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Brad Reifler: An Amazing Entrepreneur12.16.15

To become an entrepreneur, it takes not only courage but also a willingness to try new ideas. In doing so, this is often the difference between success and failure. However, as Brad Reifler’s Wikipedia has demonstrated for more than three decades, by doing this and believing in one’s self, it’s possible to achieve greatness along the way. Having been one of America’s and in fact the world’s most admired and respected entrepreneurs and investors, Brad is indeed an amazing entrepreneur and businessman, and his CrunchBase history really drives that point home.

Whether it was his successful Reifler Trading Company, his incredible 13-year run at Pali Capital, or his current role as CEO of Forefront Capital Management, Brad has shown each time a willingness to use his ideas as well as those gathered from others and blend them together into a winning combination. In Brad’s case, doing so meant taking tremendous chances with the companies he founded. Whether at RTC, Pali, or his many ventures into entrepreneurship, Brad has demonstrated time and again that becoming successful in business is not simply dumb luck, but indeed a process requiring plenty of time and energy.

As Brad’s companies and the success they have attained have proven, it’s quite possible to think outside the box and still come out on top. This point was proven all too well with Pali Capital, which Brad started after selling Reifler Trading Company. Using his innovative approach and unparalleled skills in research and information dissemination, Brad set out to create a company unlike any seen before. Working closely with a sales team comprised of the best in the business, Brad developed sales strategies that focused on credit analysis and derivative structures. And as the results proved, his ideas were right on target. After he concluded his 13-year run as CEO of Pali, it was determined that Brad and his team amassed an amazing total of $1 billion in commission income.

As Brad continues to look for new challenges, he now spends much of his time in consultation with some of the movers and shakers in the business world, and producing content for Reuters. Some days he may be meeting with political leaders from around the world, helping advise them as to how the world economy will affect their nation. Other days he may be in a board room, meeting with Fortune 500 executives and board members as he explains how today’s economic trends will impact them now and later on. In fact, Brad’s reputation is so well-known worldwide that economists from China and other Asian nations regularly seek his advice on important economic matters. No matter what situation Brad deals with each day, it’s certain that his confidence and unwavering commitment to success will take any of his ventures straight to the top.  Follow Brad on his Twitter account to learn even more about the man and the legend.

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