4 Things You May Not Know About Ricardo Guimarães

Posted in Brazil, Business on Jan 06, 2016

The owner of BMG bank, Ricardo Guimarães, has built his bank from the bottom up. He has worked to make the bank one of the top in his country and one of the most recognizable in the world. While you may know the name and recognize the face, there are a few things you may not know about him.

He started at the bank. Guimarães started his career at the BMG bank in 1980. This was his first banking opportunity and was the first part of his career right out of college. He made sure that he did his best while he worked at the bank and this was what was the driving factor behind the way that he was able to get promoted at the bank. This was something that proved to be a very fundamental decision.

He built it up. The bank was a simple bank when he started there. While it was not necessarily a very small bank, it was something that was more of a simple option than other banks in the country and around the world at that time. He made sure that he was able to use his skills and abilities to improve the bank. He brought it up from the bottom and was able to grow the bank from where it stood when he started. Not only did he grow the bank, but he also grew his career while he was working for the bank.

He took a great risk. The bank was not a failing bank when he became the owner, but he had never been the owner of a bank when he purchased it. This was something that stood as somewhat of a risk and proved to be a risk that was well worth taking for Ricardo Guimarães. This was an excellent option and he could not pass it up, but Guimarães still took a risk in purchasing the bank. These types of risks are what allowed him to improve himself and the bank during the time that he was an entity of the bank.

He made it vastly improved. While the bank had consistently thrived while Ricardo Guimarães worked for it, it became even more influential and profitable after he took it over as the owner of the bank. There were many things that he was able to do as the owner that he had not been able to do as the executive financial officer. He made the bank more profitable, gave better opportunities to the customers of the bank and made it one of the top banks in the world. People consistently choose the BMG bank because of what Ricardo Guimarães has done to make it a better bank.

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