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Venezuela Needs Jose Manuel Gonzalez’s Help09.28.16

The agriculture industry of Venezuela is in a desperate situation. Not long ago, there was a shortage of 300,000 tons of corn and 500,000 tons of rice. This is devastating the people and many live with hunger. The nation needs the wisdom of men like Jose Manuel Gonzalez to solve the crisis that it is currently facing. He is a politician who has a background in agriculture. He was elected by his fellow farmers to be the President of FEDECAMARAS an agriculture development group and he knows the best industry practices for growing and selling in the international markets. The people of Venezuela are living in desperation and they need relief to come from somewhere.

Jose Manuel Gonzales is the deputy senate representative from the state of Guarico. His province has been affected gravely by the current economic crisis. Often people are kidnapped and extorted for their meager financial savings. There are carjackings, and nobody feels safe going out at night. Things can even be dangerous in the daytime. Local government in the region has failed the people because of corruption. Jose wants to stand up to the corrupt politicians and criminals who are causing the problems. he will go after the criminals who are doing whatever they wish and ruining people’s lives in the process.

The national government of Venezuela is not listening to the needs of the people. They made bad deals behind closed doors because they are foolish. That is the cause of the nation’s current food shortage. Had they listened to a man like Jose Manuel Gonzalez the people would have food to eat at this time. No children would be hungry, and people would have access to the vaccines they need to protect their health. Instead, smugglers are getting rich bringing in contraband goods and people are dying from lack of proper medical care in many cases. The country needs a man who knows how to fix the crop production problem and how to fix the exchange rates. Venezuela deserves to be a player in the global market again but it can only do that with men like Jose in charge.

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