Securus video visitation makes institutions safer for everyone

Posted in Prison Communication on Jan 30, 2017

Securus Technologies, a leading provider of prison communication services, has been developing and implementing its video visitation systems throughout the last decade. These have proven enormously successful, with both inmates and staff acclaiming the system for its efficiency and savings. But as much as inmates and their families have loved the ability to allow for almost constant communication between them, some of the largest benefits have accrued to officers in the form of increased safety of the institutions themselves.



Detecting and preventing crime


Historically, one of the largest problems that prisons have faced in the United States has been the ongoing criminal enterprise perpetrated by gangs with highly structured hierarchies and military-like discipline. One of the things that have made these gangs so shockingly dangerous is their ability to operate criminal enterprises not just within prison walls, but on the outside as well. Cases of individual gang leaders amassing fortunes while incarcerated have been known. Another lurid problem is gang leaders being able to order brutal murders and physical assaults to those on the outside, including witnesses, snitches and their families.


Video visitation and other systems in Securus’ line up have allowed officers to fight these problems like never before. Voice, facial and other biometric data is used to identify any unauthorized persons talking on any device on prison property. This can be achieved within milliseconds and officers alerted so that they can begin to monitor the call in real time. All text messaging can also be analyzed for any kind of anomaly, including the use of code words or other keywords that may indicate criminal activity.

Securus’ products have the capability to monitor every word spoken and typed within institutional walls, including, where permitted, non-electronic voice conversations occurring between two inmates anywhere within the facility. These measures are keeping prisons safer than ever before.

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