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Slyce Is An Innovative Shopping Company Using Visual Search Technology02.25.16

Differing Perspectives About Visual Search Technology

The fascinating new developments in visual search technology have brought forward a fresh breath on the trite trails of online shopping. Online shopping is surely a more convenient activity for most people. Instead of going to the store when someone wants to buy a new jacket, for instance, an interested and tech savvy consumer can log on to their favorite search engine or online store to make a purchase. It takes a little bit of leg work though. Sometimes it’s hard to find the exact product that you want to purchase, even if it is right in front of you. That is what makes visual search shopping so interesting: if the item is in front of you, just take a picture of it.

News From Live Mint About Visual Search Startups

Apparently, there are plenty of visual search startups that have popped up all over the world. However, many of these companies have not developed a proficient application or system for conducting their searches. They have a lot of work to do in order to compete with the larger companies. A recent article from Live Mint puts this industry into perspective by giving the reader views from shoppers and CEOs in the visual search industry.

Slyce is a company that started out as a computer managing tool. They developed their technology, which relied on a similar search concept, in order to create one of the most well known visual search applications out there today. They have partnered with major retailers, and they partner with major technology companies. This is all part of their plan to make their product as useful to consumers as possible. Their plan is to offer consumers to best deals, and they will still offer products that retailers sometimes have trouble selling, such as complimentary products.

It is an innovative field, but Slyce has proven how ready they are to take it on. They have proven this by coming out with additional new features to support their growing audience and new product selections. Now, users that open Slyce can take a picture of a barcode, a QR code, the actual object or an image from a picture. This gives users an arsenal of options to choose from, making Slyce one of the most useful shopping tools available.

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The Active and Artistic World of Jon Urbana02.19.16

Jon Urbana is a man who cares. Everyone knows this thanks to his very public attempts are raising awareness and funds for some important charitable causes. No-kill pet shelters are very expensive to run, which is why there are so few of them. Through a GoFundMe campaign, Jon Urbana has worked hard to raise money for a popular no-kill cat shelter in Colorado. He is also someone who cares deeply about the environment, and his GoFundMe work for environmental causes is appreciated by many as well.

Yes, Jon Urbana is an Ellipse exec who uses his fame to help others. He is also a man with incredibly varied interests. Most who have heard of him do know Urbana was once a successful professional lacrosse player. Prior to entering the pro ranks, Urbana did quite well as a player for Villanova University. In fact, he was a standout as most soon-to-be pros are. Once his career finished, Jon Urbana moved onto a new direction as one of Denver’s most well-known philanthropists and the owner of one of its most popular sports camps. He runs the Next Level Lacrosse Camp. At the camp, Urbana is working on training the next generation of stars in the sport.

Urbana also has an artistic side to him. Anyone who checks out his Vimeo collection immediately notices he has an endearment for the natural world, as reflected in many nature videos. Of course, Urbana’s enjoyment of active things in life is also on display in his Tumblr postings.

For those who want to gain insight into the true artistic loves of Jon Urbana, checking out his photography is worth the time and effort. Food is frequently employed as a subject of his Product Hunt shares, and the food pictures do rise to the level of amazing and stunning artwork. Even those who are not “foodies” surely will be in awe of the photos in all their brilliance.

And there is an active pursuit Jon Urbana enjoys that might be a shock to many. He is an avid and experienced pilot. Urbana’s piloting experience is vaster than many realize. The FAA has even honored Urbana for his many accomplishments in piloting.

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Olympic Valley Incorporation Effectively Stymied02.18.16

Andy Wirth also known as the CEO of Squaw Valley Holdings has been mentioned in the press recently for his continued effort to make the Squaw Valley near Lake Tahoe one of the world’s top winter vacation areas. He is involved in both community and environmental service organisations in his home the Squaw Valley. Andy Wirth’s main focus is to improve the area for residents and business’s both young and old. However his recent involvement in a near fatal skydiving accident has changed the course of his efforts slightly. During his recovery he came in contact with Navy Seals in the Squaw Valley area and decided to launch a community called the Wounded Warrior Support.

This Navy Seal foundation raises money to aid Navy Seal members and their families once they return home from deployment. Andy Wirth has made true friends during this difficult recovery period and pledged to give back to their families and community as a whole. This period in his life was very difficult but thanks to members of the Navy Seals who have given him the strength to recover and start life with a fresh purpose.

The summary of the article by the Reno Gazette-Journal can be found below which makes mentions of Andy Wirth.

In recent years the communities around Lake Tahoe and especially Squaw Valley have had difficulties due to bad weather conditions and the threat of an incorporation battle. The weather has not provided for the necessary conditions to let theses winter holiday destinations thrive. The incorporation battle was over the Olympic Valley which is also the home of the Squaw Valley. It’s CEO, Andy Wirth has mentioned that there will be relief to come in the future in the form of favourable weather and the withdrawal of the threat of incorporation. Mr Wirth and his holding have been opposing the incorporation for some time now as he says it would result in higher taxes as well as a drop in services that people depended on. These include snow plowing and necessary road maintenance. However those who where in favour of the incorporation said that Mr Wirth had his own agenda to improve local development and the construction of a gondola which will connect Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley. The incorporation was halted and now efforts can be made to start a healing process.

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Beneful-Complete Nutrition For Dogs02.18.16

Like many others, I believe that my dog is part of my family. Though he is part of my family, he’s not human and can’t truly be treated as such. Some dog owners try to feed their pets as they feed themselves, spending hours preparing and cooking their dog’s food each day. That may be wonderful for some, but dogs require a certain balance of proteins, vitamins and minerals for optimum health. When they’re fed basically a human diet, it’s easy for them to come up lacking in certain nutrients, possibly causing them more harm than good in the long run. Another factor in homemade diets is time. Not many dog owners have the time to chop, slice, dice and cook their dog’s food each day. The time spent preparing food could be better spent exploring the neighborhood for a walk, an outing at the dog park or even a frisbee toss in the backyard.

For most dog owners, purchasing on Amazon a comprehensive dog food, such as Purina Beneful ensures that the dog is getting all the nutrition he needs, along with a taste he loves, with little to no work. It’s as simple as opening a bag or popping a top of a can. Beneful has the perfect balance of protein such as beef, chicken, salmon or turkey, mixed with a blend of vegetables such as carrots, tomatoes, peas and green beans. Added to this mixture is an assortment vitamins and minerals like B-12, D-3, zinc and selenium, ensuring this dog food has everything necessary to provide the proper nutrition for the dog’s entire life.

I know when I feed my dog Beneful, I’m giving him just what he needs to be happy, healthy and strong for many years. I couldn’t do any less for my best friend.


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Kyle Bass: The Desperate Gamblers Frantic Investment02.09.16

It is yet another month and yet another fresh newer look for the guy Kyle Bass. He is the favourite and best hedge; he is the founder of the autocrats in Argentine. In a quick recap, at first light. Bass is the founder of the Hayman capital management company that is based in Dallas in the year 2006, he made a great fortune and headlined in the international news all over the world by giving his careful prediction that went to be true in the subprime crisis that hit the world in the year 2008 to be very true.

He was yet a superstar for a while during that time. He was yet the guy in the night of the Shayman that was coming out of no world and yet became a somebody in the year 2001 and was nominated as the guy to be the script and also the director of the The Sixth Sense movie. Most observers at that particular time decided to trust the abilities of Bass and thought that he was a real genius that cannot go wrong anywhere.

But as time gashed on. And time as well has never been a kind master to Kyle Bass. If he had ever had the magic touch in his grip, it is all long ago gone. This is just like the Shamalayan has long been gone and he has had a series of tragic bad movies ever since and he has had a series of bad calls running one after another. He has not hid it from the public because he has done it in the view of the public in the full blaze as they see it. This is the guy that never turns down any kind of invitation that comes his way especially that one from pontificate and TV as well as they proffer him to be the so called ‘analysis’ that is the servants of his bottom line.

To add into the bad calls, he has also made numerous unsavoury alliances and partnerships. While everyone in this business has a great thought that he is an economic literate person, he still stands out to be the very worst thing that has ever stood in the place for the economy of his country and Bas has never stopped singing the praises that are directed to Cristina Fernandez. This past year the country has defaulted on a big debt that it has for now the second year and in more than thirteen years. This is an action that is irrational as well as indefensible. As we have yet seen in this recap, Bass rationalized and defended it anyway.

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Investors Continue to Grapple Whether to Pull Off or Stay in the Stock Market02.05.16

Bears expect 2016 to be weak concerning economic growth and profit; this is inferred from the plunge in the U.S stock market. However, even if the bears are wrong, the fall is making investors not willing to spend. Growth has dampened as producers continue to struggle with sloping market abroad. The negative impacts of reducing oil prices and adverse impacts on exports due strong dollar is forcing drilling companies to cut down their production.

As investors continue to grapple whether pull out of stocks or stay in, China remains to be the centre of many concerns. As highlighted by Mark Schofield, Citigroup Global Markets managing director, what matters to global markets is the extent contagion emanating from china’s slowdown. He further points out that, it is too early to call the situation demise. It has been clearly pointed out the real source of aggravation is China missteps with Yuan. However, the potential of China, the most populous country to drag the world economy into a recession should not be underestimated.
Worries that recession is in store for the United States economy has begun already and have continued to dominate the market. Torsten Slok, the Deutsche Bank chief international economist, argues that if your views are that things are wrong, and we are currently in a recession, then it is prime time for you to invest in risky assets. According to Slok, the United States leverage problems being experienced today is peanuts in comparison to 2006 situation. Slok Position is informed by the fact that high yield problems experienced today is fifteen times smaller compared to housing market imbalance experienced in 2006. What is unsettling markets is uncertainty over response to policy, Schofield stated
In a strategic move to improve investment process, risk management, and unify research in risky economic environment, Highland Capital, an investment management firm has been providing leading investment platforms that encompass liquid alternative funds and non-traditional. Highland Capital was founded by Jim Dondero in 1993, for over 20 years, it has been instrumental in providing alternative investment solutions. Under the leadership of Jim, Highland Capital has grown to be one of the largest and most experienced in global alternatives. Together with its affiliates, Highland Capital has approximately $20 billion assets under its management. James Dondero, is the president and co-founder of Highland Capital, Jim has experience in equity market and credit that range over 3o years.
The introduction of these platforms strengthens the ability to drive results and allow customized solutions across portfolios to investors. Besides, Highland Alternative Investors has enabled Highland Capital to continue building upon and expanding their success across entire investment platforms, while pursuing their primary objective of meeting the clients’ demands and needs.
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Wikipedia Myths Unshrouded02.02.16

The Register, based in the United Kingdom published a solid article on the subject of Wikipedia myths. Mostly all of these myths focus on misconceptions people have about how to make a Wikipedia page, why the content is written, and if there is any real commercial gain by the parties involved. If nothing else, the Register article should provide the impetus for a business to get a Wikipedia page produced. 

The information published on a Wikipedia page creates a nice sketch of a business. The business is then better able to brand and market itself online.

Businesses are not the only entities that have something to gain by publishing a Wikipedia page. Private citizens who are prominent in a particular field should have a biographical Wikipedia page produced. The page would definitely prove helpful to someone dealing with a disastrous reputation crisis. The Wikipedia page helps direct focus back towards the positive things about an individual.

Messaging in important on the internet. Businesses and individuals who control positive messaging end up keeping commercial and personal reputations in the good graces of others.

Creating a Wikipedia page that delivers on this outcome is a job best left in the hands of professionals. Get Your Wiki is a service that provides access to legitimate professional Wikipedia writers and editors. The professional Wikipedia writers for hire at Get Your Wiki know what type of material to deliver. The finished writing will meet Wikipedia standards. Furthermore, the writing shall integrate good marketing principles. As a result, the business or individual promoted by the page is able to get the proper message out.

Content on the internet is definitely very helpful when trying to shape a message. The rules of Wikipedia do not allow content to be overtly promotional nor can material editorialize or offer opinion. Still, factual information with a positive bent definitely helps get a message out about a particular subject. For this reason, among many others, publishing a Wikipedia page should be a top priority.

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About The Real Estate Situation In New York City In 201602.01.16

2016 is bound to become a very dynamic year when matters related to the real estate market in New York are concerned. To start with, many condo developments that were launched a few years back are expected to see closings while new rental buildings are expected to continue hitting the market in Manhattan and Brooklyn. According to many real estate experts, interests rates in the city will rise gradually with a corresponding cooling down when prices are concerned.

The rates have for a very long time threatened to rise and when they eventually do, they will cool off buyer demand. Deals are also expected to happen even though it will be much harder to put them together and better still, to close them.

However, it is expected that more realistic buyers will emerge and very likely to react to the new market rates and buy. The serious buyers will also be focusing on prime locations therefore, making New York the latest haven for real estate. In Brooklyn, prospective buyers are expected to become tempted by new buildings offering incentives and many will be in a dilemma whether to buy or rent.

New and better luxury condos will also emerge and many buildings are expected to come to the market. High demand coupled with low supply is also expected to consume a lot of low priced condos in the area.

There are different companies offering real estate services in New York City Real Estate belongs to the creme de la creme of the most respected and reliable in the city. It deals with sales and leasing for different developments in the city. The company is also heavily relied on by people who want to rent or even lease their developed property.

Town Real Estate is available in different neighborhoods and it also offers town guide and relocation services. It has listings for properties for sale, for rent as well as open houses. The best thing with the company is the fact that it has the best customer service team that is always willing to go beyond industry verticals to make sure that all its clients get the best services.

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