Mike Baur Responsible for Fundraising at Swiss Start Up Factory

Posted in Business on Jun 08, 2016

Mike Baur is one of the key players in the development of the Swiss Start Up Factory and part of a strategic development with partnerships with various companies.

This unique union between founding partner Mike Baur and the Swiss Start Up Factory will expand due in part to the efforts of Michael Hartweg in startups that are developed from the Swiss Startup Factory.

The Swiss Start Up Factory works at helping young companies and entrepreneurs with a dedicated focus on digital technologies to go through a structured program. These programs offers business startups coaching, mentoring, access to networks of potential customers, and industry expertise.

That industry has produced a large number of startups in Switzerland, but few face their true potential in this challenging global marketplace. The Swiss Startup Factory will then act like an innovator, focused on the execution and authority that ensures that issues are tracked properly and the most qualified talents are selected and then promoted.

Enter Mike Baur, Mike Baur feels that through the partnership with Michael Hartweg that they can strengthen innovative powers of Switzerland in the field further. Mike feels that Switzerland is the leading center for key digitization in this financial sector and is very pleased Michael Hartweg will support the Swiss Start Up Factory.

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Mike Baur feels that Hartweg is a great addition to this family because he worked in industrial engineering at University of Karlsruhe in Frankfurt and also for Goldman Sachs International. Hartweg and three others founded Leonteq AG, a Fintech company listed on the stock exchange. Since parting ways with that corporation, Hartweg promotes businesses in this areas of finance, sports, and technology.

According to Mike Baur, the Swiss Startup Factory has set the goal of building successful and sustainable and startups in this ICT area. As part of the developing three-month program, many different talented young entrepreneurs from across the region are ready for a spin-off, but in order for that to occur they which must complete eight unique milestones successfully first. Every year in Switzerland, more and more startup teams are joining the company in January & September to take part in this popular accelerator program.

All of those startups receive both technical and financial support access of a very unique network that consists of over 40 mentors. The Swiss Startup Factory was co-founded by Mike Baur in 2014, and the Co-Working Space factory is currently located in Zurich-Wipkingen.

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