The New Minister Of The Superior Electoral Tribunal In Brazil Is A Woman

Posted in Brazil, Lawyers on Jun 12, 2016

Brazil is known for white sandy beaches, scantily clad dancers, the bright lights of Rio and the endless poverty in its big cities. Brazil is not known for women politicians. Dilma Rousseff broke that glass ceiling seven years ago when she became president, but the love affair with a woman president didn’t last long. Rousseff may be removed from office because of corruption allegations and fudging the facts about the state of the economy. Rousseff’s actions have not helped the women in Brazil that are fighting to become legitimate members of the political system, but a few women are still moving forward in spite of the Rousseff debacle.

One of those women is Luciana Lóssio, the attorney that thrives on legal challenges. Luciana Lóssio always wanted to be an attorney. It was the one occupation that she believed could make a difference in the political system in Brazil. Lóssio earned her law degree in 1999, and it didn’t take long for her to land a job with the Attorney General of the Republic. Lóssio made a name for herself while she worked for two Attorney Generals during her seven years there. Her job was to prosecute, and she was an effective prosecutor. Lóssio was also a skilled and articulate speaker that had the ability to get her points across under difficult circumstances.

Lóssio’s reputation spread across the country, and she was in demand for her electoral law knowledge and experience. When Arnaldo Versiani decided to leave the Superior Electoral Tribunal, Lóssio was nominated to replace him. The Superior Electoral Tribunal is composed of seven members. Two members are lawyers, and five are judges. The members have always been men, but the nomination of Lóssio puts an end to the all-male Tribunal.

Luciana Lóssio has the experience and the knowledge to help bring order to the electoral system in Brazil. Brazil is known for its phony voting system. The voting system is the main concern of the Superior Electoral Tribunal. The mission of the Tribunal is to make the election process legitimate, and that is not a simple task. For years, voting in Brazil has been tainted by corruption, and that continues even though the corruption is well known.

But as a Minister of the Superior Electoral Tribunal, Luciana Lóssio has the opportunity to make a difference and change the electoral system so it is fair and the corruption disappears. That’s her mission, and she usually completes her missions.

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