Kevin Seawright Starts a Program to Help the Youth

Posted in Business Growth on Apr 04, 2016

The New Year started well for the youth living in the Newark area. The youth have something to rejoice about while the year is still young. Newark Community Economic Development Corporation, one of the popular foundations in the area, led by one Kevin Seawright is the reason for the joy. This organization, with the help of several other important partners, will help the youth in the nation secure jobs this coming summer. Some of the partners in the move to offer the youth jobs will be the Newark Works, wealthy individuals and several other prominent organizations that are also based in the city.

Summer Youth Empowerment Plan, another prominent organization in the area will be offering students in the region six weeks of working experience, provided that they are currently rising in the city. During the training, the students will be fully paid for everything they do, apart from getting the knowledge.

It can be very challenging when students finish college and get employment without any training. The employer gets problems with the students as well as the young people. This is why Kevin Seawright feels the Summer Youth Empowerment Plan has taken the responsibility of offering the young people an opportunity to train at the workplace and make money at the end of the day. Before the end of the six-week duration, the employees will enough training about several departments. They will be given empowerment lectures, financial lessons, college readiness programs and so much more.

When young people get their first employment opportunities, they can have some challenges trying to save some amounts or planning their finances. The six-weeks program will ensure that these students have information on financial management so that they can plan their money after getting their permanent employments.

Unlike the past, Kevin said in an interview that technology has changed the way things are being done. Thanks to the internet, the mode of application will be quite easy. The applicants will send their applications using the internet. This will be very fast and convenient too, something that would have taken more than a month in the past. The management and the students have access to the internet all the time so that the whole process will be very easy.
The employment program offered by Kevin has several goals. Together with several partners wants to increase the number of student employment to a higher level, compared to what was registered in the previous year.

It is believed that the whole program will last for around six weeks, and Kevin believes that the students will be earning a good and minimum wage in the entire period, just like any other individual employed in the city. The youth hold a special place in the society, and empowering them will be great for the future.  As the CFO of Newark, Kevin definitely has a stake in seeing the program succeed.

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