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Keith Mann: Uncommonly Kind12.28.16

It is interesting that Keith Mann is fighting for the Uncommon School Districts, which is something that means the world to him. It is interesting because it takes uncommon people to do uncommon things in today’s world. That is how results happen and that is how change happens. If people did things the regular way or the ordinary way, things would stay the same. As the old expression goes, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Keith Mann knows it takes an uncommon approach to get to where he wants things to be for the young adults that wish to attend a four year college.


First and foremost, it is great that kids that come from lower-income situations want to better themselves. In many cases, kids find themselves on the streets or in prison. The fact they don’t want to fall down that path and they want to pursue an education speaks volumes about the type of kids they are. That is why Keith Mann has no issue helping them and being there for them. He knows they appreciate it and he knows they are not going to let it go to waste.


Since Keith Mann is with Dynamics Search Partners, he has some power and some influence. Unlike some people, he uses that power and influence for good. He holds fundraisers that raise over twenty-two thousand dollars for an upcoming school to be opened in the Uncommon School Districts and for testing. He knows this will make a real difference and really set these kids off on the right path.


That is why Keith Mann is uncommonly kind. It is not every day that someone hears stories about people doing things like this. The thing about Keith Mann is he does not want to make it about himself and he does not want people to praise him or shower him with attention. His focus is on the kids and it will always be on the kids. That is what matters and that is where his sole focus lies in making sure they can have that education.

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Chris Burch on the Intermarriage between Fashion and Technology12.17.16

Fashion is merely an avenue for one to express themselves creatively, through clothing and accessories. But when fashion merges with technology, it opens a door to untapped opportunities according to Chris Burch.


The world has seen several trends come and go, but two avenues that will always stay in the limelight are fashion and technology. And now for the first time, fashion designers have found a way to borrow from technology to provide more from our normal clothes or accessories. Today, we can talk about fashion as a way to protect human life, provide convenient energy sources or even make communication easier.


As Chris Burch observes, fashion can apply science to tap into the energy of movement (kinetic). We have already seen sneakers that are self-lacing and even adapt to the wearer’s foot size for maximum comfort. Now there is a future possibility that your training shoes will be charging your iPod as you take your morning jogs.


How about safety? Can fashion be employed to protect lives? It’s a big yes as Burch affirms. Some fashion designers have already designed a neckpiece that will soon replace the cyclist’s helmet. This neckpiece conceals a self-launching airbag that protects the head during a fall. Or we can have gloves that glow to give specific signal directions whether in foggy or smoky conditions.


As fashion continues to find relevance in trending technological advancements, Chris Burch is confident that the relevance of technology will always be certain. But it won’t always be a one-way street, technology will also require the help of fashion to make some of its discoveries acceptable to the public. We have seen the trend with smart watches and the Google glasses.


About Chris Burch


Chris Burch is an accomplished entrepreneur with a highly diversified portfolio in several industries which includes fashion, real estate and technology. Right after college, Burch and his brother started a company, Eagles Eye apparel, that grossed $165 in net worth before they sold it off. Chris then went on to launch Burch Creative Capital, a company he is both the CEO and principal of—to present day.


Through Burch Creative Capital, Chris has invested in a number of start-ups and brands which include popular names like Nihiwatu, Cocoon9, Popping and Ellen DeGeneres’ ED. Chris Burch is a joyful giver as well, and has shown philanthropic gestures to organizations like The Child Welfare League of China, NYU Langone, The Sumba Foundation and Mt. Sinai Hospital.


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AIG vs AHBE + An Inside look into Bruce Levenson’s life12.16.16

The Atlanta Hawks, an organization of the National Basketball Association was the center of a heated dispute between two groups. Th AHBE, the previous ownership of the Hawks organization (  led by Bruce Levenson, filed a lawsuit against an insurance company based in New Hampshire. They(AHBE) claimed that the New Hampshire Insurance company violated a clause in the contract in which employers get covered for losses in relation to employee policies, or in other significant acts such as being improperly terminated from their jobs. Danny Ferry, former general manager of the Hawks and the Hawks organization mutually agreed to buyout the remaining few years of his contract. However, according to the lawsuit, the AIG(New Hampshire Insurance agency) refused to provide paid coverage between Ferry and the Hawks organization. Furthermore, the AHBE was looking for an extra fifty percent penalty of attorney costs and most importantly, unpaid losses.

According to Time magazine, Bruce Levenson was the former owner of the aforementioned Atlanta Hawks. He co-founded Atlanta Spirit LLC(changed to Atlanta Hawks LLC)and the Unit Communications group in 1977. His other works include being a philanthropist, a motivational speaker and being a board member of TechTarget, which is a media based company that specializes in IT. Born in Washington DC, Levenson came from a Jewish family. Levenson attended Washington University and later on graduated from law school at American University. In 1977, Levenson an his friend co-founded the United Communications Group (UCG), a private business company that has business practices in just about everything. Levenson’s entrepreneurship abilities ros to new levels, as from that moment on, he and the Atlanta Spirit LLC purchased the Hawks, Phillips Arena and the formerly Atlanta Thrashers (an NHL organization). Levenson’s charitable works are also known as he once served as president of the “I have a Dream Foundation”, an organization which helps children from low income families to pursue a higher education.


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Great, Gooee LED Lighting12.14.16

Gooee LED Lighting is a wonderful way to make your home a brighter place. Many people like to go throughout their home to see where the lighting will fit the best. They take a notebook, and write down the different places that will leave the most light in their homes.


How Much Do The Gooee LED Lighting Fixtures Cost?


The Gooee LED Lighting fixtures prices will vary, depending on the style and the size. A person will want to take advantage of any promotions and sales. Many people ask for the Gooee LED Lighting for gifts for the holidays and birthdays. Ask them to remember that you are very interested in receiving the Gooee LED Lighting, and you should receive some over the year.


What About Installing The Gooee LED Lighting Fixtures?


There are instructions with your Gooee smart Lighting, and you will be able to install it. Make sure that you read how to clean it too. You want to keep it looking great. If you need assistance when you are putting them up, cleaning them, you should make sure that you ask a friend, relative or neighbor to come over and help you.


You will love the Gooee LED Lighting, and so will all the people that come to visit you. Throw a party, and let them see how nice the lights look in your business. Before long, your friends, relatives, and neighbors will all be wanting to get the Gooee LED Lighting for their homes too.

Gooee IoT Lighting

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Fabletics is the Leaders of Athletic Clothing12.09.16

Everyone is talking about Fabletics and the way that this brand has become a leader in athletic clothing. So many women have started checking this brand out because it represents new life to a bland industry where clothes for women were previously ordinary.

In this day and time Kate Hudson, Fabletics co-founder, represents a new era of clothing that is fashionable and affordable. This is a tricky equation, but Kate Hudson has worked hard behind the scenes to bring this to fruition. She has been great at building an audience that is willing consider a subscription service. This is not something a lot of other websites have done, but it has become the new thing for websites like JustFab and JustFab Kids. People that are going to require a large number of clothing items will be able to embrace the subscription service because this is what maximizes time. It is a true time saver that has become quite popular for Fabletics customers.


The Fabletics brand has become rather dominant because it brings clothing to a crowd that is concerned about looking good when they are working out. This is for the new generation of millennials that are interested in wardrobes that can be worn for running errands and going to the gym. That this something that a lot of people desire because they may not want to change into something new. They may just want to come right into the gym and start working. This is what has made this brand work. It has become a true time saver that customers appreciate.


Hudson has done the unexpected. She has transformed this brand of athletic clothing that was once only available online. Now people are able to get to this brand by going to a store. There are several of the Fabletics stores in different states. In the next 5 years there will be as many as 100 of the Fabletics stores. This means that there are large numbers of people that are going to discover Fabletics even if they do not shop online. That is what Kate Hudson has become very responsive to. She wants a brand that is going to reach people that are offline as well as it reaches those people that are online. This is where the bulk of the money will be made. Getting people that shop online and offline brings in more revenue for Fabletics.

Black Friday week is still going strong! Shop the sale in stores and online. (Link in bio)

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The Transformation of IAP Worldwide into a Leading Global Multi-service Company12.07.16

For over 60 years, IAP Worldwide has successfully pursued its mission of addressing pressing issues faced by military, industrial, and commercial organizations around the world. Since its establishment, the company has built a reputation for handling different tasks and finding lasting solutions within a short duration. Located in Cape Canaveral, Florida, IAP Worldwide delivers professional and technical services to the military and global companies. It has an incredible online and offline presence. The firm operates in more than 100 separate locations and has service centers in Florida, the Middle East, the UK, and Panama City.

Corporate policies

IAP’s principle goes beyond solving its clients’ challenging issues in the most efficient manner. IAP Worldwide ensures that its actions perfectly match with the accepted standards of professional conduct. It operates under three fundamental values – respect, transparency, and integrity. These principles are the essence of its reputation, and they are incorporated into every activity carried out by the firm.

Read more: Kaye Scholer Represents Lender Group in IAP Worldwide Restructuring


IAP Worldwide (then Pan Am World Services) started creating and running the Cape Canaveral, FL-based America’s first space launch base in 1953 on It offered support for testing of over 2,500 launches, including air-breathing missiles as well as the manned shuttle program. After 45 years, the multi-service firm began providing comprehensive facilities maintenance support such as construction management and airport master planning.

Pan Am Services became part of Johnson Controls in 1990, forming Johns Controls Worldwide Services (JCWS). The new firm specialized in operations, management, and maintenance of industrial facilities and military basis. JCWS developed unique ways for optimizing energy efficiency while powering a facility’s lighting, fire and security systems, and environmental control. In 2004, IAP Worldwide opened its doors in Irmo, SC as an authorized logistics and procurement firm. Currently, the company collaborates with the U.S. military and wins contracts for mobile and temporary power generation, emergency disaster relief, and global procurement.

The role of Kaye Scholer

Kaye Scholer served as a representative of Bank Trust Company Americas and a team of lenders headed by Credit Suisse, Invesco, Eaton Vance, and Oppenheimer Funds during the IAP Worldwide’s restructuring. The restructuring entailed the transformation of 80 percent of the prevailing lien debt into all of the IAP’s equity, the establishment of a unique $50 million revolving loan on Facebook, as well as a letter of credit facility. The engagement comprised of IAP’s five offices and over 45 Kaye Scholer legal experts. The restructuring offered the necessary liquidity for facilitating the expansion of IAP Worldwide.

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Wengie Brings Life Hacks to Life for YouTube Nation11.30.16

There are people all over the world that are checking out YouTube videos. Wengie has become a pro at getting the word out about life hacks. She takes this very seriously because this is how she makes her money. There are a ton of people that are going to listen to what Wengie has to say because she has presented some of the best hacks for all those that need a way to make their lives simpler.


What many people know Wengie for is her large variety of beauty videos. She became Australia’s top beauty blogger long before she decided to venture out into life hacks. People that knew her for the beauty hacks can still see that she is a beauty consultant at heart. She has interesting hair colors on each video, and she knows how to make people take interest in what she is saying. The thing that makes her videos work is the delivery. Wengie has been doing this for a long time so she is a real professional when it comes to posting YouTube videos.


There are lots of people that have become interested in what Wengie has been doing online because these hacks can save people a ton of money. She takes lemons and sugar and makes a lemon scrub. At other times she takes cocoa and gives herself a tan. Wengie is someone that has been thinking outside of the box, and it has paid off. She has made it possible for people to see that there are some clever ways to save money. It doesn’t take a lot of money to give people access to things that can make their lives easier. They just need someone that can help them change the way that they do things.


Life hacks are very important, and it is easy for people to follow what Wengie is doing. She is one of the most interesting personalities around; she has 4 million subscribers. All of these subscribers give her access to large streams of revenue. This is her only form of income, and really she embraces this.

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Handy Did the Unthinkable to Make a Fortune11.30.16

In early 2016, the CEO of Handy, lived in fear of all Tuesday mornings. It was at the dawn of the home-cleaning on-demand home startups weekly leadership teams at the Headquarters of New York, which Hanran was perusing the PowerPoint pages of his down-falling idea he had supported. While he did all he could to mitigate the risk of the business, he looked at his co-founder with the i-told-you-so looks.

For that moment, the company was facing a major crisis in customer base with their new cleaners. This was the exact change Hanran had championed. He wanted to roll out of business. For all his markets, he wanted to move out of the online regime of operations. Umaga Dua, his co-founder, resisted the plan from its conception in 2014. He wanted an environment where the cleaners would compete for the small resource. For this reason, he felt so let down by his plans. Nothing at that instance could calm his rapidly-thinking mind. However, the two business partners agreed to carry out a test and gauge the effects. The new system was rolled out in Washington and Miami in 2015.

The two partners were still on the fence on whether or not to include the strategies in all their markets. In November 2015, the company recorded a $50 million acquisition of the funding. There was an influx of relief from the incoming capital. However, the money came accompanied with new stress levels in the two partners. During Handy’s search for funding period, the tone of meeting new investors came to a standstill. They never knew where new money was to embark. According to them, they knew that they were on the right track when other companies were struggling with capital. They pressed on without giving up. Handy strategized on making brisk business with their customers as the best way to retain them in the future. Visit the website:


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Tech Fashion Trends For The Future11.17.16

The fashion industry, like any other technology industry, has seen advancement over the years. However, both manufacturers have realized numerous changes over time. Over the years, technology has integrated into fashion, and fashion is now more technologically fashionable. The fascinating part of the story is how the two industries have grown together. A glimpse of the present and past shades a bright light on what is ahead of the race in the future.

The excitement was brought by the dawn of the 70s as it allowed users to carry around favorite stations and tunes. Also, with the two-cassette decks, the one-sided cassette was used to record music as you listened. Its use, which spanned to the 80s, movie storylines was added to the impressive technology. While the 90s approached, you would find a personalized music gadget with the Walkman invention. For over a decade, this experience was reduced to the smaller and powerful iPod technology generated by Apple, Inc. while popularity increases, technology grows like fashion.

In the current trend, the synthesis between fashion and technology is happening. While they see the possibility of the growing use of technology, fashion designers deliver a delighted creation. For this reason, innovation and functionality are upheld to the highest standards. The Dutch fashion designers who integrate fashion states and technology, Anouk Wiprecht, places an experiment in which you dive deeper into technology to find the solution to the dynamic world if fashion. For the endless possibilities in this industry, you will be rewarded if you make the right decision. She is well-known for her durable designs. She has designed many drink-make dresses, the Pseudomorphs and DareDroid, as well as the self-painting dresses.

Other fashion advances employ the use of technology to protect the people. While most people fail to recognize the fashion in wearing protective gears like the motorbike gear, Anna created a system that can replace the motorcycle headgear. This design by Anna provides an opening through which you can have better visibility. There are numerous impacts of wearing a helmet. For the world, she developed firefighter attire that provides decency. It allows them to communicate even in fire situations.

Chris Burch is the CEO and founder of the Burch Creative Capital Company. He has been an active entrepreneur and investor across many industries for over four decades. He has a great contribution towards the development of luxury brands and technology companies. He is a board member of The Continuum Group and Guggenheim Capital.


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A Russian Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, and Venture Capitalist11.16.16

Alexei Beltyukov holds an MBA degree from INSEAD, which he obtained in 1997. He is currently a venture capitalist, philanthropist, and entrepreneur and has founded many different companies which have influenced his ability to do great things in the world.

He is currently working to help startups succeed and was named as the Chief Operations Officer of Solvy, which is an educational startup that is designed to help children learn. Solvy is designed to allow High School teachers to generate homework problems which they are able to provide to their students.

Alexei Beltyukov is also the owner of A-List Ventures, which is based in Russia. This is a company which is designed to help Russian companies, particularly at times when they are struggling with their finances. The company has $400 Million in assets under management, which is evidence of the company’s success in being able to help many struggling businesses in Russia.

Alexei also became the Executive Director of the Renova Project, which is there to manage a large portfolio and design strategy/implement the portfolio decisions on behalf of the companies for which they are responsible.

Most of the investments in the portfolio are commercial enterprises: a commercial bank, pension fund, sea port, and other enterprises can count themselves in as being beneficiaries of the Renova Project.

Alexei is also partnered with the Skolkovo Foundation, which is affiliated with the Russian government and provides opportunities for tech startups. This group provides economic guidance and support for entrepreneurs and technology companies throughout Russia.

As a Vice President, he has the opportunity to expand opportunities for businesses throughout Russia. He has also worked to make leadership/business courses more affordable so that more people can benefit from the same type of opportunities that he has had to learn from the best and brightest.

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