How Last Year’s Poor Market Persomance Could Give Rise to a New Year

Posted in Business, Business Growth on Jan 21, 2016

Last year’s stock market was not the greatest. This news is brought to you courtesy of James Dondero. Jim is one of the primary researchers for the stock market. He is also President and Co-founder of one of the stock market’s leading companies. Looking ahead to the new year, Jim sees lots of promise, promise that was not there last year.

“It all comes down to perspective. We switch our thinking in the stock market, we can turn our options around.”

“The first half of last year, there was a pretty good perspective. We had good fundamentals. We also had a positive outlook. This all changed towards the end of last summer. The market crash happened and people panicked. The market crashed and people began to get skeptical and negative again. I feel that this year will bring about different results.”

As Jim reports, you need to swing the way people think. This year people are already thinking with a “worried” outlook. This could spell good or bad. All you have to do is turn it around. If people assume that things could be bad, this year just might bring different results.

“These days, people are prone to thinking negatively. Negative thinking has almost become the new optimism, in a scary way. Luck shows itself at different times. The market tends to turn around when people least expect it to.”


According to James Dondero it’s a good idea to focus on both the weak and strong. When a stock option is at its most vulnerable, this is when investors usually consider it a safe time to buy. If a stock option is performing very well, it’s a good idea to snatch it up before others get to it. Sometimes you have to “strike while the iron is hot.” You also need to learn how to “buy low and sell high.”

“It’s funny how someone’s skeptical worry can yield a good return investment. It’s ironic how optimism is not always the winning ticket when it comes to the stock market. This year is bound to bring us better luck. I can feel it in my bones.”

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