Women and Career Prowess with a Focus on Susan Mcgalla

Posted in Career Advice on Oct 20, 2015

Through the years, women have increasingly risen to eminence and are currently occupying various fields as influential and powerful traits. A good example is of Oprah Winfrey, Marissa Mayer, Anne Marie Slaughter, Susan McGalla, Sheryl Sandberg’ and Hillary Clinton, amongst others. The aforementioned are some of the women topping the list of women in the top of their game. Nothing has prevented them from getting to where they are today and if there were any hurdles they got them out of the way within no time. The world of business is one of the fields that have had incredible transformations due to the potential opportunities available.

Susan McGalla is proud of what she has accomplished up to this end. Other than being a business woman, she is an executive consultant based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is a marketing professional who got her degree in marketing and business at Mount Union College where she is part of the board of advisors. Susan owns P3 Executive Consulting, a consulting firm that provides a wide range of advice pertaining to the fashion and retail sectors including branding, creativity, and organizational development.

High end finance executives and business people approach Susan when caught up in the hurdles of the marketing and financial sector. Other than this, Susan previously accepted a position from The Steelers, an NFL franchise for Pittsburgh prize. She heads as the director of growth and strategic planning for the Steelers whereby she has aided in the flourishing of its iconic brand. Susan possesses wide-ranging comprehension in the retail business, and her whole career has revolved around the field.

Joseph Horne Company was where Susan’s occupation began in 1986, an organization she worked in varied managerial and marketing positions till 1994. Later that year, she joined American Eagle Outfitters Inc where she also worked in various administrative positions with commitment and hard work. Susan’s efforts did bear fruits, and she grew to be the CMO and President for the corporation’s top American Eagle brand and afterward rose to settle for the position of CMO and president of the entire company.

In the January of 2009, Bizjournals guru Susan McGalla departed from American Eagle Inc and became a personal consultant for the finance and retail industries. During this period, she received several work offers but he refused them. She decided on Wet Seal Inc that was facing some trouble at the time. She outsourced her dexterity and became the organization’s Chief Executive Officer in 2011, January. She parted ways with the company in 2012, July, to establish her own consulting firm P3 Executive Consulting.

Susan is a member of the board at Magee Women’s Hospital Research Institute and Foundations; and HFF Inc, a public company that offers profitable services in the field of real estate. She is a trustee of the University of Pittsburgh and a previous director Allegheny Conference on Community Development.

Susan grew up in Ohio with her two big brothers. She is a wife to Stephen McGalla. She longs for more women taking off gender attitudes from their mindsets as they move ahead in their careers.

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