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US Money Reserve Offering Top Services in the Precious Metals Industry04.01.16

US Money Reserve is one of the largest global distributors of government issued US gold, platinum and silver coins. The company headquarters are currently based in Houston, Texas. It was established back in 2001 by veterans in the gold market with enough experience to recognize on that there was an urgent need to provide specialized services to clients in the precious metals market. The veterans were able to grow the company by providing expert market knowledge, top customer service and trustworthy guidance to clients.

Purchasing precious metals is a good investment that must be made carefully to ensure that the investment is worthy and the metals are legitimate. To date, US Money Reserve has had the pleasure to work with many clients who appreciate the financial benefits of investing in precious metals. In addition, the company helps all its clients to select top quality and appropriate precious metals.

Many clients of US Money Reserve like the quality of services offered by the company. Today, these individuals are reaping profits from the wise purchases facilitated by the company. Clients have access to over 100 highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals hired by US Money Reserve.

Reasons for Choosing US Money Reserve

All staff and account executives on have years of experience working in the precious metals markets. Boasting of a dedicated team with decades of combined experience assures clients that they will be served well. Account executives explain essential details about purchasing gold, silver or platinum coins while assisting clients make a worthy investment decision.

US Money Reserve does not only offer certificates of value but rather they allow clients to physically take ownership of their coins. This means that one is free to possess and own precious metal coins and store them at their residence. The company makes deliveries to homes, banks or offices of clients.

The company offers clients top graded coins that command great profits. This is due to the respect that the company commands in the industry. In addition, US Money Reserve offers all clients a complete money back guarantee if they are not satisfied with their purchase.

First time buyers are given the same priority as regular buyers. This means that top quality services are guaranteed to all clients irrespective of the amount of purchase they make. Information courtesy of

US Money Reserve is keen on establishing long term, mutually beneficial relationships. The company has multiple social media accounts to connect with clients and the public. Clients can follow them on Twitter at LinkedIn at as well as Facebook

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