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Securus Technologies To Educate Consumers on the Illegal Practices of Major Telecommunication Cntractor07.06.16

Richard A. Rick, the CEO of one of the leading telecommunication providers, Securus Technologies has vowed to expose nefarious practices of GTL, Global Tel Link. In a series of press release that would extend to six months, Securus Technologies [A+ rated by the BBB] aims to publish important papers that will highlight the obnoxious practices of GTL, and how GTL robes prisoners and their families. According to the first press release published on the website of PRNewswire, the Louisiana Public Service Commission highlighted gross anomalies carried by Global Tel Link, 18 years earlier. In its report, Louisiana Public Service Commission noted that GTL implanted illegal software in the communication devices across many prisons across Louisiana allowing GTL to add 15 or 36 seconds to the call rates of calls made using the respective prison communication facility.

The 17-page Order No. U-20784-B, also stated that call rates of GTL were also higher than the minimum call charges set by the Public Service Commission. As such, higher rates were illegal and in breach of the contract signed by the company with state prisons. In fact, the company went beyond any ethical standard by adding various amounts of charges after the calls were rated. Also, various add-on programs were developed to extract large sums of cash from the pockets of prisoners and their families. As if it was not enough, the report also highlighted several instances where GTL deliberately engaged in “Double-billing” charging customer twice for a call.

Overall, the report by Louisiana Public Service Commission claimed that such practices caused approximately 1,243,000 to tax payers by overcharging customers. Unfortunately, such reports by the federal authorities are not published in major media making it difficult for the public to get awareness. Therefore, the CEO of Securus Technologies, Richard A. Rick has vowed to educate consumers on the issue.

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