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White Shark Media Addresses Complaints01.28.16

White Shark Media is capable of launching and managing a comprehensive Adwords campaign on Google and Bing. The firm also handles logo, website, and SEO evaluation work among other tasks. The company’s website reveals all the many services White Shark Media offers. Published reviews and testimonials draw attention to the positive things the company can do.

Not every customer who works with White Shark Media is automatically going to speak glowingly. No company is able to deliver 100% satisfaction. All companies could work hard at bringing up the level of satisfaction to a higher notch. Per a blog post on the firm’s website, White Shark Media has agreed to make operational changes in response to customer criticisms.

The blog post covered a lot of territory. Among the most important statements the company has made is a commitment to improving communications between customers and search engine marketing (SEM) specialists. Direct extensions have been installed on the phone system. Clients can reach the SEM specialists directly and without having to go through an operator. Also, the SEM specialists are assigned a supervisor who oversees all the work they are doing. The improvement in accountability aids in delivering solid service.

Communications have been expanded in other ways as well. A monthly GoToMeeting session is being instituted. This way, clients and specialists are able to have a virtual face-to-face discussion about the current status of the campaign. Reports are going to be more detailed. Clients who receive incoming phone calls from would-be customers are not always sure if the Adwords campaign is the reason behind the calls. Better analytics in the reports helps determine what percentage of calls are likely the result of the Adwords ads.

Many new clients are those who already have an Adwords campaign running that is doing decent business. They just want to increase sales figures and surely do not wish to see any aspects of the old campaign that is working to be dismantled. White Shark Media is now committed to keeping the working aspects of the old campaign in place.

White Shark Media is very responsive to its customers. The new approaches the company is taking is evidence of this.

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