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Sam Tabar: A One of a Kind Financial Strategist03.10.16

When it comes to developing financial strategies for clients and companies, it often takes a person who is never afraid to take risks and believes their ideas are simply the best. Whether it’s strategies that will be used by international financial firms or ones geared toward individual investors who are close to retirement, it’s imperative that they be developed by a person with the knowledge and experience that’s needed to take innovative ideas and turn them into reality. For well over a decade, that person has been Sam Tabar. Considered to be a financial strategist who is a one-of-a-kind innovator, Sam’s background as outlined on is one that sets him apart from so many others in the industry.

Having held positions with prestigious law firms as well as financial firms around the world, Sam has used his talents to work with a variety of people. Able to solve problems of virtually any kind, he has used his in-depth knowledge of contract law and investment agreements to help numerous companies develop and implement real-world strategies that produced incredible results. Long viewed as one of the world’s foremost experts on hedge funds, he has continued to expand his reputation across the world. Having spent considerable amounts of time working in the Asia-Pacific region, Sam has now become one of the foremost financial minds when dealing with the financial plans of various companies in that region.

Always looking for a new way to make a strategy more innovative, Sam constantly meets with executives, political leaders, and others around the world on a regular basis to discuss current trends and other developments. Because of this, Sam’s reputation for producing greatness is expanding from company to company. With clients the world over eager to work with him, Sam knows the pressure is on to continually produce results above and beyond the competition. However, as one who refuses to ever back down from a challenge, Sam is just the type of person companies and clients need to help them meet their financial goals, no matter how big or small they might be.

As he continues on his incredibly successful journey within the business world, Sam is now viewed by financial experts around the world as perhaps the best and brightest of all analysts. In doing so, he is expected to be in even more demand as clients experience positive results and begin to see the possibilities that lay ahead.  Follow Sam Tabar on Twitter for further information about his career.  Otherwise for his charitable exploits, you can see what Sam is doing with GoFundMe.

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Why Brazil is Able to Withstand any Financial Storms03.10.16

Two years ago, the banking industry was left wondering because of the abnormalities happening in most of the banks found in Brazil. The country had not experienced any economic growth while under the leadership of Dilma Rousseff’s populist policies. By the end of the year 2014, the economy of this country was in big trouble, and the financial experts were looking for a way to get a long-lasting solution. The country has to main banks: Itau Unibanco and Banco Bradesco, and during the troubled year, the shares from these two privately owned banks rose up by one-third. The two banks also had some solid profit increases.

Many individuals all over the world have been left with so many questions concerning the countries survivals tactics especially during storms in the banking industry. Igor Cornelsen, a very famous investment expert, based in Brazil all the answers for these questions. According to him, the country has managed to survive the difficult economy because of the knowledge they have in the market. The country has also experienced these moments in the past, giving them the experience to handle this cases when they occur.

Igor Cornelsen has been observing the Brazilian bankers for some time now. In the private sector, the bankers are only lending their money to borrowers who have proved to be worthy of the credit. This has ensured that the people who have less credit can only go to borrow in the public banks or even forget about their business plans. This leads to a big challenge, especially in the macro economy and also the good development of the country. The Brazilian government can solve this problem by helping the less fortunate investors to fill more secure and bring in some reforms to ensure that they get the right funding.

The Brazilian economy is so uncertain, but many people would still consider it. The country is famous for having the best natural resources. The country has an increased requirement for infrastructure development that is required to support the growing population, and this makes the country very attractive for the market in southern America. The country is among the top food producers internationally, and apart from these qualities, the county is the biggest in the continent.

As 2015 was starting the street reported, many investors were trying by all means to follow what Brazilians are doing, because they are amazed because of the Brazilian banking sector. Igor Cornelsen advises investors to look at investments when they have identified all the basics, and just like Brazil, they will do very well. Igor Cornelsen is a famous investment advisor who has a lot of experience in this industry. He has worked for several year in the industry gaining a lot of expertise.

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The Arrival of Premium Dog Foods Heralds Healthy Pets03.07.16


Optimal nutrition is not only important for humans. Animals do need to eat a great diet as well. Beneful boasts significant amounts of meat, poultry, and other sources of protein in wet food. Beneful then takes things to the next level. There are grains, fruits, and vegetables in wet foods, and they are all designed to provide nutrients to a pet. Beneful is one of the many premium dog foods on the market.

Per an article published in the Daily Herald, sales on premium brand dog foods are surging. Pet owners do realize there are tremendous benefits to better food selections. The incredible dollar figures prove this. Of the $23+ billion in annual pet food sales, 45% of those sales come from premium selections.

When premium foods were first released on the pet food scene, sales figures were low. Pet owners who were personally eating healthy and clean for their own meals seemed to be the bulk of the people buying premium dog foods. All that has changed. And the sales do not seem to be indicative of a fad. The slow increase in sales figures from year to year show steady growth, awareness, and acceptance among pet lovers.

Originally, smaller companies put out premium selections. Today, major pet food names are producing wet and dry food. Beneful is owned by the pet food giant Purina. And Beneful not only puts out wet and dry food, Beneful has a host of healthy dog treats designed to support health and wellness.

The arrival of major names in the pet food industry has led to improved manufacturing. Bigger companies have the budget to support extremely careful harvesting, cooking, and taste testing. Beneful’s Roasted Turkey wet food is not hype. Real chunks of turkey are in the wet food, and the turkey is cooked is a proper manner. Proper cooking and manufacturing takes steps to make sure the food meets the highest level of quality standards.

The top retail stores in North America are jumping on the premium dog food bandwagon. This makes the selections easier to find, and the cost ends up being more reasonable. With this in mind, pet owners should think about trying out premium brands.


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Koch’s Views on Economic Inequality03.03.16

Every aspect of a given state will run smoothly if its economy is strong and stable. However, economic inequality usually compromises fairness that is supposed to be exercised by political institutions. In addition, the wealthier people acquire the power to control others since they influence most of the decisions made by the elected officials.

Economic Inequality

In one of his Washington Post op-ed, Koch ascertained that he and Bernie Sanders share a common belief. Koch points out to mandates, laws, regulation, and subsidies that politicians issue out to the well-connected and wealthy individual. He observed that at least $1.5 trillion is spent on exemptions and to address the needs of special interest group. Each year a total of $1.9 trillion is spent by established businesses to put in place and strengthen anti-competitive rules.

Victim of circumstances

Small businesses, new investors, and the poor feel the weight of the regulatory burden. The benefit goes to established firms since they are likely to enjoy maximum sales and immense profit when the regulations are in operation. Additionally, new entrants are indirectly penalized.

Widening gap between the rich and the poor

Koch noted that tax exemptions have a tendency of benefiting large companies and wealthy individuals. On average these individual pays lower tax rate compared to the Middle-class Americans. According to Koch, this has resulted in the increased gap between the rich and the poor.

Background information on Charles Koch

Charles Koch is an established businessperson and an active humanitarian. He is the co-owner and CEO of Koch Industries. He also chairs the board of Koch Industries. Together with his brother David H. Koch, they expanded the business to an influential and respected level. Koch Industries specialize in the manufacture of forest and consumer produce, pollution control equipment, minerals, commodity, and fertilizers. Charles Koch is a talented writer; he published a book to describe his management style and philosophy in 2007.

Brief History, academic qualification, and career

Koch was born and raised in Wichita Kansas. He has four brothers, and his parents are Mary and Fred Chase Koch. He holds a degree in General engineering and two master’s degree, one in mechanical engineering and the second one in chemical engineering. He has served as the director of both Entrust Financial Corp and Koch Industries from 1982 up to now. Philanthropically, most of his projects are educational, policy, and research oriented. He has sponsored efforts to young entrepreneurs and financed research projects for economists like Friedrich Hayek and James Buchanan.

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Maintaining a Long Distance Relationship Through Video Chats03.03.16

Talk Fusion has been an absolute life saver for me and my boyfriend Garrett. Unfortunately, because of work we have to live in different states, which means we do not get to see each other very often. The day we found out we were going to be split up for the next year and a half, we started looking into different video communications programs. The only one that truly stood out to us was Talk Fusion. The other ones that were available for us to use I had already tried in the past. None of them worked for more than twenty minutes without the screen freezing up. If I was going to maintain a relationship with Garrett, I would need to find something more suitable. So I did.

We normally chat on Talk Fusion first thing in the morning over a cup of coffee and at night time before we go to bed. Even though talking on the phone allows us to still talk about our day and tell each how much we love one another, being able to actually see his face so much better than just hearing his voice. It is almost like he is sitting directly in front of me because of how clear his picture comes in on my computer. To be able to actually see him this well is more than I could ever ask for. It has been six months since we have see each other in person so this is honestly quite the treat for me. I don’t know what I would do without being able to use Talk Fusion.

What I think is truly great about this is that I have gotten a few other friends of ours to use Talk Fusion as well. They are in the same line of work as we are so they also appreciate being able to see their significant other as well. Sometimes I still wish we hadn’t of taken this type of job where we had to be apart, but if we can just make it another year, we will have enough to pay for a house and make a new living in Wyoming. This is definitely one of the moments where the prize is worth the wait. It is torture some days, but with Talk Fusion is lessens the sting just enough for us to make it through one more day.

Follow Talk Fusion on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter today!

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Keith Mann Announces Scholarship for Uncommon Schools’ Students03.03.16

After partnering with Uncommon Schools, a non-profit public school system that manages over 40 schools across the United States, Keith Mann has announced the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement, award which will become available to one senior every year at one of Uncommon Schools’ high schools at Brooklyn, NY.

According to a college counselor from Uncommon Charter High School, the school’s staff and teachers are very happy of the opportunity brought by the scholarship. The scholarship will help a lot of dedicated and talented students achieve their professional and personal dreams , pupils which happened to come from low-income families. Uncommon Schools manages schools for low-income students, and they operate in six different regions of the United States. One of the main objective of Uncommon Schools is to prepare its students for college.

Mann, someone who has always advocated for education, hopes the scholarship will help the students from Uncommon Schools close the achievement gap and graduate from university. After all, the goal of Dynamics Search Partners, company which Mann founded, is to pair its clients with very talented individuals so their clients can achieve their full potential in the alternative investment industry. The winners of the scholarship will have to write a 10,000 word essay on how obtaining a college degree will help them achieve their career goals. One winner towards the end of March will be announced in one of Uncommon School’s Brooklyn-based high schools. The scholarship is worth $5,000

Mann has been in the executive search industry for almost two decades. He is an expert in alternative investments and hiring strategies. Currently, Dynamics Search Partners is one of the best companies in the hedge funds and private equity industries. Mann is the chief executive officer of Dynamics Search Partners, business which was established in 2009. The company has also done business in Europe and Asia, helping fulfill thousands of client mandates.

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Avi Weisfogal Launched a Campaign to Raise Money for Operation Smile03.03.16

Avi Weisfogal is a well-known dentist from New Jersey. He began his career at the Old Bridge Dental Care center located in his home state. Not long after beginning his career as a dentist, he opened Dental Sleep Masters Seminars. This is also based in New Jersey. By means of this business, Avi Weisfogal teaches individuals and medical professionals how they can treat sleep disorders. He is especially interested in teaching how sleep disorders are connected with dental issues. After working in this field for more than 16 years, he has accumulated much experience.

Recently, Avi Weisfogal set up a GoFundMe campaign. It is his purpose to help Operation Smile. As an individual who is interested in helping others, he realizes that helping to raise money for this organization is going to do a lot of good for others. Since 1982, Operation Smile has been helping young individuals in many countries around the world to fix facial deformities. This organization was started by William MaGee. He is a doctor and plastic surgeon. His wife, Kathleen MaGee, who is a nurse, has also been heavily involved in Operation Smile. They started this charity organization to help children in the Philippines. They saw that there were many young people who were seriously affected by things like cleft palates and cleft lips. They knew that these problems were not only having serious physical implications, but they negatively affect the way individuals are viewed and how they feel about themselves.

Operation Smile has helped more than 250,000 children around the world. Even though the organization started by helping children in the Philippines, it expanded to help children in more than 60 countries around the world. Money that is raised to to help this organization is used for things like purchasing supplies and equipment that are needed for surgery. There is a large group of medical professionals who volunteer with this organization. There are many dentists, doctors, nurses, and others who regularly volunteer their time in order to help young people who suffer from physical facial deformities.

Avi Weisfogal has started a variety of businesses that have education at their core. About five years ago, he started Healthy Heart Sleep. The purpose of this business is to teach medical professionals about sleep problems. About three years ago, he started the business Owner Unlimited Sleep Patients. By means of this business, Avi gives lectures that educate other dentists on the connection that exists between sleep problems and dental health.

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Handy Home Services03.03.16

Handy Home Services offers much more than your average home cleaning service. We provide a wide variety of services to help you keep your home and office in order albeit your busy schedule. Our kind and dedicated professionals are committed to high quality work and customer satisfaction. Each one of our members is experienced, background checked, and insured to make scheduling your home service worry-free. Our customers’ satisfaction is important to us. If you’re not completely satisfied with our services we will give you a 100% refund.

The services we provide are: cleaning, handyman, plumbing, and electrical. Some services included in these are: home and office cleaning, furniture assembly, interior painting, drain cleaning, installing light fixtures, and so much more. We take pride in being efficient, thorough, and respectful of your home or office while performing your service.
Scheduling your home service is so easy with our helpful 24/7 customer service. One of our service professionals can be at your home as early as the next day. Our service pricing is very affordable, and we are available in 35 locations, servicing most major cities in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.
If you have a list of projects in your home you never have time to start on or you simply need help getting your home clean and organized, one of our talented professionals can assist you. Book your home services with us today to see those tasks accomplished with the utmost efficiency and quality. Visit our website or app to see a complete list of the services we offer.

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Highland Capital Management Q3 2015 13F Highlights03.02.16

Highland Capital Management filed its quarterly 13F which showed that the firm has a portfolio valued at $3.42 billion. This represents a decrease in value from $4.91 billion the previous quarter. This is only around 22.73% of Highland Capital’s $15.04 billion total assets under management.

Highland Capital Management bought a total of 69 stocks. The 5 largest new holdings were:

  • Spdr S&P 500 Etf Tr – $67.07 million
  • Amazon Com Inc – $23.35 million
  • Eagle Pharmaceuticals Inc – $17.73 million
  • Danaher Corp Del – $17.24 million
  • Intra Cellular Therapies Inc – $15.90 million

According to the filing, the firm increased its stake in the following: American Airls Group Inc (Call) (AAL) by 60% to $204.25 million, Patterson Companies Inc (PDCO) by 16% to $87.91 million, Kinder Morgan Inc Del by 173% to $5.38 million, Corning Inc (GLW) by 18% to $54.86 million, and Salesforce Com Inc (Call) (CRM) by 18% to $54.85 million.

The firm reduced its position in the following stocks: Ishares Tr (Put) by -52.05%, American Airls Group Inc by -56.11%, American Express Co (Call) by -17.54%, Anadarko Pete Corp by -76.75%, and Nrg Energy Inc by -20.76%.

According to the Highland Capital Management filings, sectors in its portfolio that received increases were: information technology sector at 18%, energy sector at 12 %, and consumer discretionary sector at 10%. Sectors that had a reduced position were: health care at 20% and Finance sector at 18%.

For all the sectors it is involved in, here are its positions:

  • Health care 20 % – $683.78 million
  • Information technology 18 % – $615.40 million
  • Finance 18 % – $615.40 million
  • Energy 12 % – $410.27 million
  • Consumer discretionary 10 % – $341.89 million
  • Transports 8 % – $273.51 million
  • Utilities & telecommunications 4 % – $136.76 million
  • Materials 1 % – $34.19 million
  • Services 1 % – $34.19 million

James Dondero

James Dondero is the President of Highland Capital Management. Founded in 1993, Highland Capital has under his leadership, managed more than $15 billion in assets. Previously James ‘Jim’ Dondero was the Chief Investment Officer of GIC, a subsidiary of Protective Life. While there, he assisted in growing the business to over $2 billion in 4 years.

Jim attended the University of Virginia where he obtained a Bachelor’s in Commerce (Accounting and Finance). He is the board chairman at CCS Medical, NexBank, and Cornerstone Healthcare. He is also a member of the board of directors of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and American Banknote Corporation.

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