunities being offered via the digital world; Online advertising has become a major source of income for the advertising industry and has grown in a way that has shocked many around the world.

As the head of his own ad agency it is always important for Jose Borghi to find new and interesting ways of entering new areas of the industry as early as possible in their lifespan; Borghi himself has been a champion of the use of digital advertising and marketing options, which he feels will provide excellent opportunities for Brazilian advertising companies and their clients to rival the U.S. as an Online economy.

Borghi points to the success and overall value of companies like Google who have been partly responsible for the rise of the Internet as a shopping and work based tool. For Mullen Lowe CEO and CCO Jose Borghi technology is driving a change in the way people live their lives that should be accepted and enjoyed by advertising specialists in Brazil and around the world. Borghi explains the opportunities available for companies to explore Online advertising are already being shown in the U.S. where $27.5 million in revenue was created during the first half of 2015 via Online advertising; Jose Borghi and his ad agency have already been exploring Instagram as a new way of advertising he hopes will see the value of this marketing sector grow to rival that seen in the U.S.


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