Investors Continue to Grapple Whether to Pull Off or Stay in the Stock Market

Posted in Business, Business Growth on Feb 05, 2016

Bears expect 2016 to be weak concerning economic growth and profit; this is inferred from the plunge in the U.S stock market. However, even if the bears are wrong, the fall is making investors not willing to spend. Growth has dampened as producers continue to struggle with sloping market abroad. The negative impacts of reducing oil prices and adverse impacts on exports due strong dollar is forcing drilling companies to cut down their production.

As investors continue to grapple whether pull out of stocks or stay in, China remains to be the centre of many concerns. As highlighted by Mark Schofield, Citigroup Global Markets managing director, what matters to global markets is the extent contagion emanating from china’s slowdown. He further points out that, it is too early to call the situation demise. It has been clearly pointed out the real source of aggravation is China missteps with Yuan. However, the potential of China, the most populous country to drag the world economy into a recession should not be underestimated.
Worries that recession is in store for the United States economy has begun already and have continued to dominate the market. Torsten Slok, the Deutsche Bank chief international economist, argues that if your views are that things are wrong, and we are currently in a recession, then it is prime time for you to invest in risky assets. According to Slok, the United States leverage problems being experienced today is peanuts in comparison to 2006 situation. Slok Position is informed by the fact that high yield problems experienced today is fifteen times smaller compared to housing market imbalance experienced in 2006. What is unsettling markets is uncertainty over response to policy, Schofield stated
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