Keith Mann’s Campaigns to Raise Funds for Uncommon Schools

Posted in Business Growth, Business Platforms on Jun 13, 2016

Keith Mann, the co-founder and managing director of Dynamics Search Partners now has a new partner: Uncommon Schools. Mann is working very hard to help this educational entity offer the best possible education environment for the students enrolled in its halls.

Recently, Keith Mann worked with several members of New York City’s financial community to raise quite a bit of money for Uncommon Schools. $22,000 was raised and the money is intended for a very specific purpose. PR Newswire reports the event took place at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden.

The funds will be used to cover student testing costs at a new charter school location. As the person in charge of Dynamics Search Partners, Mann is able to make strong connections with people in the financial services industry.

Dynamics Search Partners promotes itself as a provider of talent to the “alternative investment arena”. Generally, the firm serves those who work in the hedge fund industry. Mann choose a proper word when founding his firm. Hedge funds and alternative investments positively are dynamic. Jobs related to those industries do require special talent as Mann surely realized during his university years and when served as a Manager of the Alternative Investments Division earlier in his career.

Uncommon Schools wants to help students who might not have the financial means to attend private preparatory schools to access the best possible education at a local charter school. (Uncommon Schools has a strong presence in New York and New Jersey, and also has chapters in other states) Uncommon Schools is a non-profit entity, which means it is reliant on fundraising to cover the costs of very expensive day-to-day operations. Keith Mann has called upon his friends in the New York financial scene to help with fundraising and they have done so. Mann has been his part as well. Mann directly contributed funds to a scholarship for graduating students from Uncommon Schools.

Hopefully, the publicity Mann is generating for the school will lead to others making their own personal financial contributions to the schools.

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