The Amazing Success Of BMG’s Marcio Alaor

Posted in Brazil, Business on Jan 12, 2016

At the beginning of his career, Marcio Alaor was only a shoe shiner. He worked for the executives of BMG bank and worked very hard at shining their shoes. Despite the position, which clearly did not hold much clout, he was very proud of his job and was very proud of the work that he did. He had a strong work ethic that he took with him on a daily basis to his shoe shining job. This strong work ethic eventually paid off and allowed him to begin building the success that he now has today.

While shining shoes, according to the article from, Marcio Alaor met a man named Dr. Wilmar who took an interest in him. He saw how hard the young man worked and wanted to reward him for the hard work, but he did not want him to stop working hard just because he had been handed something that many people had to work very hard for. He offered him an entry-level position at the bank that he worked for. This bank was the BMG bank and would become one of the biggest in Brazil in just a short period of time.

The success that Marcio Alaor had while working for BMG bank was similar to the success that he has experienced throughout his life. This success, while many may say it is owed to good luck, is actually owed to a strong desire to be able to succeed and a will that just won’t give up. Marcio Alaor knows that it is all about success and what he can do to keep pushing even after he has achieved the success that he was previously working for. It was not luck that made him who he is, it was a strong will and a desire to be the most successful.

When looking at the growth of the BMG bank, Marcio Alaor always looks toward the people who show the same strong work ethic that Dr. Wilmar saw in him. He knows how to tell someone who wants to succeed apart from someone who is just there to perform his or her duties. When he sees someone who shows this type of work ethic, he does not just hand them a position, he works with them to give them the success that they can achieve in combination with the strong work ethic that they have at BMG.

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