George Soros fighting back against discriminating Policy

Posted in Political Solutions on Jan 12, 2017

George Soros has become known as one of the top liberal donors, dedicated to judicial system reform. His most recent target was Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who works for Maricopa County. Soros spent $2 million trying to unseat him in the recent election. George Soros launched a PAC, ‘Maricopa Strong’ which has gained contributions from several big name liberals including Texas billionaires Laura and John Arnold, who has given $500,000 and also widow of Apple CEO Steve Jobs, Powell Jobs, who handed Maricopa Strong $250,000, in hopes of reforming the justice system.

George Soros has spent millions since 2015, funding campaigns across the country to elect new local prosecutors who are aligned with causes supported by Soros and his PACs. George Soros funded groups are furiously spending millions in three district attorney races in Texas and Colorado. George Soros has contributed $1 million to a local race in Harris County in Houston an Soros has given at least $1.5 million in Phoenix’s Maricopa County.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been labeled and seen as a villain to the Democrats. George Soros’ contribution against Sheriff Arpaio, is his first against a sheriff. Maricopa Strong has spent almost $3 million in TV ads and mailers promoting Democratic candidate Paul Penzone, while also slamming Arpaio on numerous issues. One ad claims rapes and assaults have gone on without proper investigation.

Soros associates say he has strongly invested in defeating Sheriff Joe Arpaio for two reasons. First, Sheriff Arpaio has violated civil rights and abused his office. Second, his influence on the country’s conversation on Biography about immigration has poisoned the country.

Soros’s PAC on Time previously attempted to oust Sheriff Arpaio in 2012 but was unsuccessful, which only caused George Soros to contribute even more and bring a stronger message. Soros advisers say he will continue his financial support of candidates who share his same values, as long as the justice system is not fairly serving all people. Source:

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