Beneful-Complete Nutrition For Dogs

Posted in Canine Proper Nutrition on Feb 18, 2016

Like many others, I believe that my dog is part of my family. Though he is part of my family, he’s not human and can’t truly be treated as such. Some dog owners try to feed their pets as they feed themselves, spending hours preparing and cooking their dog’s food each day. That may be wonderful for some, but dogs require a certain balance of proteins, vitamins and minerals for optimum health. When they’re fed basically a human diet, it’s easy for them to come up lacking in certain nutrients, possibly causing them more harm than good in the long run. Another factor in homemade diets is time. Not many dog owners have the time to chop, slice, dice and cook their dog’s food each day. The time spent preparing food could be better spent exploring the neighborhood for a walk, an outing at the dog park or even a frisbee toss in the backyard.

For most dog owners, purchasing on Amazon a comprehensive dog food, such as Purina Beneful ensures that the dog is getting all the nutrition he needs, along with a taste he loves, with little to no work. It’s as simple as opening a bag or popping a top of a can. Beneful has the perfect balance of protein such as beef, chicken, salmon or turkey, mixed with a blend of vegetables such as carrots, tomatoes, peas and green beans. Added to this mixture is an assortment vitamins and minerals like B-12, D-3, zinc and selenium, ensuring this dog food has everything necessary to provide the proper nutrition for the dog’s entire life.

I know when I feed my dog Beneful, I’m giving him just what he needs to be happy, healthy and strong for many years. I couldn’t do any less for my best friend.


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