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How William Skelley’s iFunding Operates In The American Real Estate Market04.06.16

Recently, iFunding has been gaining a lot of popularity in the real estate industry due to its crowdfunding investment model. This firm offers one of a kind investment services which includes debt facilitation and preferable equity fundraising. The capital raised by this firm is used to set up large scales real estates developments such as multi-family residences, mixed-use buildings, condominium estates, single-family homes and apartment towers. What makes iFunding even more popular in the market is its investment model which allows accredited investors of all types to invest in large-scale real estate properties with as little as $5000.

The iFunding investment model has allowed even accredited investors from the lower tier of the economy to place their investments in the lucrative real estate industry. These accredited investors have been able to put up institutional-grade real estate developments with just little investments. iFunding also takes the responsibility of setting up the real estate investments for their clients and managing them. This firm also provides its clients with insight investment education on the best investment opportunities for them. iFunding maintains high levels of transparency that gives investors an insight and oversight role in the management of their investments.
iFunding raises its finances for multi-project funding through partnerships with investors. This firm collaborates with large family offices to provide funding for any lucrative real estate opportunities that may arise. This department in this firm deals mostly with individual investors. iFunding offers its investor clients flexible terms for sourcing financial support for their real estate projects.

William Skelley is the prominent real estate advisor and finance expert who is the brain behind iFunding. As the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of iFunding, William Skelley has been very successful in promoting the growth of the American real estate industry. He said that he has been looking forward to opening up investment opportunities in the real estate market to cater for all investors since he joined the real estate industry. He adds that throughout his career he realized that the real estate industry lacked enough driving force from its wealthy investors to grow to its full potential. He says that he identified the larger part of the accredited investor which had no way to enter into this industry had this potential. William Skelley told Real Heartland that this opportunity is what gave him the motivation to start iFunding. William Skelley revealed that he aims to use his iFunding Android app to drive change in the real estate industry.

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