How Oisin Hanrahan Moved From Political Content to Providing Cleaning Services

Posted in Apps on Mar 28, 2016

Handy, previously known as Handbook, is only three years old. It has however grown to become the most important app in the cleaning and handyman services industry. Handy is estimated to be worth $500 million with additional cash of $50 million. One of its founders, Oisin Hanrahan is very optimistic that the future is bright for the company. Handy is based in New York and the location is among the factors for its success.

Before Hanrahan moved from Dublin, Ireland to the United States, he had attended college with Paddy Cosgrave, his colleague and the founder of Web Summit. The two started MiCandidate being a platform to provide political content to media houses. They also founded the Undergraduate Awards, the biggest non-profit organization of its kind. It has been an incredible journey for him to move from political content to cleaning and handyman services which are always on high demand.

He moved to the United States for his MBA at Harvard in Boston. This is where the idea of Handybook which later became Handy was hatched. During the summer between their first and second year, Hanrahan and one of his friends who is the co-founder worked on the concept to perfect it. Later, the two decided to drop out of college in order to concentrate on working on Handy.

That summer, the two managed to raise a start-up capital of $50,000 and they then moved to New York because they considered Boston not good enough for their business to succeed. Hanrahan says that the company does not focus on competition but rather on making the customers and contractors satisfied and that is why they have managed to edge the competitors in the business.

Handy was established in 2012. Handy is an app that enables users to book for the services of cleaners, handymen, plumbers and other household service providers. Handy is the most reliable app in New York.

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