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Brian Torchin Offers Better Medical Job Placement Services01.30.17

Medical job placement is quite an important part of the industry as many who search for jobs cannot find them. Those who are searching for jobs may be looking in the wrong places, or they may be in a placed in jobs that will help them move on to the next phase of their careers. This article explains how Brian Torchin offers such a service, and there is a look at what he does outside his work at HCRC.

#1: What Does HCRC Do?

Brian started HCRC, and he manages the medical staffing agency with the best of his abilities. He has quite a lot of clients who come through the office every day, and they are all looking for jobs that will make them happy. He has studied the industry, and he knows how to help those who are confused or lost. He will show them how to manage their resumes, and he will teach them how to take interviews.

#2: What Is Brian’s Blog About?

According to WellNess, Brian Torchin’s blog is a place where job seekers may find information about jobs, and they will find it simple to learn as he posts. He is giving them many different things to think about, and he researches the industry every day to offer more information to his clients. There are quite a few clients who do not know what Brian knows, and he will pass on information through his blog.

#3: How do Clients Interact With Brian?

 Torchin is serious about communication, and he takes requests from his blog readers many times a week. He is willing to answer questions from his readers, and he knows they will learn quite a lot in the process.

There are those who wish to find new jobs through Brian’s blog, and he posts about openings he has found. Every new read will reveal more information his clients may use.

According to Glassdoor, Brian Torchin has had a long and distinguished career in the medical field, and he helps his clients find jobs often. He knows how to place his clients, and he ensures every client is given the latest information on their search.

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Securus video visitation makes institutions safer for everyone01.30.17

Securus Technologies, a leading provider of prison communication services, has been developing and implementing its video visitation systems throughout the last decade. These have proven enormously successful, with both inmates and staff acclaiming the system for its efficiency and savings. But as much as inmates and their families have loved the ability to allow for almost constant communication between them, some of the largest benefits have accrued to officers in the form of increased safety of the institutions themselves.



Detecting and preventing crime


Historically, one of the largest problems that prisons have faced in the United States has been the ongoing criminal enterprise perpetrated by gangs with highly structured hierarchies and military-like discipline. One of the things that have made these gangs so shockingly dangerous is their ability to operate criminal enterprises not just within prison walls, but on the outside as well. Cases of individual gang leaders amassing fortunes while incarcerated have been known. Another lurid problem is gang leaders being able to order brutal murders and physical assaults to those on the outside, including witnesses, snitches and their families.


Video visitation and other systems in Securus’ line up have allowed officers to fight these problems like never before. Voice, facial and other biometric data is used to identify any unauthorized persons talking on any device on prison property. This can be achieved within milliseconds and officers alerted so that they can begin to monitor the call in real time. All text messaging can also be analyzed for any kind of anomaly, including the use of code words or other keywords that may indicate criminal activity.

Securus’ products have the capability to monitor every word spoken and typed within institutional walls, including, where permitted, non-electronic voice conversations occurring between two inmates anywhere within the facility. These measures are keeping prisons safer than ever before.

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The Story Of AXA Advisors01.23.17

The Paris, France firm of AXA Advisors is a multinational insurance company. The company offers financial planning and wealth management products and services in 64 countries around the world, and has helped over 100 million clients meet their financial goals. AXA Advisors is also well known for the philanthropic initiatives that it has been involved in over the years.

The company was founded in 1816 and was initially known as Mutuelle de L’assurance contre L’incendie. It went by this name until 1978 when it acquired Compagnie Parisienne de Garantie and renamed itself Mutuelles Unies. After another acquistion, this time Druot Group, it became called Mutuelles Unies/Drouot. The company adopted the name AXA Advisors in 1985. Although it has acquired a number of other companies since 1985 they have stood by the AXA Advisors name.

AXA Advisors has offices in locations throughout the world. In addition to France, over the years the company has expanded into nations worldwide. Some of these countries include the UK, United States, Mexico, Egypt, and Australia. The company also has operations in countries throughout Asia.

In 2008 Axa Advisors created the AXA Research Fund. This fund, with an initial endowment of €100 million, is involved in the charitable work of supporting research into threats to the environment, human life, and overall society. In its first three years ut has funded 256 basic-research projects in 22 countries.

One of AXA Advisors top executive is the Senior Executive Vice President New York branch, Vinny Parascandola. His responsibilities at the company includes such areas as management development, recruiting, sales, and productivity among others. Vinny first came to AXA Advisors as an Executive Vice President in 2005 and has been steadily promoted into higher positions ever since. For his education, he attended the Lubin School of Business at Pace University where he graduated with a degree in Computer Science.

Vinny has become a widely sought-after speaker at both company’s and conferences. He also returned to Pace University in 2014 in order to deliver the commencement speech. He has also won a number of rewards in his career including GAMA’s Career Development and Master Agency Awards. For more information on Mr. Parascandola, visit his social pages on WalletHub and Linked In.


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Shedding Lights to the Film and Political Involvement of Thor Halvorssen01.21.17

Thor Halvorssen is known to many as a human rights activist who has attained remarkable milestones in championing the rights of the oppressed. He is also popularly known as the founder of the Human Rights Foundation.

Thor Halvorssen comes from a family that boasts of an accomplished background. His mother, Hilda Mendoza is related to Cristobal Mendoza, who was Venezuela’s first president. On his father’s side, Thor is the grandson of Oystein Halvorssen, who is well-renowned as the Norwegian king’s consul who established a family dynasty in Venezuela as the representative for corporations.

Political Involvement

Thor Halvorssen’s political involvement started during the divided politics experienced in his native nation, Venezuela. As a matter of fact, the defining moment for Halvorssen was in 1993 after the imprisonment of his father. During this period, Halvorssen mounted a strong campaign aimed at securing the release of his father. The campaign drew the support of various organizations such as Amnesty International.

Halvorssen has found himself at odds with the Venezuelan government again due to the shooting of his mother. His mother was shot and wounded while attending a peaceful protest of the recall referendum of 2004. Aside from being a constant critic of the Venezuelan government, he has also criticized other leaders like the president of Uganda, particularly the legislative endeavors to punish gay individuals in Uganda through a death penalty.

Film Production

Aside from being highly involved in human rights activism, Halvorssen is fascinated by film production. He has proven to be quite talented in this area through the production of various films. He has co-produced Freedom’s Fury together with other top executive producers including Lucy Liu and Andrew Vajna. He is also listed as one of the producers of Indoctrinate U. Some of the other films associated with Halvorssen include The Sugar Babies, The Singing Revolution and Hammer & Tickle.

Visit for more.

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A Merger For The Promotion Of Excellence01.20.17

According to the original news released by PR Newswire, Goettl Air Conditioning just made a landmark achievement. It has concluded its merger with both Paradise Air and Las Vegas Air, two great American HVAC giants. This move culminated into increasing its number of employees by over 20 and its number of trucks by over 15 trucks. This means only one thing for its customers – better services.


The merger is a strategic one. To understand it better, you have to bear in mind that Las Vegas Air focuses on residential customers while Paradise Air focuses on rental and multi-family homes. This implies that both services will now be handled by the merger.


Ken Goodrich, the owner of Goettl Air Conditioning was quoted as saying they are excited about the integration of the companies. The customers are the utmost beneficiaries of the merger. The two air conditioning giants will come together to complement each other’s strength. This will definitely improve their collective services.


The merger is nothing but a big step in the right direction. It is highly commendable. Goettl Air Conditioning was originally established in Arizona in 1939. Ken Goodrich acquired and transformed the company in 2013, after which he brought the company to Las Vegas, his hometown in 2016.


Due to Goodrich’s transformation, the company has been enjoying 500 percent annual growth since 2015. The figure is expected to be higher this year with this new merger. The merger of the three HVAC with The Sunny Plumber means their customers will no longer enjoy only air conditioning services but they will now also enjoy plumbing services.


According to its official website, Goettl Air Conditioning specializes in Indoor Air Quality, Commercial HVAC, Heating Repair, Air Conditioning Repair, Heating and of course, Air Conditioning. The company has been in operation since 1939. This makes them one of the most experienced companies in Air Conditioning.


It is also stated on their website that they offer 24 hours emergency services to their customers. So they can be reached anytime of the day and they will respond. They also give free estimates for new HVAC installations and replacements.


What lengthens the lifespan of your HVAC system is a proper maintenance. So, Goettl Air Conditioning provides affordable routine maintenance checks for all its customers. The importance of quality indoor air cannot be over emphasized. Your HVAC should not break down for a single day. This is why Goettl Air Conditioning conducts regular maintenance checks on the units of their customers.

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CEO & President of Prominent Dallas Bank Great Participation at Annual Conference01.18.17

NexBank’s CEO and President, John Holt, recently spoke at the conference for Texas Bankers Association’s Annual Strategic Opportunities. He was one of the panellist at the 5th annual conference that was held in New Orleans, Louisiana. He participated in the discussion topic called “Reinventing Community Banking: Perspectives on Competing by Innovation”.


This conference that is held annually consists of bank leaders, consultants, and advisors who collaborated on challenges facing community bank leaders and on principal objectives. These participants and panelists explore strategic opportunities through organic growth, branching, and M&A activity.


About NexBank


Based in Dallas, Texas, NexBank Capital, Inc.,, is a financial institution that offers services in mortgage banking, commercial banking, and institutional banking for their clients. Their customized banking and financial services are offered mainly to institutional clients, corporations, and financial institutions throughout the US. Additionally, their executive management team combines a strong focus on serving clients and industry expertise to provide leading capabilities in financial services to their clients.


This company started as a charter in 1922, and as of September 30, 2016, they are worth $4 billion in assets. Many of their clients are large corporations, middle market companies, real estate investors, banks, small businesses, and some of the largest, capital market institutions. In their financial sector, they offer revolving lines of credit, tailored depository services, and loan participations. In treasury management, they work hard so their clients can gain increase in their treasury operations’ productivity, expand the short-term assets’ revenue potential, and gain more visibility in their cash flow. With their public funding, NexBank provides specialized interest-bearing accounts and tailored depository services. With their investment banking, they work to get a better understanding of their institutional clients’ objectives and goals to develop customized solutions to help their clients meet their strategic objectives. And with their real estate advisory, a wide range of property management services are provided to their institutional clients, including improving tenant experience, increasing efficiencies, minimizing operating costs, etc.

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Forget NFL, NCAANFL football is where the betting profits lie01.12.17

Many newer bettors reason that since NFL games are where the big action is, both in terms of viewership and dollar amounts bet that they should concentrate all of their football betting on that one sport. And there is some reason for them to think this way. After all, the biggest sports bettors in history like Billy Walters and Lefty Rosenthal made large portions of their sports betting fortunes specifically on betting the NFL. But for a newer sports bettor, there are many downsides to betting on big money games like the NFL. In fact, the NCAA holds some major advantages for newer players precisely because the average NCAA football game has vastly less interest and less money going into it. Let’s take a look at some of the problems with NFL betting and how those problems are either absent or resolved in the context of NCAA football betting.

Big-money means big-time competition and low edges, if any

Here’s the first thing any entrant to the world of sports betting should realize: The sports betting market is a financial market. All the rules of finance apply to sports. One fundamental truth of financial markets that you’ll hear guys like Warren Buffet talk about is how much easier it is for those with less capital to make x% per year than if they had much larger funds. The reason is because as capital increases, the universe of possible bets decreases dramatically. If Warren Buffet wants to make 20% a year, he’s looking to keep 200 billion plus dollars invested at all times. All the companies with that kind of market cap are analyzed to death by the best minds in finance because so much money is at stake. Thus it becomes very hard to find pricing errors at that level.

Exactly the same thing is true with sports. NFL football games are the sports equivalent of Exxon Mobile. The absolute sharpest handicappers and syndicates are all analyzing every game with huge staff and resources. Pricing errors are extremely rare. This makes it difficult if not impossible to find edges on NFL games unless you’re one of the best of the best. For more on NFL odds see

With NCAA football, you can find games where there are only a few hundred bets being placed at a given sports book. No one is spending too much time analyzing inconsequential Division III games. This means pricing errors abound and, although you won’t be able to bet $1 million on a given game without moving the line, you can bet $1000 with a 20% edge. For more on NCAA football odds please visit

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George Soros fighting back against discriminating Policy01.12.17

George Soros has become known as one of the top liberal donors, dedicated to judicial system reform. His most recent target was Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who works for Maricopa County. Soros spent $2 million trying to unseat him in the recent election. George Soros launched a PAC, ‘Maricopa Strong’ which has gained contributions from several big name liberals including Texas billionaires Laura and John Arnold, who has given $500,000 and also widow of Apple CEO Steve Jobs, Powell Jobs, who handed Maricopa Strong $250,000, in hopes of reforming the justice system.

George Soros has spent millions since 2015, funding campaigns across the country to elect new local prosecutors who are aligned with causes supported by Soros and his PACs. George Soros funded groups are furiously spending millions in three district attorney races in Texas and Colorado. George Soros has contributed $1 million to a local race in Harris County in Houston an Soros has given at least $1.5 million in Phoenix’s Maricopa County.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been labeled and seen as a villain to the Democrats. George Soros’ contribution against Sheriff Arpaio, is his first against a sheriff. Maricopa Strong has spent almost $3 million in TV ads and mailers promoting Democratic candidate Paul Penzone, while also slamming Arpaio on numerous issues. One ad claims rapes and assaults have gone on without proper investigation.

Soros associates say he has strongly invested in defeating Sheriff Joe Arpaio for two reasons. First, Sheriff Arpaio has violated civil rights and abused his office. Second, his influence on the country’s conversation on Biography about immigration has poisoned the country.

Soros’s PAC on Time previously attempted to oust Sheriff Arpaio in 2012 but was unsuccessful, which only caused George Soros to contribute even more and bring a stronger message. Soros advisers say he will continue his financial support of candidates who share his same values, as long as the justice system is not fairly serving all people. Source:

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What does it take to succeed as a manager?01.05.17

In a span of over 20 years, Josh Verne has acquired vast experience in starting and growing businesses. The CEO of gives an insight of what it takes to be a good manager:

Stop being bossy and act like a leader. Bosses demand their employees to do what they want. This will help bosses accomplish their own goals. Leaders first earn respect from their employees. They then take advantage of this to accomplish an objective that they set together as a team. Only leaders, and not bosses, succeed in their businesses.

– Good managers understand that there can always be a win for everybody, even in a bleak situation. They then find ways to ensure that every person wins in the decisions they make. This helps to boost teamwork.

– The key to appearing more authoritative is to listen more and speak less. Josh Verne states that real power lies in using fewer words. Employees who notice that you listen to them will also listen to you.

– Find a way to balance your life. Having much money and no real relationship will make you suffer. Not having enough money and having a family will also make you suffer.

– Make sure that you are passionate about what you are doing. If you are not, you should consider changing it to what you like. You will only succeed if you love what you are doing.

About Josh Verne

Josh Verne’s payroll deduction system was phenomenal. It is what brought him to the spotlight. The established entrepreneur developed with the help of Paul Dumas and Jon Dorfman. The system’s efficiency is impeccable. It allows its customers to make purchases over installments of up to 12 months. The payments must, however, be made from a customer’s bank account, or be deducted from their payroll. He established the payroll system in 2012 and sold it to Global Analytics holding two years later.

Josh Verne went on to start, a platform that has taken colleges by storm. Less than a year after its establishment, FlockU is growing well. The platform allows college students to share content and material through peer-to-peer connections. The company is based in Pennsylvania.


Find out more about Josh Verne:

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Adam Milstein Honored by the Jerusalem Post as one of the Top 50 Most Prominent Jews Globally01.05.17

The Jerusalem Post released its list of powerful Jewish individuals who have changed the world for the better and have shown commitment to proceed with their exceptional work. Milstein comfortably held position 39 due to his forward-thinking leadership as the head of the Israeli-American Council (IAC) and his record of accomplishments as an activist, philanthropist, and leader in several influential Jewish organization. He is an active member and a leader of Israel on Campus Coalition, AIPAC National Council, Hasbara Fellowships, StandWithUs, Stand By Me, and Birthright Israel.

The Jerusalem Post’s list also features political leaders, including the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu and Senator Charles Schumer from the U.S. The list also comprised of philanthropists such as Lynn Schusterman, Ron Lauder, Sheldon Adelson, and Haim Saban and Supreme Court Justices Elena Kagan and Ruth Ginsburg. Entertainers like Sarah Silverman and Gal Gadot and Jewish leaders including Hoenlein and Sharansky also featured in the list.

Milstein’s remarks

Adam Milstein expressed his sincere gratitude for earning such a high-profile honor. He felt humbled for being selected alongside many talented leaders who have strongly advocated for the affairs of the Jewish people. He thanked his wife Gila, the Israeli-American Council, and other notable foundations that have focused on making an impactful difference in the world.

Who is Adam Milstein?

Adam Milstein is a terrific real estate investor and world’s leading philanthropist. He is in charge of accounting, financing, and deposition at Hager Pacific Properties. He serves in the capacity of a managing director. The company has invested heavily in the acquisition, rehabilitation, and repositioning of retail, industrial, office, as well as multi-family properties. Adam teamed up with his wife, Gila, to form the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation.

Milstein Family Foundation focuses on educating scholars and young professionals on mastering their Jewish culture, supporting the initiatives of the State of Israel, igniting their Jewish Pride, and making them ambassadors of Israel and the people of Jewish origin. Adam co-founded the Israeli-American Council, which is currently the fastest-rising Jewish group in America. Recently, the group appointed Adam as the chairman.

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