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Securus Sophistication Meets Big Data06.17.16

On December 21st 2015, Securus ,the leading provider in criminal justice technology, announced and was reported by PR Newswire that it had released THREADS 3.1 which is considered the most advanced big data tool in the corrections market. This new technology provides state of the art programming to help them conduct their investigations. In addition to this, THREADS 3.1 also monitors inmate activity in order to detect suspicious calling patterns, associations and fraternization. In other words, THREADS 3.1 is giving a new outlook to criminal justice technology.
I find that in being able to help investigators carry out their work, Securus is making it harder for criminals who are currently incarcerated to carry out crimes from inside prison. While the most serious of crimes are committed by criminals who are roaming the streets, there is still a lot of criminal activity that is carried out from inside the prison system. Making this process harder for criminals helps to weaken the hierarchy of established gangs which will in turn help to take care of the problems associated with gang culture.

I find it sad whenever I hear about a young person being murdered because of the criminal activity that goes on in America. The sales of illegal drugs and illegal guns has turned many of America’s poorest areas into battlefields, unnecessarily claiming the lives of many individuals. While the issue of criminal violence is a difficult one to tackle, any step toward improving the situation is always a win for society. Securus technology is helping to close loopholes for individuals who have no business walking the streets.

The expansion of Securus technology will only continue to grow. According to this article by Financial-News in the UK, Securus has just expanded its leadership team. This can only mean that security technology that is provided by Securus will only continue to expand. With more heads to tackle the issues associated with the criminal Justice system, Securus is a player in helping make the world a safer place. Visit Crunchbase to get more information on Securus.




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