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The Success of Dick DeVos05.28.16

Dick DeVos is a family man, an entrepreneur, as well as a businessman who has dedicated decades of his life towards helping expand as well as preserve the family legacy. Dick DeVos started working for the family company known as Amway Corporation in 1974. During his first few years at Amway Corporation, Dick DeVos rose through the ranks and held several executive positions in various divisions of the company. These divisions include research, manufacturing, marketing and sales, as well as finance. Within only ten years of making his way up the success ladder, Dick DeVos was promoted to become one of the company’s vice presidents.

His his position as vice president, Dick DeVos was in charge of international sales with the 18 other countries that the company did business with. Under Mr. DeVos’ leadership, the company tripled their international sales. Under his leadership, the company for the first time made more money off of the international sales rather than the domestic sales. According to records of the company, during Dick DeVos’ position as vice president of international sales, the international sales rose by 45 percent overall. Six years later after serving much time as vice president for the company, Dick DeVos had shown his capabilities enough to become the CEO of the company. Dick DeVos, in total, served as the company’s CEO for close to ten years.

As a successful businessman, Dick DeVos has dedicated much of what he has earned to worthy causes. One of the worthiest causes in the opinion of Dick DeVos and his wife is the cause of education. Dick DeVos and his wife, Betsy, have given millions of dollars to not only scholarships for merit-based individuals, but also towards building new schools for children and teenagers. It is the belief of Dick DeVos and Betsy DeVos that schools are a way to raise human capital and should be allowed to those that deserve them based upon merit and not based upon family income.

As Dick DeVos focuses more on philanthropy, he has appointed a new candidate to take care of the business end of his family’s legacy. Dick DeVos has recently appointed Phil Dolci, a marketing expert, as the leader of his business. With Mr. Dolci’s leadership skills, Dick DeVos is confident of how far Mr. Dolci will continue to build his family name. Dick DeVos chose Mr. Dolci because he is an individual that Mr. DeVos truly trusts.

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Yeonmi Park and her Mother’s Courageous Journey to Liberty05.26.16

For those living in the West, the bleak conditions under communist rule are difficult to understand. Regardless of the promised prosperity, which is expected to flow from a philosophy founded on Karl Marx’s famous political thesis “From each, according to their means, to each according to their needs,” countries under communist rule have historically produced only suffering for their people under a heavy iron fist of their ruling class.
Yeonmi Park and her mother’s journey to freedom began as they crept out from behind North Korea’s communist curtain into China began in 2007. In the middle of the night, under a dark winter sky, Yeonmi and her mother crept down the stony bank of the frozen Yalu River and crossed into neighboring China, and their destination was the democratically governed South Korea. Having lived under communist rule all her life, Yeonmi didn’t even understand the concept of liberty. Nor did she know what lay ahead of her. She and her mother’s only desire was to find this thing called personal liberty, which did not exist for her in her homeland.

China is in the first stages of emerging from its own communist past, and as a resident alien in China, the Parks lived outside the law in a country that is known for the importance it puts on obeying national rules. She was only a few steps away from starvation, experienced physical and sexual abuse, and felt tempted with suicide as the pair engaged a year-long epic journey. From the northern border of North Korea, she and her mother trekked across the Gobi Desert, through Mongolia, until they secured a plane flight into South Korea.

Once their story became public, North Korea’s central government created a propaganda video in an attempt to discredit the women’s bravery. Labeled “the Puppet of a Human Rights Plot,” Yeonmi and her mother had to face down the unfounded accusations. Some South Koreans even opposed the pair, seeking to label them as “Celebrity Defectors” rather than the courageous women they are.

For more information, and a nearly 30-minute video of Yeonmi’s brave journey, visit


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Igor Cornelsen Can Explain What Happens “After Dilma”05.19.16

So Brazil’s President Dilma has been suspended, now what? Is Brazil a safe investment? Listen to what Brazilian banking expert Igor Cornelsen thinks about Brazilian investing going forward…

Why Was Dilma Suspended?

Corruption was the charge that got Dilma suspended, but why was a man who was also being investigated allowed to replace Dilma: Vice President Michel Temer. Does something smell fishy?

Brazilians have increased their expectations as a member of the BRICS. Unfortunately, the economy declined under Dilma. When Dilma too office in January 2011, the currency exchange rate was 1.0 Brasil real to 0.60 US dollars. In April 2016, the currency exchange rate was 1.0 Brasil real to 0.28 United States dollars. Thus, part of the cause for Dilma’s suspension might have been poor economic performance.

Did Brazil Suffer in 2008?

In 2008, the United States told the world that Capitalism was about to collapse if the bankers were not bailed out. The global capital markets froze up. How bad was the crisis in Brasil?

The truth is that Brazil fared better than many nations for one simple reason: Brazil banks did not purchase toxic American mortgage-backed securities (MBS). While there were fewer foreign investors in Brazil, the banking sector was quite well-insulated.

Understanding Brazilian Banking

Brazil’s Native Son  Cornelsen has explained the ins-and-outs of Brazilian banking through a PR Newswire release found here. A nation’s banking sector is a microcosm of the culture. Brazil simply has its own way of doing things.

While the United States was starting its Civil War, Brazil was starting its Caixa Economica Federal in 1861. Caixa is the public bank responsible for unemployment insurance, Bolsa Familia and 70% of the nation’s mortgages. The Brazilian banking market has a high upside, according to Igor Cornelsen.


More on Igor Cornelsen:


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Investing In Brazil: Igor Cornelsen’s Top 3 Tips

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Laidlaw & Company Services and Leadership05.12.16

Laidlaw & Company is an independent investment banking and securities brokerage firm that serves various clients including corporate entrepreneurs, private institutions and domestic and international companies. The company’s core investment banking services include acquisition financing, debt placement and raising capital through equity placement with institutional and high-net worth retail investors. Laidlaw & Company also offers advisory services on financial restructuring, divestitures, acquisitions and fairness opinions. According to, the firm has over 150 employees and operates offices in the US and Europe. Laidlaw & Company (UK) affiliate, Laidlaw International is authorized by Brokercheck.FINRA, which is incorporated in England and Wales.
Laidlaw professionals offer several market advantages to clients. First, the healthcare focused investment banking and capital market team is made up of senior professionals with an independent entrepreneurial, hands-on transaction management and bulge bracket experience. Secondly, the firm is well-placed to assist emerging companies raise capital through its fast and efficient retail sales force, which offers financial flexibility. The entrepreneurial and relationship driven culture present at the firm is driven by‘s“think outside the box” approach as well as sturdy work ethics. The entrepreneurial culture is further cemented by the fact that financial solutions distribution and asset gathering is conducted through captive and independent sales offices.

Company Management Team
The executive team at Laidlaw is headed by Mathew Eitner, CEO; James Ahern, Head of Capital Markets and John Coolong, the company’s Chief Compliance Officer and CFO. The other team members according to Bloomberg include Craig Bonn, the Senior Managing Director and Hugh Marasa, the Senior Managing Director of private placements. CEO Mathew Eitner joined the firm in 2010. Before joining Laidlaw & Company he was the MD of Aegis Capital Group, a leading private client group. He has also previously served at Casimir Capital, NDB and Deutsche Bank.

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