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Solo Capital is a boutique financial investment company that is based in the UK. This company has all its regulations being done in London. It was founded In the year 2009 by Sanjay Shah. This company specializes in sport related investments, consulting and proprietary trading. Considering the six years that the company has been running its services, the achievements that are currently linked to the company are many. it year ending 2015, the company was able to table a total net worth of 25 million Euros, a total asset amount of 67 million Euros. The company’s cash flow that year was found to be 30 million Euros.
Solo Capital Partners is run by Solo Group Holdings, which is under the ownership of Sanjay Shah. Shah is also founder CEO and the owner of AESA, which is in the overall control of Solo Group Holdings. The owner solo group holdings are also the owner of another lot of companies around Europe. Luxembourg, Malta, and The Cayman Islands are among the list of those undertakings owned by Shah. He has offices in Europe and Asia. Dubai is the city in Europe where some of Shah’s companies are run from. Shah took over Old Park Lane Capital in the year 2014. This was an institution which ran its service in the invitation-only stock broking manner. One noticeable thing about all the companies headed and controlled by Shah is that they all operate in the financial investment sector.
Shah spoke to Global Citizen Magazine and said that he had not primarily gone to study something that would land him in the financial investment sector. He had studied medicine and after finishing his studies in this field is when he started thinking about other things. He then began working In some financial institutions until 2009 when the economic crisis that had swept the country that year forced him out of employment. It was after he failed to look for another job that he thought of managing his company.
Shah is also known for founding Autism Rocks. This is an organization that is aimed at creating awareness and raising money for autism. He had been taking in charity activities and giving donations in India before but running a project like Autism Rocks was inspired by his love for music. The other factor which was considered the major reason for his pioneering of Autism Rocks was the fact that his son was diagnosed with this condition of autism. Celebrities such Snoop Dogg, Drake, and Lenny, have taken part in the autism concerts. Staging concerts and raising money for autism is the priority goal of this organization. Shah spent $100,000 in autism in 2014 to create the domain name ‘Autism Rocks’. One can call him a conqueror.

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