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Placing Bets on College Basketball and Winning With Covers.com11.03.16

It is just the regular season for basketball right now, but March Madness is just around the corner. I tell anyone that I know that is the website to place your bets.

All of the information is laid out right in front of you if your bet is being place on the website. Things like injuries can have a huge effect on the defense or offense of the team. There are players that may not score lots of points, but the players may be morale boosters for the other players. That is why it is always good to take the injuries of the players into account when you get ready to place a bet. I think that this is one of the best ways to make some extra money without overexerting yourself.

I don’t think that there any other websites out there that allow people to make this amount of money in such a short timeframe. I love it when I am able to place bets on multiple teams. There are lots of college basketball teams that play during March Madness. This is one of the best things about using this website. People have the ability to engage in bet spreading across multiple teams. I think it is in one of the best ways to increase your chances of winning. I definitely like to go to sports bars with friends and watch the games, but it just means so much more when there is money at stake whether you’re betting on the odds during a regular college basketball season or on March Madness odds. I don’t even have to tell my friends when I have money placed on a team. They know by my excitement about the win or the frustration about a loss. When I have the chance of winning enough money to make a car payment or even pay my rent for the month I am well pleased. I have loss some bets in the past, but I have certainly made much more money than I’ve loss. I think that this is because I take time to do the research and assess situations. I research the odds that are listed on the website. This gives me a better chance to see if I can win.

Covers is a great site for anyone that wants to keep their bets private. I don’t like people to know about the money that I win. With the website I can place all my bets discreetly.

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Cone Marshall – New Zealand Law Firm with Top Performance11.03.16

The Cone Marshall firm is one of the top law firms in New Zealand. The firm practices international tax and trusts law. As a law firm, it has it’s origin as a result of Karen Marshall’s 10 years spent in London working for a top law firm. It has thus expanded to a wide range of practice areas and has given their founders a wide range of experience. The company provides planning on an international scale. Part of the work of Karen Marshall, a partner whom joined in 2005, has also been to convince the world that New Zealand is more than a tax haven. She indicated that New Zealand is a great nation in terms of providing transparency in all legal processes. For that reason and the stability that New Zealand offers, the company has been a world leader in allowing foreign companies to set up trusts in New Zealand. The work of Karen Marshall has been highly effective in ensuring that trusts have been able to be established successfully without any interference from government.

Cone Marshall is a very unique law firm in a unique position to help their clients. They are a strictly international law firm, and they work with clients/families of all walks of life. Much of what the firm’s business does is in working with families looking to establish residency or business in New Zealand. Their primary job is to ensure that the assets of the families whom they serve are protected with all matters of the local New Zealand law. Cone Marshall also works with those whom advise the international families looking to relocate to New Zealand on any matters related to taxation and trusts. The firm also maintains a high level of attorney-client privilege which the firm respects to the core and the fullest extent possible.

Those whom are looking to benefit from the productive New Zealand business environment will be relieved that the environment is a very stable place. It’s also a great place for ensuring that your assets will be protected by a strong set of international laws. Many families choose New Zealand because of it’s stable political client, not because they are looking to hide assets overseas. It’s truly a great place for everyone and offers a strong economy as well as certainty.

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The Mineira Arena Wins the Platinum Seal LEED11.03.16


The Mineirao Arena that was completed in 2013 earned itself the Platinum Seal of Leed certification which is currently considered the primary system of certification of works which adhere to the sustainable construction principles. The project was done by a partnership led by Construcap. Only two sports arenas have received this form of certification in over a decade: Brazil’s Arena Mineirao and a University owned stadium in Texas, United States.


The United States Green Building Council is the body responsible for the certification of works in Brazil. The seal is needed to sign construction on the Leed Online platform ( Following registration, you are oriented on the various actions and principles that the enterprise gets certified with the seal from the start of your work.


Sustainability is among the criteria, and it includes energy efficiency, rational use of water, quality of indoor environments, reuse/recycling of materials and service to the locals where the construction is being carried out.


The LEED evaluation systems consider the prerequisites and credits. Prerequisites are required components or green building strategies that should be followed in all the projects certified by LEED. On the other hand, credits are optional elements which projects can choose to follow in order to earn points.


To achieve the required standard of excellence in sustainability, the Construcap team showed a lot of actions in their works. First; they prepared their architectural project with the environment in mind. The project was airy, and the circulation of air leads to the efficient use of the air conditioning. Thus less energy is used.


Regarding reuse, they created a water catchment and storage system. The water collected supplies the urinals and toilets in Arena Mineirao. It is also utilized for irrigation.


To prevent water waste, details how Construcap went for discharges with time limiters and faucets that have a hydro mechanical closing.


On the issue of energy, the Arena has a photovoltaic power generation centre with solar panels that generate enough energy to be able to power an equivalent of 1,200 homes. The project has automated electrical equipment and a circuit to maintain energy efficiency.


Construcap also considered the waste to be generated in the Arena. For sustainability purposes, they made a collection system as well as proper disposal of waste. Well known for their innovation, be sure to follow Construcap on Facebook, and visit their official website as well.  Find that here:

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