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Open the World to Your Eyes with Visual Search04.26.16

When everything you see can connect you to a world of information, a single glimpse can diversify into a global experience. Visual search technology makes this possible. By allowing an individual to see something, be curious about that thing, and then expose the question of that curiosity to an information source as vast as the internet, we are opening a new world of information availability.

The process involves drawing important information from an image, such as color, texture, shape, etc, and then putting those features to text-based search. While pattern searches are in development, the image-to-text meta-data format is currently the most effective and widely used.

Visual search technology is now strongly tied to marketing application as a means of growth and development. Consumers are quickly connected to potentially hundreds of vendors with the single tap of a finger. Finding the best vendor for you, from anywhere in the world, can be as simple as taking a picture of the product.

Among the most effective developers in this field, Slyce has put notable skill and effort toward exemplifying the application potential of the technology. As a consumer-oriented application, Slyce has incorporated this 3D capacity into a single application with previously existing visual search options, such as bar-code scanning and 2D image searches. The name Slyce is appropriate, as a consumer is given the ability to turn one option into many.

Whether for marketing or for information, it is undeniable that visual search is going to change everything. You might wonder what kind of tree you’re looking at, or which architect designed a building you fancy.

Other potential future uses might include survival guides carefully crafted to identify one’s way through the wild, or a medical scanner to pull up medical response information based on the image of a wound or a questionable cellular growth on one’s body due to the image recognition. Or imagine creating a personalized language-learning database that saves words for the images you take. The camera is the eye and the internet is the collective brain through which that image will process.

Knowing nearly everything about something can soon require little more than the simple act of seeing it. This is the future of visual search technology.

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Visual Recognition Software Is Changing Online Retail Sales04.26.16

Searching through an online retailer’s catalog can prove to be a fun experience. There are a great many items of interest to be found on the various pages and subpages of the catalog. Finding these things is only a joy when they are actually found. This is not always possible due to the limitations of traditional search boxes.

All of that is now changing. Image recognition search apps and programs have emerged. As the name of the programs suggests on, they are designed to search for matches based on pictures. So, a photo taken by a smartphone could be run through an image recognition system to locate a similar matching image.

This opens the doors to many possibilities beyond exact matches. A consumer may like a particular look and style to a top name brand. The cost of that name brand item could be well out of the price range of the customer. This does not automatically end the consumer’s adventure on the retail site. If similar and cheaper merchandise is revealed, the customer does have the option of purchasing the matching products.

Retailers working with the image recognition program developed by Slyce have noted a larger percentage of “second-choice customers” are emerging. Since the customers are presented with more choices, they become more willing to make a buy rather than depart.

Slyce remains one of the top providers of image recognition and other apps/programs. Fortune 500 companies have signed agreements with Slyce and are thrilled with the results. A toy retailer, in particular, saw its revenues experience a marked improvement. All of this reflects another aspect that should never be overlooked. Consumers are very happy with the app.

Advancements in retail-oriented technology are sure to continue since these businesses have to always offer cutting-edge service to prospective customers. An easier shopping experience translates to better online customer service. This is why shopping cart software was developed, and it is why visual recognition and coupon apps are being designed and released.

The speed of purchasing is another overlooked benefit. Customers do not want to waste a lot of their time searching through a retail site by constantly typing different search terms. With visual recognition programs, an alternative option exists.

Speedier service, cheaper prices, and the revelation of a greater selection are all great features of image recognition programs. As the software continues to evolve, more features are sure to emerge.

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Helane Morrison Wears Many Hats04.21.16

The role of compliance officers is changing a lot. I have seen the way that that companies are going down solely because there is no much corruption in the corporate world. I would really like to see more leaders stepping up. I am thankful that there are organizations that have compliance officers like Helane Morrison in place to keep the amount of corruption down. Helane Morrison is among the best in the compliance officer arena, but there is a reason for this.

What I have noticed in recent years is that companies are hiring compliance offices in a way that gives them a much broader sense of responsibility. So much rides on the way that the company follows different policies and procedures. It is beneficial to organizations to have a jack-of-all trades in place when they get a compliance officer, and I believe that this is what Helane Morrison represents. She has become someone at Hall Capital that is there for general counsel, compliance issues and customer complaints. This is different from her job with the San Francisco Securities and Exchange Commission. Morrison wears many hats, but this has become something that she has vigorously prepared for down through the years.

I think that she is able to effectively take on a broad range of responsibility because she has been very active in so many other roles in corporate America. She has worked in journalism and obtained a degree in this field. She has handled litigation cases as a clerk and she even transitioned into a role as a lawyer. Morrison is used to wearing many titles and being many things to many different people. That has made her one to watch in the corporate world. She is fully aware of the high level of responsibility that she has, but she has never caved under the weight of her responsibilities.

In the world that Morrison is currently a part of she has to be able to handle a large summation of differently counsel inquiries. Her role is complex inside the walks of a financial investment firm like Hall Capital because there are so many powerful clients that rely on this company. Her ability to juggle this level of responsibility is impressive, and I can say that she has lit a fire under so many that are entering the corporate world. She shows that compliance offers are highly-valued corporate leaders.

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QNET helps local charity04.20.16

There are few companies in the world today with the reach and influence of QNET. Founded as a company to help people in developing economies, QNET has taken a lot of steps to start to directly get involved in charities around the world. The company recently announced that it would be investing money into a cause that they believe in. This is an important point for several reasons. Not only will they be helping people in need, but they are also showing that they are willing to invest in people around the world.

QNET Success

QNET is one of the most successful companies in the world today for a reason. Over time, they have provided a tremendous amount of support and resources to the people who are involved with them. They are willing and able to help people around the world buy and sell products for a profit. This allows a person in a developing country to gain skills in a variety of areas. Over the long term, a couple of business decisions can make a huge impact on the future direction of a person’s life. There are a lot of people who are looking for ways to take the next step in their financial life. QNET has grown so rapidly because they understand how to invest in local communities. Over the long term, this company will continue to grow in this area.

Giving Back

QNET is a company that is built upon the success of helping others. There are a lot of people who have had their lives changed forever simply because they were able to take the next step in their business on the QNET platform. Anyone who wants to learn how to run a business can use their products or services. As the company continued to grow, they wanted to reach out and help others around the world. QNET is a company that likes to give to charities in countries where it does business. With their most recent announcement, they continue to show that they care about communities of people around the world.


There is still a huge problem of immense poverty in a lot of countries around the world. However, this company is doing what it can in order to take the next step to help others. When giving to charities around the world, it is important for QNET to give where the money will do the most good.

Follow QNET on Twitter and Instagram.

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VTA Publications: Protecting the Present and the Future04.13.16

VTA Publications is the company that anyone and everyone is talking about these days. They are a force to be reckoned with and changing the way that we look at distance learning courses. Even though they were founded in 2012, they have done a whole lot of good in the past four years and made quite an impact to say the least. Their information helps others form wise decisions and guide them down the right path. They know how important economics and finance are when it comes to day-to-day life. They help shape our present and more importantly, our future.

They also help book seminars and events with hosts that have various experiences in various fields. They understand that knowledge is power and the more knowledge you have, the better off you will be in the future. You will have all of the knowledge at your fingertips and be able to use it for the greater good for yourself and those you care about in your life. They have experts who have been there, done that, and can show you the ropes. They aren’t afraid of that. In fact, they embrace it, in every sense of the word. From the online shop they want to pass on the knowledge they have learned to others and help them grow and become better people and have a successful future to look forward to, one that helps them sleep well at night.

They want to help you avoid the pitfalls that have hurt others and put them in a bad position. They look out for you, as though they are a friend. In fact, they are a friend. They are a friend you can count on, through thick and thin. That is why they teach you the importance of getting to know others, understanding constructive criticism and using it for good.

They also teach you that nothing is impossible. So often, we think we can’t do something or something is standing in our way. That is all in our heads. The truth is that we can do anything that we set our minds to, as long as we stick it out and believe in ourselves. It might sound cliche, but it is true. Lastly, it is important not to get stuck in a rut and become just another face in the crowd. You want to stand out and make a positive impression. You don’t want to be ordinary. You want to be special.  There’s more information about VTA Publications mission on their website.

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The New Rounded Up Approach By White Shark Media To Handle Complaints04.07.16

At White Shark Media the approach s rounded up to create better platforms for small business owns. Apparently he firm has a forum known as Disqus allowing its clients to air their views and hold discussions. Despite complaints of the services of white shark media not being constant; that they at a time are top notch at times not doing so well. The firm is open to such complaints to maintain momentum on their business services. White Shark Media has organized monthly Google ad words reports in response to the poor communication problem that some clients complained about also it is a good strategy for clients complaining of not receiving enough attention. In addition to the solution are flexible extension services that directly reach the clients contact persons.

Clients with small businesses have admitted to performing much better in the sales in comparison to when they did not do ad words campaigns. A client selling t-shirts were glad that the firm helped greatly in creating contact with more customers and boosting of his sales. White Shark Media agree to the fact that they have not been every efficient and that it is through the reviews that they have identified those weaknesses and work on them. To some points, clients admit that they were not sure if the ad word campaigns from White Shark Media Complaints would really work for them, but they are glad to have tried because they have not been disappointed.

A client selling toys were glad to have contacted White Shark and integrated it in her business. They greatly helped her in getting the right gender and traffic for her toys and return boosting her sales. Clients admit the great improvement of staffs who some of them were responding in a cold tone. Now the clients are very warm, professional and dedicated to helping in case of any problem like identifying the right ad words for their Microsoft Bing Ads campaigns or failure of a campaign. The staffs have helped small businesses boost their profiles and rates to even expanding to other areas.

Sometimes clients complain of new ad words strategy not working for them, and they prefer former campaign strategies. White Shark Media does not hinder anyone at any point to stick to a campaign strategy working for them. Instead, they encourage the openness in trying different campaigns and sticking to what is working for that small business. White Shark Media are great associates of a business who despite certain failures are open to critical as they agree it’s a good strategy to learn more about what to improve in their online marketing campaigns.



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How William Skelley’s iFunding Operates In The American Real Estate Market04.06.16

Recently, iFunding has been gaining a lot of popularity in the real estate industry due to its crowdfunding investment model. This firm offers one of a kind investment services which includes debt facilitation and preferable equity fundraising. The capital raised by this firm is used to set up large scales real estates developments such as multi-family residences, mixed-use buildings, condominium estates, single-family homes and apartment towers. What makes iFunding even more popular in the market is its investment model which allows accredited investors of all types to invest in large-scale real estate properties with as little as $5000.

The iFunding investment model has allowed even accredited investors from the lower tier of the economy to place their investments in the lucrative real estate industry. These accredited investors have been able to put up institutional-grade real estate developments with just little investments. iFunding also takes the responsibility of setting up the real estate investments for their clients and managing them. This firm also provides its clients with insight investment education on the best investment opportunities for them. iFunding maintains high levels of transparency that gives investors an insight and oversight role in the management of their investments.
iFunding raises its finances for multi-project funding through partnerships with investors. This firm collaborates with large family offices to provide funding for any lucrative real estate opportunities that may arise. This department in this firm deals mostly with individual investors. iFunding offers its investor clients flexible terms for sourcing financial support for their real estate projects.

William Skelley is the prominent real estate advisor and finance expert who is the brain behind iFunding. As the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of iFunding, William Skelley has been very successful in promoting the growth of the American real estate industry. He said that he has been looking forward to opening up investment opportunities in the real estate market to cater for all investors since he joined the real estate industry. He adds that throughout his career he realized that the real estate industry lacked enough driving force from its wealthy investors to grow to its full potential. He says that he identified the larger part of the accredited investor which had no way to enter into this industry had this potential. William Skelley told Real Heartland that this opportunity is what gave him the motivation to start iFunding. William Skelley revealed that he aims to use his iFunding Android app to drive change in the real estate industry.

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Kevin Seawright Starts a Program to Help the Youth04.04.16

The New Year started well for the youth living in the Newark area. The youth have something to rejoice about while the year is still young. Newark Community Economic Development Corporation, one of the popular foundations in the area, led by one Kevin Seawright is the reason for the joy. This organization, with the help of several other important partners, will help the youth in the nation secure jobs this coming summer. Some of the partners in the move to offer the youth jobs will be the Newark Works, wealthy individuals and several other prominent organizations that are also based in the city.

Summer Youth Empowerment Plan, another prominent organization in the area will be offering students in the region six weeks of working experience, provided that they are currently rising in the city. During the training, the students will be fully paid for everything they do, apart from getting the knowledge.

It can be very challenging when students finish college and get employment without any training. The employer gets problems with the students as well as the young people. This is why Kevin Seawright feels the Summer Youth Empowerment Plan has taken the responsibility of offering the young people an opportunity to train at the workplace and make money at the end of the day. Before the end of the six-week duration, the employees will enough training about several departments. They will be given empowerment lectures, financial lessons, college readiness programs and so much more.

When young people get their first employment opportunities, they can have some challenges trying to save some amounts or planning their finances. The six-weeks program will ensure that these students have information on financial management so that they can plan their money after getting their permanent employments.

Unlike the past, Kevin said in an interview that technology has changed the way things are being done. Thanks to the internet, the mode of application will be quite easy. The applicants will send their applications using the internet. This will be very fast and convenient too, something that would have taken more than a month in the past. The management and the students have access to the internet all the time so that the whole process will be very easy.
The employment program offered by Kevin has several goals. Together with several partners wants to increase the number of student employment to a higher level, compared to what was registered in the previous year.

It is believed that the whole program will last for around six weeks, and Kevin believes that the students will be earning a good and minimum wage in the entire period, just like any other individual employed in the city. The youth hold a special place in the society, and empowering them will be great for the future.  As the CFO of Newark, Kevin definitely has a stake in seeing the program succeed.

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US Money Reserve Offering Top Services in the Precious Metals Industry04.01.16

US Money Reserve is one of the largest global distributors of government issued US gold, platinum and silver coins. The company headquarters are currently based in Houston, Texas. It was established back in 2001 by veterans in the gold market with enough experience to recognize on that there was an urgent need to provide specialized services to clients in the precious metals market. The veterans were able to grow the company by providing expert market knowledge, top customer service and trustworthy guidance to clients.

Purchasing precious metals is a good investment that must be made carefully to ensure that the investment is worthy and the metals are legitimate. To date, US Money Reserve has had the pleasure to work with many clients who appreciate the financial benefits of investing in precious metals. In addition, the company helps all its clients to select top quality and appropriate precious metals.

Many clients of US Money Reserve like the quality of services offered by the company. Today, these individuals are reaping profits from the wise purchases facilitated by the company. Clients have access to over 100 highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals hired by US Money Reserve.

Reasons for Choosing US Money Reserve

All staff and account executives on have years of experience working in the precious metals markets. Boasting of a dedicated team with decades of combined experience assures clients that they will be served well. Account executives explain essential details about purchasing gold, silver or platinum coins while assisting clients make a worthy investment decision.

US Money Reserve does not only offer certificates of value but rather they allow clients to physically take ownership of their coins. This means that one is free to possess and own precious metal coins and store them at their residence. The company makes deliveries to homes, banks or offices of clients.

The company offers clients top graded coins that command great profits. This is due to the respect that the company commands in the industry. In addition, US Money Reserve offers all clients a complete money back guarantee if they are not satisfied with their purchase.

First time buyers are given the same priority as regular buyers. This means that top quality services are guaranteed to all clients irrespective of the amount of purchase they make. Information courtesy of

US Money Reserve is keen on establishing long term, mutually beneficial relationships. The company has multiple social media accounts to connect with clients and the public. Clients can follow them on Twitter at LinkedIn at as well as Facebook

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