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A Detailed Look at Medicare Advantage Plans and InnovaCare Health09.03.16

Medicare Advantage is also known as Part C of Medicare. Contrary to the Original Medicare plan, the Medicare Advantage allows you to enjoy Medicare benefits from a private health plan, which is contracted by the United States government to provide such health care coverage. These plans usually charge a premium, which includes a Medicare Part B premium. Further, they charge a fixed amount that is referred to as a copayment. However, some of the plans charge a certain percentage of the total service fee dubbed as coinsurance.

Benefits of Medicare Advantage Plans

Plans under the Medicare Advantage provide extra coverage, which includes wellness, dental, hearing as well as vision programs. More so, they also consist Part D, Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage. In this case, a person ought to pick the plan that includes Part D since not all plans have such provisions.

Physician Practice Services

Nowadays, physician practices go beyond offering patient care services to ensuring that patient accounts are billed appropriately. In a bid to facilitate or enhance the services provided by a given healthcare facility, it is vital to contract a physician practice service such as InnovaCare Health.

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InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare boasts as one of the top providers of Medicare Advantage plans, Medicaid as well as physician practice services. As so, it is highly devoted to delivering high standard healthcare services by developing cost-effective and sustainable models, which are completely integrated with state-of-the-art technologies. In Puerto Rico, it also operates dual Medicare Advantage plans including PMC Medicate Choice as well as MMM Healthcare. The Medicare plans boast of a membership base of almost 200,000 people, who are served by a vast network of over 7,500 providers.

Patients rank up as the key priority InnovaCare’s goal, which aims at redefining healthcare management in a bid to meet the difficulties being experienced in the healthcare sector nowadays. InnovaCare’s success is attributed to the expertise and experience of its leaders such as Richard Shinto, who is the President and CEO. For four years, Rick Shinto served as the CEO and President of Aveta Inc. In previous times, he served in the major positions in various companies such as NAMM California, Medical Pathways Management Company and Medical Management for MedPartners.

Penelope Kokkinides also serves as an executive member of InnovaCare Health whereby she serves as the Chief Administrative Officer. In previous times, she worked for various organizations and companies such as AmeriChoice, Touchstone Health, and Centerlight HealthCare. Penelope Kokkinides boasts of vast expertise and knowledge in establishing clinical programs as well as managing healthcare operations and processes.

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